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VIDEO: Ronaldo’s Goals Against West Ham

Click here to watch his first and here for his second.

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  1. JIM says:

    how good was berbas turn for the second

  2. rhatton says:


    yeah that was just unbelievable. Not many would even think to do that but for him to actually pull it off. Absolutly amazing. Special player


    What the fuck is Ronnie trying to prove by his celebrations? Show some enthusiasm, youre no berba we know that where the hells your enthusiasm?? Oh thts right, in Spain thats where..

  4. Scott the Red says:

    Did you not see his reaction to the goal?

    I’ve only seen it since on MOTD when I got in. He was shouting his head off. How enthusiastic does he have to be?


  5. rhatton says:


    hmmm i don’t know mate. it was a bit of an odd celebration if you ask me. from first look it appears that his celebration was contained like his previous ones of late with a little jog off and a kiss of the hand but then decided to scream his head off.

    im wondering if this is an act to try and convince the fans he wants to stay or maybe he is just genuinely happy to be scoring again

  6. Erik says:

    That Berbatov skill is absolutely amazing. I watched to replay like twenty times. Legendary effort!

  7. Markus Revolver says:

    Because he didnt celebrate he’s deffo off to Madrid. Bye Ron!

  8. DuudeLove says:

    are you “fans” serious? Those still going on about his celebrations really need to get a life..

    Stop the bitching, whining and just be happy he’s scoring goals FOR us. FFS, he was immense tonight and lets just leave it at that.

  9. Spencer says:

    Berba’s skill=sublime

    and just back from the match, saw Ronnie celebrate the first goal, screaming his head of, reminded me of his celebrations from last season and I thought ‘good end of all the celebration crap talk’ but no. Some muppets have to analyse when he started smiling, when he did this, when he did that blah blah-SHUT UP

  10. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Ronaldo’s winning games for US, and you lot cant appriciate it. What a bunch of greedy cock-ends! For fuck’s sake stop all this bitching-about and lets get behind Ronaldo. He’s simply the best! Ronaldo’s actually giving his all for OUR club and there still a few bastards complaining. I really dont know what Ronaldo has to do to stop all this. You lot are fuckin nuts

  11. smith says:

    those fan please stop complaining..

  12. Raaaaawr says:

    Mate i get behind ronnie week in week out but tis true that his body language suggests he does not want to be at UNited which sorta pisses me off…him scoring and winning us matches is beside the point, we all appreciate that but to have him act as if he couldnt care less(I KNOW HE DOES TRY)?

  13. Spencer says:

    Raaaaaaaaawr, there was jack shit wrong with his body langauge against West Ham, even the blooming media are saying it looked back to normal

  14. Sam says:

    his body language seems no different from last season. he got a loud enough cheer from where i was sitting when he claimed his awards unlike what that shit stirrer in the sun wrote. People need to let all this crap go, get behind him until he actually fucks off and not when madrid say they want to sign him

  15. Stephen says:

    I could watch that second goal all day, Berbatov absolute genius.

  16. RONALDOFAN says:

    Good god…He scored celebrated and it’s still not enough for some. WTF!!! get over it already

  17. anderz08 says:

    did anyone else see the skill from tevez in the 2nd half, i cant find a clip of it. flicked it over his head and then carried on!!

  18. suhayl says:

    Duudlove spencer sully stephen ronaldo fan ARE ALL SPOT ON. WOT IS IT WITH SUM UTD FANS AND THIER PHD’S IN PSYCHOANALYSIS ON players body language and celebrations.

    Just shut the f up and support your players who wear that badge and support the club in whatever it does.


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