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VIDEO: Ronaldo Off The Woodwork and Red Card

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s attempt that was pushed on to the woodwork and the red card challenge by Capdevila on Ronaldo.

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  1. Damaged goods says:

    Villarreal didn’t want to win at all today. Why have we played out FOUR 0-0′s against them?
    Cracking shot though!!

  2. spencer says:

    cracking shot but anyone who does challenges with their studs like that doesn’t deserve to play football. that could easily have ended ronaldo’s season had it been just a fraction harsher. I am so glad it did not

  3. King Eric says:

    Carrick – Class

    Funny selection I thought , still no Tevez even with Berbatov out.

    Anderson dropping off Rooney?

    Same old story this season, home team parking bus in front of goal and packing midfield. Build up play i thought was pretty good just lack of final product again, however with Rooney feeding on scraps no real surprise.

    Roll on Sunday!

  4. inmoscowwemadeit3 says:

    I thought we had quite a good first half but got the feeling that if we didn’t score early in the game it would play out as scoreless draw. Plus point from tonight was the performance of Jonny Evans who looks like becoming another Gary Pallister espcially the way he attacks the ball and is unhurried approach on the ball. Negatives from tonight was to be that we didn’t score and come sunday i would’ve liked to have Rooney with a goal under his belt and boosted his confidence as well. Also I’ve noticed his looking alot heavier this season maybe a touch over weight and I think its certainly affecting his pace because he seems slower. Any thoughts?

  5. dela says:

    Man of the match: John O’ Shit

    For his contribution to the Villareal cause, of course.

  6. Haakon says:

    Qualified, clean sheet away from home in Europe, job done – albeit the match never was entertaining.

    Maybe Rooney seems a bit slow, not sure about overweight though. He was better today, his finishing is improving compared to the last couple of matches. Can’t understand all slagging of O’shea, he was yet again a steady choice again at right back even though he dosen’t contribute too much going forward.

    Tomasz is not United quality. He’s just not good enough commanding the area and they had a couple of huge chances because of that. Foster needs these games as Edwin’s days in the top flight are coming quickly to an end, and I can see Foster as his replacement.

    Fletcher is getting there, but we need a spark of creativity in midfield – Carrick has that to some extent but mainly with through balls. I really hope Scholesys return will aspire the lads on hitting top form. Because we need that, and we sorely need three points come Sunday. Let’s give the bitters some real trashing!

  7. Nino says:


    Wrt Rooney, I agree mate… it could be the joys of married life perhaps? All these fry-ups and roast dinners that Mrs Rooney has been serving up for him could be the reason behind his bulging waistline…

  8. Skittles says:

    Nani was absolutely awful again today, lost the ball everytime he touched it! He’s gona find himself on the way out soon if he doesn’t start adding some end product on a more regular basis!

  9. mauly says:

    I’m getting a little tired of Nani now, he hasn’t improved since he’s been at United. Every time he gets the ball I lose all interest and am waiting for our next attack!! I hate knocking our players, but he just isn’t a United player in my opinion….

  10. Drew Vader says:

    What a boring match… the lads didn’t wake up until the player got sent off, but by then it was too fucking late. I guess not that fussed about finishing top of the group…just kinda like how they haven’t really looked that fussed about anything this season

  11. Eli Shares says:

    I woke up at 3 a.m. just to watch United play and trash the Spaniard. A 1-0 win is okay but not a draw. Build-up was okay but the finishings are poor.

    I agree with Skittles and mauly, Fergie should have played Tevez or Park instead of Nani.

    United is the King of Europe, we should have played like Champion, a winner and goal hunger, bombarding the opposition with dynamites and missiles.

  12. King Eric says:

    Agree with comments about Nani, no improvement in time here and not United quality

  13. corea says:

    Scott, don’t you have anything to say about Wazza ?
    Rooney a diver ? o my god, i don’t believe my eyes.

    Awfull evening, Nani on his way out, he has no fucking brains.
    The match to forget.
    Do you remember Valencia – ManUtd 0-0 ? yes, i also think so.

  14. Manutd forever says:

    Why is everybody here getting so critical about Nani .HE IS A UNITED QUALITY player no doubt.HOW MANY GAMES HE HAS PLAYED THIS SEASON? HE WILL NEED TIME AND GAMES TO GET BETTER AND REtain form just like Tevez.HE is better than park and giggs on the wings and his ability to accelerate from static positions is absolutely marvellous.I BELIVE THAT IF HE plays REGULAlarly them he will be one of the best crosser in the world..

  15. Justin says:

    disgusting tackle can’t believe beglin only thought it was a yellow card offence if it had happened to stevie me he’d have wanted capdavilla hung

  16. corea says:

    26.11.08 |

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed Wayne Rooney apologised for an apparent dive during last night’s 0-0 draw with Villarreal.

    And Fergie couldn’t help but needle rivals Arsenal with a dig at former Gunners star Robert Pires.

    Ferguson revealed that Rooney had apologised for going to ground too easily believing he had won a penalty.

    The striker’s action incensed the crowd but he escaped without a booking.

    Ferguson said: “I think Wayne anticipated the challenge as he was expecting a penalty kick. It is unusual for him to do that.

    “I have seen it and he has apologised to me. I think he has been watching (Robert) Pires too much.

    “At least Wayne apologised to the Villarreal players. You would never see Pires do that.”

  17. Stephen says:

    That is quaility the Pires jibe!!!!, I fucking hate that Gooner shuffle footed twat!

    I thought Wazza ran his socks off last night and was unlucky not to score, decent European performance, win at AAlborg and we top the group.

    Ronnie is getting kicked from pillor to post at the moment and can really understand his frustrations, good refereeing last night, and hopefully the English refs will follow suite, or all the skillful players in our league will fuck off and play in Spain, and we will be left with exciting players like Drogba.

  18. denton davey says:

    Let me see if I understand this: a Spanish team kicks Ronaldo much more violently than anything he normally receives from English opposition and he dreams about playing for Madrid ? It’s hard to believe that Ronaldo is better “respected” by EPL players but isn’t that what one is to infer from last night’s exhibition ? If I understand this situation correctly then he has some sort of “death wish”, or at the very least, a desire to become a legless wonder.

  19. smith says:

    totally disgree about comments of john and nani. i thought they play well ywesterday

  20. King Eric says:

    Nani certainly didnt in the game I saw Smith. Always turning into trouble trying to beat two or three men. Still young has time to progress at United.

  21. Gary says:

    I cant explain how dissapointed I am with Nani. He has been awful every time he has played this season, you dont even notice hes on the pitch. He looks a costly mistake at this point of his career, we would do well to get half the money what we paid for him if we sold him. His awareness of players around him is awful, his decision making awful, his passing ability non exsistent, his crossing abilty patchy, his effort highly questionable. Good enough to wear the shirt of United???? I dont think so, my patience is running really thin with his performances!

  22. King Eric says:

    Have to agree Gary


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