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VIDEO: Rooney and Van Persie Goals Against City

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. United Till I Die says:

    @We Are United – im all good mate, delighted with the result and performance.

    With Viera and Keano, there was a mutual respect between them as footballers, even if they hated each other. Also, any problems they had were settled face to face, and both players were prepared to accept their bans and red cards. That was just bad blood between two blokes tbh.

    But you’re right. Cunts hiding in a crowd of thousands throwing coins doesn’t have a place in the game, and if they are caught, never mind heart felt apologies they should be treated like they would if they were on the high street. At least that way anybody who does it knows what to expect if caught.

    All of this justification in the media won’t stomp out crowd trouble. Saying players should avoid opposition fans when celebrating, or saying players should accept racism as part of the game, are just making the situation worse. But money talks, so the constant “issues” beamed around the world will spur the authorities into action. I just think its funny the first response was ignore it. Yeah fucking right, till a player is killed live on air.

  2. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    I just spent lunch watching the second half again and it was fairly even – not sure what Mancini was talking about but most of his comments are bizarre to I don’t pay him much attention.
    I thought the ref had a really poor game – not to mention the decisions against us most notably the penalty and offside but he should have let play run when Toure was away down the wing. If ever there was an advantage to play it was that. Really poor refereeing.

    We also say what a pair of class clowns Tevez and Nasri are. One decides to go walkabout and stand in no mans land instead of the wall and the other hides himself behind Dzeko and bravely sticks a leg out.
    Justice was done as it was Kettleneck’s foul that let to the freekick and the studs of Nasri that helped it in.

  3. RusholmeToCalabria says:
    Half the people charged seem to be from Alderly Edge, Knutsford and Heald Green. What are they putting in the prawn sandwiches at Eastlands?

  4. Goat Peticoat says:

    Here comes honest goat. With my red tinted specs hanging at my chest I thought Id like to remind you of the fact that Tevez should have had a penalty as well. But credit to him no matter how unpopular it is, he stayed on his feet instead of going to ground. Had he gone limp and dropped like a stone a penalty was 100% assured.
    Maybe some of you should get a cord to put around your red tinted specs so as you dont lose them but necessarily have to have them on all the time.

    As for Paddy Crerand.
    His opinions were right but not put particularly well. He came across as sounding like an argumentative drunk. I have no idea when the interview was but if hes agreed to an interview, representing Manchester United, can the wee gent please have a few drams left. I dont like criticising the man as Im a huge fan and love his no noncence attitude and I realise a radio interview must be tough as you may not neccessarily hear correctly as you cant listen to yourself on the air and maybe the questions arent clear on a phone but he needs to learn how to attack the media properly. Consicely and with a matter of fact attitude, if he learned that and coupled it with his truculant attitude he would be a very worthy adversery of any dj or pundit.

    Rio incident
    The coin was thrown with a glancing blow meaning it was fired in from an angle at a tangent to his brow. That you can see on footage and the impact and deflection also shows that. Even if Ferdinand, which he wasnt, was celebrating in front of City fans, the thrower was not a man near him. But along way to the side. So even that argument doesnt hold water. Well done for Hart taking care of the fan, true proffessionalism and comradery and well done for Bernstein condemning the actions (that must have hurt, lol).
    The coin throwing is a strange one. In sweden we have the half filled plastic water bottle. To me, carrying knifes, guns, knuckle duster, throwing stones, coins or any objects is something no real gentleman or man does. If your not prepared to face any man toe to toe then you have no right to attack the man. I find the actions complete faggotry and reminiscent of shit that goes on in Palestine and other such shitholes. It should have no place in Britain. Bring back the victorian gent. And anyone who knows of a knife carrier, gun carrier, coin thrower and doesnt shop them then Im calling you a cunt now and I hope you die of aids and fall on your childs wedding cake. It is you and no others turning Britain into just another European shitehole.

  5. reDalerT says:

    fucking tevez.. the only time he’ll ever have the balls to touch rio, when no one’s paying attention to him!

  6. ididnotzeeit says:

    Just buzzing over that victory! Proud times to be a Red. Classy from the manager right down to the players. Anyone who doubted the pruchase of an old, fragile dutch striker is eating their fucking crow right now. His chested pass onto Young for the 1st was the description of world class. His left peg for the winner? Sheer quality that just can not be taught.

    Highlights? That fucking mug Gareth Barry watching Rooney’s 1st slide in after going through his legs. Watching Silva completely switch off and lose the run of Rooney for the 2nd, wonder if he got a rollocking from Mancini? Not bloody likely. There are 2 sides to the pitch David and when Rooney’s ghosting into the box, pick him up ffs. Then he defers the blame after it’s in. Yes, he’s quality with the ball, but in football, the world beaters often show their class in what they do without the ball. And finally, that toe rag cunt Nasri sticking his high heel out for the deflection on the winner after the argie troll gave away a reckless foul in a dangerous area. You couldn’t draw that one up. Zaballetta making sweet love to the goal post is an image that will stick with me all season.

    Great win for the lads. After so much dejection in last season’s derbys made this one that much sweeter.

    Roll on United!!

  7. King Eric says:

    Daniel – Who gives a flying fuck about Messi? Seriously. Check out Muller’s goals. Not ONE penalty. Messi has about 20.

    Anyone seen Shinji the Ninja?

  8. calebkzh says:

    Must’ve made a quick ninja escape.

  9. Jp says:

    1st and 2nd goals were really well worked but the link up play from young, rvp and rooney for the 1st was devastating. Thought young had a decent game, not said that for a while. More of this please :)


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