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VIDEO: Ronaldo’s Sending and Rooney’s Goal/Late Chance Against City

Rooney’s goal

Ronaldo’s sending off

Rooney’s late chance

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  1. Curt says:

    What a bizarre incident. Anyone have any theories? I’m hoping he thought he heard a whistle as both suggestions that he was protecting his face and he was pushed are BS.

  2. TonyBee says:

    we would have still beat the bastards anyway

  3. furrball says:

    he’s a twat, enough said. His arrogance is taking the piss really.

  4. RedDevil says:

    In the video where Ronny got sent off there were two wierd moments. You can see that when Benjani is walking towards Ronaldo, Rooney goes screaming towards Fergie. Wierd. And then Rio looks like he is gonna hit Ronny in the face, but gives him high five? Well….. WE WON ANYWAY!!!

  5. spencer says:

    well put it this way, its not like we see Ronaldo performing such incidents every day. Having been at the game, I clearly heard a whistle so I could see he did what he did. It was unfortunate but we won and he will only miss the carling cup match

    Interesting quotes from him in the Portugese Press about it where he explains why he did it, though understands now the referee had to make a decision.

  6. Costas says:

    Here in Greece at one time a player picked up the ball in his own penalty box because he thought he heard a whistle and he gave away a penalty.These things happen.Thank god it didn’t cost us.Can i ask something?When do Ronaldo’s and Evra’s bans begin?Aren’t they in effect for the Carling Cup game?Sir Alex said that we will be missing them for the Tottenham trip!Is the 2 week rule back in effect?

  7. suhayl says:

    costas…evra misses the spurs game…after the 5 yellow card rule. which means a ban comes into play the game after next….sunderland then spurs.

    As for ron who got 2 yellows..making a red. Ban applies immediately…which means he misses the carling cup game v rovers


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