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VIDEO: Rooney and Scholes Goals vs QPR

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  1. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Thank Fuck for Scholesy What a goal. Hopefully he gets a few more this season!!!

  2. Costas says:

    Damn that second rolled back the years. As well as Scholes’ game in general. He and Carrick were our 2 best players.

  3. sophiepaddy says:

    G’day from Perth, Western Australia.
    I am embarrassed for Young…clearly a dive, never a penalty, obviously offside. Fair play to the man for walking off with no fuss. Forget decisions balancing over a season, that was plain shabby all round.
    Quality penalty from Rooney though, and more than happy with the win. It would have been nice to have won the contest against eleven men over the 90 though. Scholes continues to be a legend. As I type, half time at the Emirates, Balotelli should have been off already according to BBC Sport live text…C’mon Gunners!

  4. MG says:


    Gday but that wasn’t a dive

    It wasn’t a penalty either and neither was it a sending off

    The only thing Young was guilty of was being offside so it’s not his fault either that the linesman didn’t act and the ref did but over the top.

    To say that Ashley Young dived for a penalty isnt right at all.


  5. james21 says:

    Mancini wooho Mancini wooho. He came from Italy to fuck up Man Shitty.

  6. james21 says:

    Told off by the Stewards again. Naughty James. UTD UTD UTD.

  7. MG says:


    You beauty :lol:

  8. james21 says:

    Have you ever seen shitty win the League. ‘Have I Fuck’. Have you ever seen shitty win the League. ‘Have I Fuck’ Have you ever seen shitty have you ever seen shitty have you ever seen shitty win the League. ‘HAVE I FUCK’. UTD UTD UTD.

  9. MG says:

    I think what James is trying to say is:

    Have you ever seen city win the league?


  10. Strik3rr says:


  11. james21 says:

    Each and every one of us we fuckin love MG We fuckin love MG We fuckin love MG.

  12. MG says:



    I love you guys too!

    We’re having a pre 20 title moment!


  13. REDNIGERIAN says:

    My brain isn’t yet set to process the whole Young-dive debate, 8 points clear. #20 in sight!! GGMU!!! #MUFC #Nigeria

  14. Aldin says:

    Good : Rio, EVANS, Evra, Scholes, Valencia, Rooney and Wellbeck. I think De Gea was asleep.

    So So : Rafael has stopped his diving in 90% of the time but did make that mistake, miss that chance but his support for Valencia was Nevillesque.

    Bad : Young dived but I forgive him but he didn’t run at the full back unlike the flying machine on the otherside. Carrick decides not to shoot 20 – 25 yards out but 35 yards he hits a SCREAMER. I just dont get it.

    Gooners were excellent and the poznan was EPIC.
    If you have seen David Silva please call the police he disappeared a few months ago but is presumed dead.
    Super Mario … LOL … an entertaining embarrassment.

  15. JC says:

    Clearly offsides but many a time during the season do the linesman get that wrong for any and all sides both when a player is clearly onsides and when they’re off. And also as clearly, NO dive, he may have left his back foot in there a bit late to draw contact but contact was indeed made and more importantly he was pushed in the back which is I think what drew the call and card. The only controversy attached to it was the lack of the offsides call. Ashley is a master of drawing that contact in the box and draw it he did.


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