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VIDEO: Park, Owen, Chicharito, Valencia, Evans and Nani Goals

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Don Pablo says:

    I think Wigan is a perfect club for Tom. Martinez seems to encourage a positive style of play which will benefit him unlike Bolton/Newcastle. I honestly think we need to sign a midfielder. If not for anything else @least to have decent numbers. Anyone hoping Hargreaves can come back os clutching at straws. With Tom out on loan we have an extra spot in the 25 man squad, methinks we might sign someone otherwise it beats logic letting him go while we need a player like him. Ozil anyone? I wish Donovan was considered, calm head, works his arse off and has obvious quality plus goals to accompany. Good to hear Smalling had a positive perfomance. Tony V getting Motm on his first gane back and Owen with a goal bodes well for season start. Bring on the ageing Chelsea.

  2. MG says:

    Imagine United signing

    Mary Poppins : )

    Thanks Dela that was such a laugh

    Truly a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down : )

  3. Yashi says:

    Love the nice cross-field pass from Rooney which started the move for the second goal (Owen’s). We always keep banging on about his goals and his energy, but his vision is amazing. The number of times he would do these long-range passes to move the play to the other wing was just awesome.

    Hope he has an even better season this year!

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Right on Yashi, Rooney is the guy who has been learning from Scholes! Don’t beat on me, but a dream formation IMO has always been to see United with a real stike team, (Chicho/Berba/Owen?) with Rooneys ultimate slot more to mid field. Maybe it will be a few more years. But mark my works, Scholes started as a striker! Might not be too far fetched.

  5. Network XXIII says:

    Love Parks goals and hairdo, Chicharito is awesome, Owen is legendary, United will steamroll the competition this season

  6. aiaiyaya says:

    wait, did valencia score with his left foot?? i must be dreaming….

  7. obertanthenewstar says:

    carrick injured.. cleverley gone on loan?? wtf
    i seen carrick coming out of the tunnel thinking i hope he produces the good…
    when he got injured and i saw him walk off i was thinkin to myself.. was carrick on the pitch??
    typical carrick

  8. Tony Starks says:

    hmm you want to move one of the best strikers in the world into midfield?

    on the subject of midfield… what a difference between the passing of gibson and scholes… gibson’s long passes are so slow that it becomes easy for defenders to get in position to intercept, when scholes does those long cross-field balls (and rooney or carrick for that matter), they are fast fizzed balls, much harder to defend

  9. jack says:

    @ tony starks

    i think ur just a gibson hater :L

  10. TheRadLegion says:

    Well Im so hoping that he would go to citeh.. Imagine all these ego maniacs try to play football together.. it would be close to catastrophic.

  11. Josh-2b-King says:

    Just read in Daily Mail:

    Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley will spend the season on loan at Wigan after Roberto Martinez beat Newcastle and Bolton to sign the Old Trafford youngster.

  12. Red Devil 2774 says:

    Ohhh have any of you all heard Balotelli’s wage demands?? I was like are you friggin serious he’s such an egotistical, waste of sperm and nine months cunt! Wayne Rooney does not earn that much…furthermore the boy is friggin 20 years old..he is not established yet….sigh* if City sign him there are downright jackasses…but that could bring a raft of arguements since City players will want higher wage demands…would be fun to see that happen but ughhhh i hope he’s a flop at City!

  13. Kev Kev says:

    Guys, you know im not one to read into things or get ahead of stuff too much but..

    probably the biggest indication yet..

    last night, Ozil posted this on his twitter page..

    “The Road to Success is to BELIEVE”

    Believe. Thats a United Battle Cry

    Heres the link

  14. Red Devil 2774 says:

    Thats awesome then Kev …lets hope Fergie signs him up!

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Yeah, sounds weird, but I just don’t feel WR is as natural
    a forward as some may hope. He is just itching to run things.
    Seems to do well at it too. So tell me, what’s the problem with having a midfielder
    who knows how to score. Wait, wasn’t CR7 a midfielder !) It can cut many ways, eh.
    The rules are simple, whoever gets the ball in the back of the net, the most times, wins!

  16. Drew Vader says:

    I think JOS should only be used a CM if we have an absolute plague of bubonic proportions affect our other options. Just my opinion. He provides brilliant cover for the defensive positions, lets let him just do that job for us eh.

    Also, I think the Wigan move is a good one for Tom. Martinez has some faith in youth and I think he will be given every chance in the world to play week in week out and to show us what he can do. I also think they have a young midfielder who’s name I cant remember right now that is quality….is it McCarthy I think? James McCarthy maybe? I dunno, but he is good and will work well with Tom.

    And I would be pleased if we signed Diarra for 10, or Ozil for 12. Anything more than that and it might get iff’y. But I would love to see a proper 442 in big games with Fletch and Diarra running around like maniacs breaking up play

  17. Drew Vader says:

    One more thing. I dont want to be too premature here, but I think Javier and Antonio could be terrific together. Valencia put in some decent crosses and let speedy gonzales get on the end of them. Good stuff. Good stuff indeed.

  18. Dr.Hannibal says:

    new away kit looks average, seems like they r playing with trainers on.

