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VIDEO: Remember This Rooney Three Match Ban, FA?

In the summer of 2006, Wayne Rooney was sent off during the pre-season Amsterdam Tournament for an innocuous challenge on Pepe, as both players jumped for the ball. It was only a couple of months earlier that Rooney had been sent off against Portugal in the World Cup and Pepe was prepared to use this to his advantage.

The FA decided to ban Rooney for three league games because of this, as well as banning Scholes for his red card, despite an appeal from the player. Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor were sent off in the same tournament just a few years earlier but faced no ban, whilst several other players have been sent off in pre-season friendlies since and also not been banned by the FA.

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen the FA give Rooney ridiculous punishments, as we’ve already discussed on here, the FA banned Rooney for two games for swearing last season. Despite an apology, the FA stuck to their guns and Rooney missed the FA Cup semi-final.

The FA are now pondering whether to appeal UEFA’s decision to ban Rooney for three games which, as it stands, means he would miss the group stages for England in Euro 2012.

“Further to UEFA’s decision to impose a three-match suspension on Wayne Rooney, the FA await the full reasons and will give full consideration to the decision internally before deciding on any response to UEFA or making any further public comment,” said an FA statement.

Whilst it is likely that UEFA will reduce Rooney’s ban to two games, they would surely be well within their rights to look at the FA’s previous rulings where this player is concerned and give him at least a three match ban.

The FA insist on supporting Rooney which is great to hear. I wonder how many games they will ban him for the next time he picks his nose or farts… when wearing the red of United, of course.

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  1. Costas says:

    It’s about setting a precedent. When you ban him for 2 games for swearing on camera, someone else will ban him for 3 games for a worse offence.

  2. afromanc says:

    Well, what can we say… We all know United are made an example of and victimized season in and out…
    But what do we do, get up and win the league! COM ON YOU REDZZZZ!!!!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    I had somehow pushed this ban to the back of my memory, but now as I’m reminded I still find it utterly sickening. What are the FA doing meddling in this? They have no jurisdiction over pre-season friendlies no mather the offence, which wasn’t much in this case to be frank. Just a jumpy ref ruining a friendly.

    No wonder the government are looking closely at the FA. Someone should make a bloody list of ill-advised decisions they’ve made over the last 10 years and hand it to them and make another copy for Sir Alex so he’ll have a proper talk to them as well.

  4. RedPharoe says:

    Bah! Who cares… Will only make him more fit for United!

  5. Kevin says:

    If England dont make it past the group stages he would have a long break. But that is one big ban.

  6. Wilson Shields says:

    Screw the FA. Once again double standards are being applied and they are reaping what they sew. Gutted for Rooney but slap it up the organization led by Man City’s chairman who made sure the lad missed last years FAcup semi. Now let’s destroy the scum tomorrow

  7. idunu_mufc says:

    to add to these, the F.A are reaping their own reward.. Sori 4 wayne but ENGLAND, THE F.A deserves dis shit. Sori to say I HOPE UEFA STICK TO THERE DECISIONS

  8. TheLeftBank says:

    England’s loss is United’s gain is the best spin to put on this sorry mess.

    I think the FA is reaping what it has sown and UEFA are just as complicit in double standards. I wonder who sits on these committees and determines the severity of the offence then dishes out an appropriate punishment.

    3 Match ban is a joke.

  9. manc_sam says:

    Why not just spell properly ?

  10. Passe says:

    The press is pissed off now because their nr1 scapegoat is out of the groupstages. Who the hell will they blame now when England fail to rise to the big occasion once again? Probably Gary Neville or Becks for som reason. Or SAF, because we all know that it was Fergie who forced Rooney into kicking out at the opponent. Oh well, plenty of other United players in the England team to blame all coming failiures on.

  11. AK47 says:

    the problem the FA have now is that if they appeal his ban, it’s the precedence it’s set within the English game. The FA’s argument is based on his behaviour after he got sent off. He came out and apologised etc. That means now, if anyone gets sent off and apologises, and then appeals, and the FA then increase the ban for a frivilous appeal.

    Mass fuckin hypocrisy. I’m glad he got banned for 3 games. I hope he doesn’t go to the Euro’s. A) because he’s paid ridiculous amounts by us, so he should rest for the summer. B) he’s a fucking scumbag who doesn’t deserve privellages such as playing for your country C) His wife will at least know what he’s doing!

