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VIDEO: Rooney and Young Goals vs San Marino

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  1. wayne says:

    What a lot of dribble, comparing Pogba to Messi and Pogba’s attitude with Berba and RVN nothing wrong with either of their personalities.Ronnie didn’t play every game when he first arrived was eased into the team just like most other players are and he worked hard to get into the team didn’t fucking whine and complain and wanted out.Then to suggest Sir Alex wanted to get rid so Tom C had no competition is just fucking laughable
    Not sure how anyone can say he was clearly the most talented of the group because he barley played and when he did didn’t show much.At Utd he was a work in progress who felt he was worth a 1st team place and more money without working hard or proving it.He’s already had a suspension with Juve for having a bad attitude and showing up late for training.Believe me if Sir Alex thought this clown was going to reach the heights of any of those players mentioned he’d still be in a Utd shirt simple as that.

  2. wayne says:

    Yeah Park made a big mistake going to that shit hole,should’ve just stayed and retired at Utd

  3. Marq says:

    Comparing Pogba to Ronaldo, Berbatov and RvN is an insult to them.

    I suppose you have not read the news, but Pogba’s agent has already been touting him around again.

    Tell me again that we missed out on massive talent again when he really becomes a world class player. As it is now, he is only a squad player at Juve, scored some goals, and that is it. Don’t believe the media hype just yet

  4. denton davey says:

    Whatever Fergy Wants, Fergy Gets !

    Debt ?

    No money for squad renewal ??

    Gimme a break; just like the past twenty years on the pitch have been glory-filled, now the off-field “commercial revenues” are going to provide the do$h for squad renewal. I reckon that this summer will see three/four new guys – no clue as to who they might be beyond the obvious (Zaha).

  5. Jay says:

    Why didn’t Rafael get called up for the Brazilian games?

  6. drv3011 says:

    was watching the world cup qualifier between south korea and qatar just now.korea scraped through with a 2-1 win.they have a young and dynamic team now but incomparable to park ji sung’s era.that 2004 WC was park and s.korea at their best.definitely isnt the player he was before but he could have been used sparingly in our less significant games in which the important players need to rest.certainly miss watching him play in united colours even though its only been about one year or so.

  7. drv3011 says:

    sorry it was the 2002 WC.silly me. got the years mixed up.

  8. drv3011 says:

    sorry it was the 2002 WC.silly me. got the years mixed up.

  9. TheCANTONA says:

    that was ridiculous post.

  10. Andromeda says:

    The idea of private lets sounds amazing, I mean how many times we were hit by this jet lag issue?despite saving a lot of hours for timing trips, the lads will be psychologically apt more provides the perfect mental atmosphere to recover from the ongoing and hefty international breaks.I have been worry about this since long time, however it seems that we are gradually solving the problem:-)

  11. Andromeda says:

    Sorry, **private jets**typo.

  12. denton davey says:

    Jay @ 14:46: “Why didn’t Rafael get called up for the Brazilian games?”

    Who knows BUT, in my mind, its great news. TheLittleTiger gets time off and increases his determination to prove BigPhil wrong. Besides, right now, the Brazilian team is made up of Neymar and ten others so these friendlies are organized to winnow the suspects and try to make sense of a team with the prospects. Also, Dani Alves is probably a lock for right back.

  13. Daniel88 says:

    Slim was spot on.
    Pretty rich you people saying dont believe the media hype yet that is all you do.
    Fergie desperatly wanted to keep Pogba but did everything except play him

    check out this chatroom, my username is Danielxander

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    England Starting XI:

    Hart; Johnson Lescott Smalling Cole; Gerrard Milner Carrick Welbeck; Rooney Cleverley.

    5 from Manchester United lads!

    Good luck to our lads!

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    WOW the england line-up is basically United plus 6 other players. Hopefully they all perform well. Good luck to all of them and please NO INJURIES.

  16. slim says:


    Really hate it when your turrets kicks in.
    The messi comment was a bit of a stretch i agree, bite me. I was trying to make the point about keeping a hold of our precious talent. I ciuld just as easily say you’re the one spouting dribble. Wasnt the most talented of the group? Are you listening to yourself. Jeez
    Cant deny it. tom not having much competition has given him game time. He’s made use of the opportunity too but you cant deny we’ve literally gagged for a CM player. He was here, our player and let him off. We could have used a “player” like him.

