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VIDEO: Petrucci Scores Twice In 4-1 Win

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. EastStandManc says:

    Unlucky on the peno lad, otherwise well done!

  2. Devilinho says:

    Petrucci has a killer shot exactly like Totti, when i read people comparing him to Totti I didn’t think he could be that talented player, but a 16 years old and and shoots like this… Bom Chicka Wawa…

  3. keanesmagichat says:

    the lads a bit special, like macheda

  4. Red-Manc says:

    Theres some class young players coming through recently, and this lad is one of the best of them

  5. RedHarry4Life says:

    This lad is very very good one of the better ones in the youth team. He is better than Macheda and Macheda is good. For once maybe livin up to the hype. Others to take a note of are Ravel Morrison only 16 looks like a professional already. Matty James looks a decent centre midfielder. But Petrucci does really look the business. The youth team does look good

  6. themarkedman72 says:

    that kid can play.
    great power and control in the shot.
    not a huge lot of time required.
    Not to much back lift.
    Should (Hopefully) b able to adapt to premier league pace.
    Look fwd to seeing him develope.

  7. Failsworth Devil says:

    I would throw him into the squad and let him have half an hour against Derby… there is no harm in that at all… u just never know… might have a gem here… and will give him a taste of what its like to be a 1st teamer.

  8. OTRed says:

    Finally!! I was starting to think the academy was chucking out too much defensive players and not enough creative players. With Macheda, Petrucci and Wellbeck, that seems to be changing.

  9. jamos9 says:

    The lad Petrucci looks a star in the making, hopefully he’ll stay clear of injury and fill out a bit and become our Totti, now that’d be great!!

  10. Failsworth Devil says:

    Macheda and Petrucci yes… definately….

    Welbeck… nope unfortunately.

  11. AlexofMancunia says:

    How can you say no to Welbeck?!

    The lad is the most raved about player in our Academy since Giggsy, and has 2 first team goals to his name already at the age of 18, one of them a wonderstrike.

    Fergie even said that if he doesn’t make the grade at United they should pack the youth academy in as it is worthless. A pretty bold statement to make about the kid.

    Yes he lacks experience and he doesn’t make the right run sometimes, and needs to fill out a bit, but that will all improve over time.

    Can’t really see what you’re basing that ‘nope’ on mate.

  12. Anderson8 says:

    I think fabio,macheda,petrucci and morrison are going to make the grade at united..I have uncertinties about wellback but he has glimpses…Brendao,brayn and camron stuert do nt impres me..Although of al the above petrucci has sumthing special frm his passing to shooting and great control of the football..And people pleas watch fabio according to me he luks the better player of the twins trust me ive watched him id love to see him play left wing it could help solidate our defence along side Evra and they could rotate since ther r both great attackers and r capable in deffenc, personaly i think its a beta option then park, becaus my word fabio’s crossing,skill and vision is somthing which park doesnt offer and he is a goal threat and im nt slating park his a hard worker but not sharp in the final third this is where Evra and fabio would excel,…(Dumo south africa)

  13. Failsworth Devil says:

    Alex mate, i wouldnt say these things if i didnt really believe it…

    My reasons by saying that Welbeck wont make it at our club is for the following reasons..

    a) He is about 2 – 3 stone underweight, and PL defenders will find it really easy to mark him out of the game..

    b) He doesnt have the footballing brain to play for us at the highest level..

    He reminds me a little bit of Bellion… plenty of speed, but was never gonna be able to cut it at this level…

    I dont know what it is… he reminds me of Bambi when just born… legs all over but didnt get very far..

    I just get a feeling that he wont make it with us… but i really hope i am wrong.. there just isnt the big game look about that lad..

  14. Anderson8 says:

    O yea how would u guys rate Rodrigo? .I feel with more games he wil get hiz confidenc and wil be our own Cesc, becaus i understand people say he doesnt pass foward enough but think that comes with confidenc i think his a bit scared of maybe misplacing those killa balls but i feel he has the rang.

  15. Failsworth Devil says:

    Rodrigo has all the makings of a united player… silky skills, intelligence to find the simple/killer pass…. hes got an awesome shot…

    I think he could really make it big..

  16. King Eric says:

    I agree Failsworth, really like the look of the lad.


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