  12. t4m says:

    Passe,rooney will still get stiçk whether he plays or not bcos of that red card.Cunts..

  13. Mancuniac says:

    Time for Wayne to retire from the pathetic “3 Lions” circus methinks, lets see how they get on without their best player, the usual “england expects” attitude is now even getting laughed at by supporters of smaller teams, I’ve never felt the same for the national team as i do United.

  14. Lexandre says:

    Xup? Dude! 9ce 1 der. Man utd ar only been 2 gr8 day by day. WR10 3 match ban 4uckin ridiculous but gud 4 d cunt.,always gettin ban 4 ludicrous act. Utd g8ta dan England.

  15. Yesred says:

    Personally I hope Rooney tells the FA he doesn’t want to go to the 2012 Championships.It’s to their (FA) convenience that they are appealling,we all know when comes down to the domestic league the FA don’t give a shite.

    Double standards.

  16. covyder@Malaysia says:

    Why don’t they just banned him for life then??? That will make those scum happier ever after!!!! who cares anyway, we benefit from it for all i care….
    Bring on looserfool to the table please!!!!

  17. AlphaRS says:

    I’m glad Rooney got banned for 3 games as it shows the FA’s double standards if they appeal the decision. Let’s see how good Ingurlund are without Rooney. Maybe the media, Ingurlund fans, and the FA may realise just how important he is the team.

  18. King Eric says:

    That ginger cunt Durham was at it last night saying its an outrage. Hhhm fuuny that considering when Rooney swore into the camera for UNITED Durham wanted him fucking shot. Hypocrisy at its best. Collymore the nomark cunt says he shouldnt go. Fuck off Stan and go do some dogging you horrible bastard,

  19. King Eric says:

    manc sam – ??

  20. Noqnoq48 says:

    Berlin 2006 WC Final.
    Zidan head butts Materazzi. Straight red. Wins award for best player in the finals.

  21. covyder@Malaysia says:

    Now that Rooney is out of the picture, next on the list is Welbeck. So now the blame will focus on Welbeck, Young and Jones…. What the hell is wrong with England anyway? I have failed to understand as to why they are so anti-United.

    Those staying in England please highlightened me…what have Man United done to warrant these kind of despicable treatment!!!! Total disgrace….shame on you FA’s twat!!!!!

  22. wayne says:

    I really didn’t think it was much of a foul so to categorize it as assault is taking the piss in the first place but what comes around goes around and the FA are getting some of their own medicine.
    For all Utd fans who put club over country it’s great news Rooney will be firing on all cylinders with no distractions from that travelling circus.

  23. Northstander says:

    Although I think this is a harsh punishment by UEFA, I am loving this. The FA getting a taste of their own medicine! I only wish they would extend it to 4 games should the FA appeal and lose. Play them at their own game.
    Will the FA learn from this though? Probably not. England won’t make it through the group stages, it will be Rooney’s fault and the FA will find some ridiculous ban/fine to punish him with during an important part of the season. Only thing is Man Utd can cope without Rooney, England can’t.

  24. WillieRedNut says:

    Gutted for Rooney. The Fa, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about. The cunts have fucked us over too many times, to feel sympathy. Stuffed shirt brigade!

  25. King Eric says:

    As others stated last night this is NOT particularly good news for Rooney considering the game tomorrow. Hardly gonnna be chuffed is he , unlike us lot who couldn’t give a fuck about Ingerlund . He will either have a stinker tomorrow or smash the fuck out the vermin, hoping its the latter.

  26. Redlife says:

    Fuck the FA.

    That is all

  27. Kalps says:

    Just posted the following to the cunts at the FA. I’ll let you have the response when I get it.

    Recent reports suggest the FA are willing or considering to support Rooney through his 3 match ban as imposed by Uefa.

    Why do the FA think this suport is warranted given the fact that Rooney was given an unprecedented banned for two games for swearing last season by The FA. Surely violent conduct merits more of a ban than Swearing.

    The FA’s actions add credence to Sir Alex Ferguson’s opinion on how poorly Manchester United are treated by the FA.


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