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VIDEO: Rooney and Welbeck Goals vs City

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. markg says:

    fuckin brillant

  2. Bring Back Ruud says:

    I love Welbeck, beauty of a goal

  3. Costas says:

    Well done Danny and Rooney. One showed his talent and the other screwed his head on straight. :)

  4. Israel says:

    I need new keyboard as l just spit tea all over mine from laughing.

    A Leeds fan ringing in to Talksport about a Man United game just claimed to be a nutural!!!

  5. smartalex says:

    And again:
    Well done United! Well done Sir Alex!

    City won their first trophy in 34 years, and at first defense they lost it to United! Fuck Yeah!
    Not some crappy team, mind. City are table-topping rich boys with every tool imaginable pressed into their service. And, they were at home! Fuck Yeah!

    - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In my opinion:
    - Welbeck was brought off because he had been hamstrung by his yellow-card.
    - Nani was brought off to protect our prize asset (also because he’d been carded.)
    - Scholes was the sensible substitute for United. He does understand possession football, and plays it quite well, in fact. Also, it was an ideal moment for him to return, as we had the extra man to balance against SAF’s obvious instruction to Paul that he not tackle. His timing in that regard has cost us before, so his ring-rust eliminated tackling for today

  6. Costas says:

    Imagine waking up and not knowing that you’d be playing with Scholes again.

    Well, he wanted world class players at the club didn’t he? :lol:

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wellbeck and Rooney were magnificent. We should have kept Danny on as he was causing problems.
    Nani probably taken off because of the yellow and that really changed the game.

    Rio Evra and Smalling were immense.

    Scholes? Rusty? 71 passes in 20 minutes, more than any Shiekty player, 97% accuracy. Not bad old man.

    Top first half, Nervy second. I’ll take that to the bank.

    Rooney MOTM, just nicking it from Danny. Come On U reds.

    REF Points:
    Foy had a shocker both ways.
    Kompany a yellow for me, not a red.
    Kolerof should have been sent off. How he played 90 is a mystery.
    But Foy had blue glasses second half. We should have had 2 more but for Foy.

    Well played Reds.

  8. Doghouse says:

    When City came back at us they looked properly fucking good. Let’s face it, we were all probably worried at 2-3, and with good reason, they were coming at us, the pitch was slick, anything could have happened. It didn’t. And deservedly not, should have been 4-1.

    Brilliant result for us. Absolutely brilliant. Am glad that City came back really because if we’d just gone on to trounce them they could have shrugged it off or blamed the ref or whatever. But City, on their own ground, played the game of their lives, and we still beat them. They can’t claim to have had a bad game, they can’t claim ref bias, they can’t claim they had a weakened team compared to how weakened ours is, and they gave it everything on their own turf, and we beat them.

    This is an absolutely massive result. We can go into endgame of the season with some real belief now. And City can go into their next three games with nothing at centre half.

  9. bobkoh says:

    What happened in the 2nd half? Were orders given to hold back? It should have been better than 2-3 and I think Sir Alex wants to just knock out City and no more.

  10. Redslevin says:

    4 games

  11. Doghouse says:

    They need to add the Rooney 360 spinning header to FIFA by the way. Awesome stuff.

  12. Israel says:


    No word of a lie mate l was toucjhing cloth near the end of that one!!!

  13. zelh says:

    bobkoh – watch fergie’s interview after the game. He said that we should have never made it this close. Dunno what the plan was, maybe to control the game and try to get another goal, but not that way.

  14. Lebomanc says:

    Really nice goals, I was really happy with lindegaard’s performance too. It was great to have the legend scholsey back and Valencia, jones and rio weren’t bad either. In general the performance was satisfying but sir alex should have waited a little bit longer before putting in scholes cause we needed nani… We have to admit that shitty surprised us all in the second half and put us all on our nerve.

  15. soren says:

    Great goals from Rooney and Welbeck

  16. Zibbie says:

    Sir Paul welcome home, to the looker room. Huge stabilizing influence for the run to 20!!
    YES GREAT WIN!!!!!!
    Smalling,Rio and Evans back!
    Can Rio and Rooney get their first FA medal?
    I thought Lindy might grab this chance. Come on keepers!!!

  17. Zibbie says:

    Fucking Rooney is huge. He plays big in big games.

  18. Mikekelly12 says:

    Footballs a funny game. If we didn’t have to stop for half time we’d have been 5-0 up after 60 mins. The early city goal dictated the second half to be fair. Made us a lot more cautious. If we’d continued with the same approach play as the first half we’d have cruised it but we were that afraid of giving it away we refused to even shoot or put the ball into the box when we had the chance to. Second goal came from 2 errors, one from Scholes and another from Lindergard. In the Ref, well in my opinion, 2 feet off the floor = out of control = Red! Put Nani’s leg where that ball was and he’s got problems. Free kick for city’s goal was not a free kick as both players had hold of each other. Didn’t see the nani yellow card as the camera was on Beckham but I have NO idea how Danny’s was a yellow and Jones got away with what he did. Valencia should have had a stone wall pen which should have seen kolorov recieve his 2nd yellow. Thought Jones was poor again today but playing in a different position every week can’t help. I thought Aguerro was man of the match today. Anyway, with all that said, we’re in the 4th round and let’s get a home draw against a minnow so we can rest some players.