    Yeah whatever mate

  17. King Eric says:

    Pogba’s attitude is spot on? Ha is that a joke? He is a fucking wanker.

  18. slim says:


    I was talking of traits common to people .. We’ve dealt with all sorts of people. Fuck sake we tried to keep ravel. What does that tell you. Cant believe the ass tightning that happens at the notion that we could have missed a bit. Typical if you to scoff at what he’s doing in italy- a few goals you said. Andersonhas scored how many? Hell, toms”only scored a few goals too” and we see the massive improvement in the boy.

  19. Daniel88 says:


    I liked Pogba’s attitude. We are too nice wanting to be friends. A big cocky talented lad in the midfield capable of hammering the ball home from 25 yards is exactly what we need.


  20. slim says:

    No dout you and me’ll butt heads on this one but truth is poga situation wasny anything we couldn’t manage. We’ve had all sorts of players and agents. Maybe in the end SAF didnt want him regardless of talent and or personality. But you’ve watched him. Hype or no he’s got talent and never moaned when he was here. All the noise started when it became likely a deal couldn’t be put in place.
    Its a pity we aren’t the ones nuturing him. He’s a fine player.

  21. wayne says:

    Was trying to be nice but your post is complete and utter bollocks comparing world class footballers to a 20 year old kid who’s done fuck all with a bad attitude
    Yeah I don’t know how good he is ,he barley played I know Danny,Tom C,Jones,Rafael,Smalling all have potential to become top players because they’ve played plently of games so I can pass a judgement.Pogba just didn’t play enough for me to have any opinion
    All I know is if he’d been all that Sir Alex would have done a lot more to keep him

  22. Marq says:


    I don’t know what you have been watching. Mind telling me what traits Pogba have in common with Ronaldo, Berbatov and RvN?

    Yes we tried offered to keep Morrison, but he left didn’t he? The moment RvN threw a fit over not starting, he was off to Madrid. Bottomline is, we don’t keep players that want to leave, so I don’t know what you are talking about

  23. wayne says:

    You write the post under the assumption that Pogba is going to be world class big assumption and based on what?.Your comparison to all those other players are inaccurate and don’t make sense.The suggestion that Sir Alex got rid of Pogba to protect Tom C is just silly . You seem to rate him very highly although he barely kicked a ball for the first team how much do crystal balls cost these days

  24. slim says:

    Marq wayne

    Keep up with the ass clenching.
    And he didnt want to leave. Ravel did. Thats to you maq

    Yeah fergie went under the same assumption when he got together with his agent and family and said come and play for Manchester United.

    For the last time im not comparing players ability its the shit a club has to deal with when courting players who aren’t from Manchester. My “suggestion” i believe i said conspiracy theory. That said i’m sure some kind of playa audit goes on from time to time.

  25. Marq says:


    Ya right, Pogba didn’t want to leave, United offered him a contract, so he must have stayed.

    Oh wait, he didn’t… So he wanted to leave then. Doesn’t sound like rocket science to me

  26. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Pogba was excellent last night in the holding midfield job. Silly sending off although the second yellow was harsh. Good feet, good under pressure, good applying pressure and winning the ball back and fast. He did very well for a 20 year old lad against the world and euro champs. Like I said bad attitude but we’ll fork out a fortune to buy a player with his footballing attributes. Annoys me when we had him ourselves.

  27. DreadedRed says:

    slim reckons that Pogba’s attitude to the game is spot on.

    A couple of hours later, Pogba gets sent off after losing his temper uncontrollably, earning 2 yellow cards in 5 minutes. The only spot on which Pogba’s attitude is likely to land his team on, is their own penalty spot.

    Bad attitude, glad he fucked off. The fact that he has fucked off should end the ceaseless wanking over his talent, but of course it doesn’t. So what if he becomes an excellent player? We shouldn’t expect our ex-players to fail elsewhere. If they had attributes that earned them game time at United, they’re most likely to be pretty good. The fact is however, that he didn’t want to be here. Only those with juvenile dementia hanker after players that do not want us.

  28. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @Dreaded Red – second yellow was harsh. Cantona, keane temper????


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