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VIDEO: Patrice Evra Fighting Again… This Time With Former Arsenal Man

Patrice Evra Patrick Vieira fight“I’ll see you out there!” Roy Keane threatened Patrick Vieira, the referee standing between the two players after the Arsenal midfielder had hurriedly made his way down the tunnel away from our captain. As the images were broadcast over Sky Sports ahead of the much awaited Arsenal vs United clash at Highbury, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

A brilliant match ensued, in which United won 4-2, despite going down to ten men with 20 minutes to play. After the childish Arsenal players threw pizza at our manager following our 2-0 victory earlier that season, there had been much promise of revenge.

“Their defenders should be more frightened of me than I will be of them,” said Jose Reyes, the player who Gunners argued was better than Cristiano Ronaldo, ahead of the Highbury encounter. It was Ronaldo who left with the plaudits though, scoring 2 goals and ensuring The Library lived up to its reputation.

This was just one of many fiery clashes between the clubs, with Keane and Vieira at the centre. However, following France’s exit from Euro 2008, picking up just 1 point and scoring 1 goal in 3 games, Vieira has been involved in a spat with another United player.

Patrice Evra was involved in a fight with Chelsea groundstaff earlier this season during a warming down session on the pitch following United’s defeat at Stamford Bridge. The comments from United players after the match suggested that racist comments had been made to our full back.

Now, he has been involved in a fight with Patrick Vieira in the tunnel in the aftermath of the Holland defeat. Team mates Jean-Alain Boumsong and Franck Ribery are seen pulling away the former Arsenal captain, who tries to go back for seconds.

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  1. James says:

    What a vicious altercation that was.

  2. jsos says:

    takes a big man to take on someone who comes up to his waist.

  3. dave says:

    Thats Abidal getting irate at a supporter.

    Please verify source(or watch your own video) before making a post, cheers.

  4. km1980 says:

    I think you’ll find that Vieira had just had a row with Ruud V N and Evra had tried to pull him away. The pictures dont show Ruud VN so it looks like Vieira and Evra are fighting.

  5. eddy says:

    ‘Paddy’ is a coward. He backed down like a little bitch from Keano. Typical Arsenal bully boy who is all show…’ooh, hold me back, i’m so angry…keep holding’

  6. Take a step back says:

    How can Ribery have been there if this is the Italy game? The lad couldn’t even walk as he was on his way to hospital.
    This video is from another game

  7. Sue says:

    Since when did Paddy back down – your talking out of your arse mate

  8. Jacko says:

    Probably giving it the Big I am to Evra, then had it pointed out to him he should have pulled out of the squad and let someone who had a chance of being fit for a game to go. He’s all Ego and couldn’t take one for the team!

  9. Harry says:

    “I dunno Lloyd, the French are assholes”

  10. Joe Ekesi From Nigeria says:

    Ferguson should counsel him the way he did rooney in his hay days. a man aint quite a man when his emotions are pretty out of his control on very ill tempered moments. In life, some times its more matured and brave to be humble than stand up and fight. in all ramifications, Viera is far his senior professionally and age wise. Morality wld tend to support viera the most. I wld not forgive gerard pigue or anderson if they pick up a quarrel with say scholes or giggs. U get my point? Its just sheer respect.

  11. Harry says:

    He’s done nothing wrong to any of United’s players, so why would Fergie be that bothered? It’s not like he’s getting himself sent off over silly incidents on the pitch like Rooney, Ronaldo and Lehman have all been known to do.

    Evra is one of the best defenders to ever play for United, and on the pitch he’s a perfect professional. Who cares about Viera or Chelsea’s players, they could all do with a good slap round the chops anyway!

  12. Riz says:

    “I’ll see you out there!” Roy Keane threatened Patrick Vieira, the referee standing between the two players after the Arsenal midfielder had hurriedly made his way down the tunnel away from our captain. As the images were broadcast over Sky Sports ahead of the much awaited Arsenal vs United clash at Highbury, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.”

    You forgot to add that Vieira replied ‘Come on then’ and that despite the threat he made, Keane spent the first 45 minutes of that match avoiding Vieira!! Hardly the actions of someone that was going to ‘sort him out’ on the pitch!!

  13. Tom F says:

    It looks like they are all laughing at a joke.

    It was probably along the lines of:

    “there was a Frenchman, a Frenchman and a Frenchman.. One of them used to play for Arsenal.. What a C@*T!!!”

  14. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Joe Ekesi, how do you know that Evra was the one picking the fight. What if Evra was leaving the pitch disappointed and then Vieira, who wasn’t even playing criticized Evra? How can anyone make the assumption that Vieira is the “age wise” one supported in his “morality”? That’s precisely why he picked a fight with Gary Neville, in the tunnel right?

  15. Jonny F says:

    Riz – The thing is though, you’ve just made that up. Veira did not say ‘come on then’ at all, he said ‘I wasn’t talking to you’, then hid behind the ref, and as for Keane ‘avoiding’ Veira, no he was actually just controlling the game, hence us winning 4, yeh that’s 4-0, you can’t change history just because you don’t like what happened.

  16. Tom F says:

    It was 4-2.

  17. suhayl says:

    Viera..bag of crap..inetr want rid..France want rid……sign for some shit french club you arsehole lanky twat

  18. Drew Vader says:

    No he didnt Riz you idiot. He was too scared to even look at Roy who is a whole six inches shorter than him. Patrick viera was a dirty diving bastard then and i imagine not much as changed.

  19. Drew Vader says:

    i really dont understand how people can be so fucking stupid. Vierra was laying on the ground after a fair challenge and he attempted to karate kick another professional in the knee. The dumb twat missed though, rudd didnt dive, he just looked at the ref as if to say “did you see that this dumb fucking cunt just tried to karate kick me in the knee but missed?” And so the ref rightly sent the twat off. How that makes Ruud a coward I will never know.

  20. suhayl says:

    Drew Vader spot on pal….fcking viera…if he wants a piece..i’ll kindly dish it to him…

  21. SpitFire says:

    i found the video. its 11 sec but atleast its something.

  22. Ryan says:

    I just noticed something. At the end of the video Ribery walks over to them in the tunnel. Wouldn’t the fact that Ribery couldn’t walk on that day mean that this video was taken sometime before the final game?

  23. Laurie says:

    You’ve got this wrong. The altercation is between Ruud van Nistelrooy (who was waiting in the tunnel for Vieira — they’ve hated each other for a long time.) Vieira starts to take him on and Jean-Alain Boumsong pulls him away. Evra’s just caught in the crossfire.

    In the video ou can hear someone (Abidal?) saying, “Shut your trap, man of the match!” (But in French it’s much more insulting.)

  24. jimmy Bob says:

    loll@ vierra “come on then” he shat himself
    hes ok bullying the likes of neville and evra , keane would have smashed him any day of the week and we all know it

    whats next vierra versus mike tyson?

    tyson challenges “paddy”
    paddy replies “lets have you then tyson!”

    arsenal fans = walter mitty


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