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VIDEO: Ronaldo and Rooney’s Goals Against Bolton

Click here to watch Ronaldo’s penalty and here to see Wayne Rooney’s first of the season.

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  1. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    The way Rooney dropped his shoulders and shrugged off the Bolton defender was really brilliant. Ronaldo’s penalty was well taken (as is every penalty that goes in) but I wouldn’t mind seeing Berbatov take them because he’s unbelievably cool when he steps up. Watch his penalty against PSV last season in the UEFA Cup

  2. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    your back a bit early

    where you at the match today

  3. Tom F says:

    Lovely goal Wayne – hopefully the sections of impatient United fans failing to see his ability influences games in more ways than scoring can get off his back.

  4. Par says:

    The penalty decision was an absolute joke. The ref was in a terrific position to see it, and somehow screwed it up anyway.

  5. OTRed says:

    Yep, it wasn’t a pen, but I’m tired of people saying Ronaldo dived when he didn’t, he was clearly tripped. Anyway, 3pts in the bad, Arsenal lost, things are good.

  6. denton davey says:

    Agreed – it was a terrible penalty decision (but, then, most of them are !) Rooney’s goal was a beauty but, more worryingly, UTD never really seemed to get into third gear. Too much farting about – not enough running off the ball in the attacking zone. I hope that this is NOT what SAF had in mind when he added Berbatov to the mix – last year’s Rooney/Ronaldo/Tevez whirligig seems to have ground to a halt. Still, it’s early days and grinding out results is what needs doing in the first half of the season so that the squad is fresh for “squeaky bum time”.

  7. FailsworthDevil says:

    Once he gets the recipe right, the mix will be right… and we will be served up sommat delicious im sure of that…

    I wanna start seeing some of Manucho… and i would like SAF to start introducing Rafael after an hour to replace Neville/Brown… as he is like another winger..

    I think as forwards you can play the following combos from what i have seen :

    ROONEY/TEVEZ (we know this works)
    ROONEY/BERBA (looked good when wazza came on yesterday)
    TEVEZ/MANUCO (ive got a funny feeling that this could be an awesome combo, once Manucho has been blooded into the team).

    The rest of the team pretty much picks itself… but one thing i can say about a combo that doesnt work is Schole/Ando… they cannot play together… even though fantastic in there own rights…

    Didnt think id ever hear myself say this… but i think the little ginger man’s days are up… and will play a bit part role from now on…

    I would play Ando every game, but then its between Fletcher/Hargreaves/Carrick for the other spot, and dont forget Park Ji, who is more than capable of giving 100% every game.

  8. Liam says:

    Failsworth Devil
    Scholes now is still a much better option than Anderson as are most of the CMs that we have now. Anderson has been pretty rubbish this season. Scholes was immense when he came on and made more of an impact in 20 mins than Anderson did in 70. Anderson needs to grow up and add some maturity to his play


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