  19. Wednesdayx says:

    @Drew Vader

    Who’s speedy gonzales?…

  20. BabyFaceAssassin says:

    It looks like Anderson + 3mill swap for Ozil is on…It would have been a straight swap but for Anderson’s injury meaning he won’t play till November..Bremen are also keen on Anderson as a direct replacement to Ozil…Sir Alex has given up hope on Anderson and seems likely to let him leave. In comes Ozil who will take Andersons place in the 25 man squad. Get ready to to welcome our new no 8. Kepping my fingers crossed the deal happens before the end of the week.

  21. aig alex is god says:

    Didnt know this but according to the official UEFA rankings United are number 1 with Barcelona in 2nd and we are some way ahead of Barcelona. Chelsea are 3rd. It helps during the champions league draw. Real Madrid down in 12th

  22. nirvanutdketki says:

    instead of viva ronaldo we soon have to come up with viva hernandez chant

  23. Costas says:

    According to Fergie Rooney will play some part on Sunday in order to get ready for Newcastle. To be honest guys, I don’t like the idea of Wayne playing 2 Wembley games in 4 days again. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Capello better not use him for 83 minutes again!

    As for Carrick, he could be ready for Newcastle.


    Hi mate. That means we could play against them. I didn’t expect us to be first in the rankings this season. They are taking into consideration the last 5 years and we are still carrying that disastrous 05-06 campaign. Anyway, it would be fun to draw Madrid, play against them on the opening day and then p;ay against Liverpool.

  24. Sunny says:

    @BabyFaceAssassin: how do u know about that?

  25. aig alex is god says:


    Morning mate

    My bad. Its Barca who are top and not us. here are the details of the teams we will avoid and can draw

  26. Costas says:


    Thanks. I see. If we have a good campaign this season(reach the quarters at least), I think we will overtake Barca next season since 05-06 won’t count. Depends on what Barca do as well. Interesting that Panathinaikos are 2 spots away from pot 2. Hope they make it there.

    By the way, I was watching the Ajax game last night. Suarez up to his usual tricks. Diving, complaining etc etc. And in the end he was upset that Jol took him off and they almost came to blows! But he is a very good footballer. He tore the Paok defence apart. Stekelnburg was immense as well. I wonder if we could consider him as Edwin’s replacement.

  27. aig alex is god says:


    yeah. He saved a penalty too. Did well in the World cup. Looks a good prospect. Suarez has that problem but as a footballer he is very talented

  28. aig alex is god says:

    Vidic says he never thought about leaving United

  29. Rooney' Middle Finger says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Ben Amos, should be our No.2 goalkeeper this season? I can’t see Kusczak ever become our first choice, so why not try Amos?

  30. Muggaz says:


  31. bigphil2003 says:

    All this talk of Anderson for Ozil leaves me split. On one hand, Anderson is one of the only midfielders apart from Fletch who will get stuck in and Ozil certainly won’t do that. I’d rather have them both to be honest, but if Fergie has decided Anderson’s time is up then I’ll have no problems with that.
    It would only increase our need to find another battler for midfield though, if only as a backup for Fletch. Park can do a job in the centre to complement Fletcher but I’m not sure he can do it on his own.

  32. Wednesdayx says:

    @Drew Vader

    Who’s speedy gonzales?

  33. lucas says:

    Woooo!! I know this is friendly but…. Wow!

    All the finishing are superb .. Amazing flick from Owen! Chicharito instant strike hit the roof! Park good curve .. left keeper no chance… Valencia.. LEFT FOOT!!! .. My lotto hit the jack pot! I’m hopping to see more of his left foot!

    Johny Evans I haven’t watch the whole game.. Man! I though this guy played at left wing or something .. And good header..

    Every time, If I have a little bit of frustration not having more of new players, I categorise our players in their positions and compare with other teams… I’ve seen enough… just to chill out!! Hopefully be that way till we lift all our trophies..

    I am thrilled thrilled! Can’t wait to start the season!! We can beat anyone.. with this composure..

    Come on United!!

  34. CROoney says:

    how could anyone not love park is beyond me…he scored a trademark goal that perfectly highlights the importance of workrate…very good asset to have and a fabulous person

    overall when i come to think of it we have a pretty good team … chicharito seems like a quality striker and if owen stays fit, with the consistance of nani (hopefully ) and determination of valencia we can push for honours…

  35. reDalerT says:


    “..but a minute later Valencia shone again, collecting a defence-splitting pass inside the area before turning his marker inside out and finishing with his left-foot.”

    wait, WHAT!?!

    that has got to be a typo!

  36. Drew Vader says:

    Wed —

    Speedy Gonzalez = Javier Hernadez

  37. King Eric says:

    Crooney – With you on Park mate. A top player.

  38. qwet says:

    CHICHARITO! Great talent

  39. Wednesdayx says:

    @Drew Vadar

    why are you comparing him to a rat?, lol his last Hernandez doesn’t even coincide with gonzales?

  40. hesselbom says:

    I don’t know why everyone is surprised Tony scored with his left foot. I guess you’re only joking because he crossed with his left foot plenty of times last season. Just not at the start of the season :)


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