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VIDEO: Portsmouth Goal and Highlights

United beat Portsmouth surprisingly convincingly this evening, despite being without several key players. But we’re still behind Hull!

Scholes freekick

Fletcher goal

Wayne Rooney chance

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  1. denton davey says:

    Fletcherinho – two games, two goals. Ronaldo Who ?

  2. Gazzaro says:

    Terrfic Result!!!

    Terrific Performance, for the whole team, especially for Carlos Tevez, Scholes, Anderson, and of course, our recently goal scoring machine Fletcher.

    For Rooney, I’m sad to say that he’s tried a lot. He put lots of energy and contribution into the game. However, to be fair, the only positive thing I could see from las tnight match was seeing him bring the ball forward and try to kill time before the end of the game (Very good for saving us). Rooney today look very much lack of confident, which clearly understandable considering his lack of goal scoring form. Maybe his best position shouldn’t be played as a striker I don’t know. But thanks God, Fletcher scoreed for us last night. Otherwise, we may start to struggling now.

  3. yonas says:

    it is good man.utd win

  4. Markus Revolver says:

    Cant beleive Rooney’s goal was ruled offside.

  5. Tom F says:

    haha @ Denton Davey!

    He plays on the left
    He plays on the right…

    Good result for us last night, never an easy place to go and maybe a midfield of players who are fighting to prove themselves was a good thing for us when it came to this battle.

    Rooney looks to be getting back to his ways with the half volley showing his good technique and the ‘offside’ goal showing what a quality finisher he can be. Evra and Tevez again top performers and even a tired Anderson doing very well… glad the lads are giving him stick over his haircut!

    Looking forward to the Russians, then the Dirty Scousers and then… er, the Russians again!

  6. Col says:

    Great result! Wasn’t expecting it given our recent record there and the missing players. Tevez was awesome and the defence looked good & solid again. That useless, lanky ex-bin dipper never got a look in – can’t believe he argues every time he gives a free-kick away. Doesn’t he ever watch a video of himself!!

  7. NorwegianDevil says:


    You really have a grudge against Rooney don’t you? Let me refresh your memory a bit by mentioning the goal that was wrongly disallowed for offside, and his shot that went inches outside the far post. We didn’t create a lot of chances yesterday, and putting the goal aside, Rooney was on the end of almost every chance we had.

    Having said that, I agree that Rooney looked a bit of it last night, but I put that one down to lack of match fitness because of the virus he suffered in Africa. However he did put in his usual industrious effort, as he always does.

  8. PeeJay says:

    Don’t say Ronaldo who you muppet. Bigging up Fletcher is one thing but saying Ronaldo who is downright disrespectful.

  9. denton davey says:

    “Ronaldo Who ?” “disrespectful ?? hey, It’s called sarcasm – get a life PeeJay.

  10. Gazza says:

    paul scholes is the best footballer around.

  11. suhayl says:

    scholes legend..and lay off rooney you muppet gazarro…

    how long have you been reading this blog…2 days????..dont slate 1 of our players like that.


  12. PeeJay says:

    Nah I have a life and saying “Ronaldo who?” after two goals from Darren Fletcher shows where all the United supporter stereotypes come from. 2 goals and he’s your hero and you’ve already forgotten Ronaldo simply because he’s not playing. If Possebon scores a hat trick next week what are you going to say? Paul who? Owen who? Go home.


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