  19. TheCANTONA says:

    Great goal from Danny boy! Really loves it!

  20. TheCANTONA says:

    Great goal from Danny boy!!

  21. WillieRedNut says:

    FletchTHEMAN – Disagree mate? I know Rooney scored twice, but Danny was immense. My motm. He worked his backside off until he got brought off. Rooney’s header was brilliant though. Sorry, two headers lol. He was quick to react to the penalty being saved. Valencia impressed too.

  22. Dakduivel says:


    Jones wasn’t bad? Thought he was pretty dreadful after the interval… Lot’s of poor passing from him and his bal controll was really bad.

    Glad we managed a win but we can’t overlook the fact that we were absolutely nowhere during the 2nd half. Again it looked like the team thought they were already on their way home. After the first Shitty goal it looked like the team was getting nervous and after the 2nd it kept on getting worse. Lindegaard should have done better with those goals. That Kolarov freekick was well taken, no doubt, but he should’ve never been that far removed from the near post. Because of his position he could’ve never saved it. The 2nd goal speaks for itsself, Auguero shouldn’t have had that rebound..

    The defence looked really shakey during the 2nd half. Didn’t really understood why Nani was subbed, Giggsy couldn’t provide the same level of threat Nani did so it didn’t do our attacking play any good. This was a heavily weakened City side and we should’ve got far more out of this game so that’s a real shame. Nevertheless, a win at the wastelands is always joy! :D

    I’m delighted with Scholesy’s return, the stats really says it all, he’s still the gifted player he always was and I believe he still can and will do a job for us.

  23. Zibbie says:

    Willie, Danny was awesome!!! Plays his ass off. When TC gets back he will be that extra 1, 2 touch guy going forward to get 20!!!! Just 3 points back with all that is. Ya Ya and Kompany gone for the next 4. Getting Smaling back today was big.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Willie. Fair play mate. It would have been Danny for me, but we didn’t make the whole match. I give it to Wayne because he really willed this team to win it. He an Rio and Evra showed real senior leadership for me.
    But like I said, Danny missed out, but only just. He and Valencia were immense.

    Feel Sheikty only got back in it when Danny and Nani came off. Otherwise it really would have been a rout.

    Great line from Twitter.

    Them 1-6 jokes only lasted for 2-3 months #MUFC #City

    Also Roy Keane on ITV really giving those ABU idiots a piece of his mind:
    “You can give City all the credit you like, but they’re out of the cup.”

    ComeOn U REDS! VERY Deserved win. Kolerov should have been off. At least one clear pen denied for us. Should have been 4-1 or even 5 to us. We move on. Champ19ns!

  25. Zibbie says:

    I believe Jones played hurt today. He has played better. He sucked it up and played for the team. His energy never fails, his heart is ever-present. His will is the kind of legends of the past that are talked with reverence and awe.

  26. Zibbie says:

    I love this line.

    I give it to Wayne because he really willed this team to win it.

  27. Costas says:

    The first goal was the type of 1-2 football we were used to back in 98-00. Yorke out to Beckham, he crosses it first time and Yorke scores.

  28. denton davey says:

    FLetchTheMan @ 15:49: “Rio Evra and Smalling were immense.”

    Mr Jones, Rio and Patrice were just-barely OK in defence; Chris Smalling was immense. He might have put his foot wrong oct today – when he was too far away from Aguero allowing him to shoot which led to the second goal. What a fabulous young defender – he’s got to be kept in central defence so that MrJones can be kept in central midfield.

    The decline in Rio Ferdinand’s physicality is alarming – all those back problems have now caught up with him. He tries to compensate by “playing off” his man and that works reasonably well, most of the time, but it’s not a significant long-term solution. He’s hitting the skids.

    For all the talk about “up=grading” or “re=freshing” the central midfield, it seems to me that SAF’s number-one priority has to be finding another quality central defender. There might be five of these guys on the books – CaptainVidic, Jonny Evans, Rio, MrJones and Chris Smalling but only Smalling seems to be a reasonable bet for future play. (By the way, if anyone watched TheVirus yesterday, that French kid, Raphael Varanne, was pretty damned-good. Too bad he had his head turned by Zizou.)

  29. denton davey says:

    WillieRedNut @ 16:39: “Danny was immense. My motm.”

    DannyTheLad has been excellent whenever he’s played – he’s taken the lead-the-line striker’s job away from BOTH Chicharito and Dimmy, and neither of those guys can complain because Welbeck offers more to the team’s play.

    It’s a quibble but Chris Smalling was my man-of-the-match. Like I wrote a couple of minutes ago; he was a rock in a very shaky five-man defensive unit. AND he was probably playing at much less than 100% because SAF needed to get MrJones out of the central defence.

  30. Fred says:

    Costas – I’d call it a typical Rooney-Valenica goal, circa 09-10 season. 8) By the way, you were on the money once again with your prediction for that Greek league game I asked you about. You are the man! Thank so much. :)

  31. Costas says:


    Nice one mate. I had no idea what the score was today. Onto the next one. :D

  32. redbilly says:

    I love in the video of Rooney’s penalty , how the bitters jump for joy in the stands , moments later sitting quietly as he heads in the third. Priceless…

    Well done United, everyone writing us off prior to the game , thats the beauty of football, you never know.


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