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VIDEO: Rooney and Young Goals vs Spurs

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Tottenham H. 0 – 3 Manchester U. by Anatolly7

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    xol, Cheers mate. very unlikely that Arsenal pip City for second, but it would be fun to watch it happen!

    Off topic RIP AVB

  2. 68Devils says:

    King Eric

    Great post @ 23.06


    Happy Birthday!

  3. King Eric says:

    Night feed.

    Stateside. Hello mate. Hope you are well. Thanks a lot pal.

    68devils. Cheers mate.

    Willie. Yeah like lambert too. That’s 4 people I like! Ha.

  4. van says:

    loved today’s win guys, 3-1′s indeed a massive result, and one of the toughest period’s of our run-in’s complete. huge huge problem though, in the first half, cos it really spells the game for us, and our first half was inexcusable.

    TBH, everytime i watch our lads play, i think to myself, what would happen if we played shitty instead. Spurs were terribly wasteful,carrick and scholesy were overrun.say we faced milner silva and yaya toure, instead of livermore and sandro. we would have been run inside out, carrick and scholes TBH cant stand against the high pressure and willy fox of silva and milner already. we really have to shape duncan edwards jr as our B2B midfielder, as agreed with the rest. as for carrick, i’ll be honest once and for all. under pressure, SOMETIMES he’s only looking to pass away responsibilty, seen him leave nani in tight spots countless times in the first half. Thank God for scholesy honestly, without him to take carrick’s passes, we would have been long gone. Bastard gets out of tight spots better than houdini.nani wants to be ronaldo? ronaldo took defenders on time and time again. (look at Tony V).
    Young was much better i felt, crossing’s beautiful, converts his few chances. HOWEVER, At this rate, we would have found ourselves overrun in the first half with no way back against shitty in a few weeks.

    I’m not gna take anything away from the win,3-1 at WHL is fantastic, but it doesnt warrant the return of our cockiness yet. we’ve really gotta up our CM game, maybe cleverley could do sth, i dont know. but i’m really worried, even at 2-0 up we look shaky. CMON, FOR NUMBER 20 UNITED

  5. van says:

    btw wazza God bless him btw couldnt ask for me really.

  6. van says:

    more* sry!

  7. King Eric says:

    Just watching chelsea fans being interviewed outside the bridge about the sacking. “Not big enough for Chelsea“. “Chelsea are too big a club for avb we should be winning European cups“. All stood there in their fucking flat caps and barbour jackets. Cunts. Chelsea are a small club yet these cunts are so arrogant. A joke of a club.

  8. King Eric says:

    Van. Milner? Do me a favour mate. We played city not too long ago and should have put them out of sight at three nil. At their ground. We are focusing too much on those cunts. Just let’s win OUR games and they will slip up.

  9. van says:

    thats what im banking on King Eric(; But as of now, opponents are playing them with the fear WE used to instill in them. but the pressure we’re heaping on those inexperienced noveau riche bastards will crack em eh

  10. King Eric says:

    Van. Aside from today Carrick has been one of our best players. I thought Scholes was poor yesterday to be honest as were most of the front six in the first half. Uncharacteristically giving the ball away. One poor game and already the knives are out for Carrick. As many have said in big games that pairing doesn’t work. Look at the difference when a fresh Giggs came on.

  11. van says:

    yeah but i guess carrick’s a separate debate altogether. admittedly (like you said) the knives are out and raring the moment he doesnt play well. nature of his game: play well and he gets a ”not too shabby”, play badly and he gets a ”THIS GUY’S SHITE”. A very subtle underrated game but when he frustrates, he really does frustrate. (btw im new to this site and plan to take up residence here incase you’re wondering where this kid popped out from, though ive been stalking this blog for a year )

  12. Zibbie says:

    Hello RoM 3 fucking huge points.
    Point 1 Man Utd is fucking good.
    Point 2 Rooney is awesome.
    Point 3 Going for 20!!!!!!

  13. Zibbie says:

    Thanks for the mention guys. Right after the game my lady showed up and sweep me away!
    Just got back read some. BBL

  14. King Eric says:

    Van. Welcome to the site pal.

    Zibbie. Ha. Knew you would pop up at some point mate.

    Back to bed. Goodnight.

  15. soren says:

    68 Devils- Thank you very much. Take care.
    Cedars- Double celebration. Where are the Mariachi?
    Wonderful Young’s goals, especially the last.
    Next Athletic!!!

  16. Jeet says:

    Bloody delighted. Big smiles from Le Arse fans at the office. Telling them that they need to return us the favour, the has-been pansies.

    I’d be the first person to say that we didnt play well in the first half, but what a result! Great mentality, and the defence with DDG/Rio/Evans was fucking rock solid. Not a big fan of Ashley Young (it’s just me, I don’t like the shape of his head), but have to say that he seems to be the biggest goal threat amongst all our wingers. Clinical finisher, though not the most skilful, nor the most direct. The moment that space opened up in front of him, I knew it was going in.

    To the ABU cunts who keep moaning about our “luck”, I’d like to remind them of a little something. A few weeks ago, we were at the Bridge. We were the better team but found ourselves down by a goal at the break. 3 down at the hour mark. Well, guess what we did from there on?
    A. Moan about the home luck of our oppononents and claim the Moral Victory
    B. Curl up and die
    C. Come storming back 3-3, and put the fear of God in our opponents, so much so, that the home supporters started leaving 5 minutes before time.

    Yeah, right. So if Spuds are really title contenders, well let them show a bit of spunk and come back and do one on their own fucking backyard. Arrogant cunts dont realize that when United keep doing it for years and decades, it CANNOT be coincidence, or luck. Long may it continue.

  17. 68Devils says:


    Good one. I guess the ABU’s and even some among us wiil never learn that when the world says ‘give up’ Manchester United whispers ‘try it one more time’.


    Your most welcome. Have a great life.

  18. lordrt says:

    A very good win and the third one was a real beauty, unfortunately could not keep a cleansheet at the end of the day, but the lads are in the right spirit, and if they continue so, will be a matter of games before we eventually take the lead on the bitters and go for no. 20

  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good morning Red devils around the world,

    What a game by Younginho :)

    and oh god, how well, fast and ready made Jonesy has settled into our team?

    Who was the last 19 years old who settled so fast at OT? Not even Ronaldo

  20. Zibbie says:

    Evans has been big this year with Vida going down as early as he did and then for the whole year.

    Let all the wana be’s make excuses for being good and not great. Injuries are a perfect example some one came up with games missed stats by clubs and Man Utd was number 1 in that category as well hehe.

    DDG looking good lad.

    The run in begins and just 2 points back, MMMMUUUUHHHAHHHAHHHAHHHAHHHAAAHHHAMMMUUUHAHA

    Date Time Home Away Venue Competition
    Mar 11 10:00 ET Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion Old Trafford Premier League
    Mar 18 9:30 ET Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United Molineux Stadium Premier League
    Mar 26 3:00 ET Manchester United v Fulham Old Trafford Premier League
    Apr 2 3:00 ET Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United Ewood Park Premier League
    Apr 8 8:30 ET Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers Old Trafford Premier League
    Apr 11 2:45 ET Wigan Athletic v Manchester United DW Stadium Premier League
    Apr 15 11:00 ET Manchester United v Aston Villa Old Trafford Premier League
    Apr 22 7:30 ET Manchester United v Everton Old Trafford Premier League
    Apr 30 3:00 ET Manchester City v Manchester United Etihad Stadium Premier League
    May 5 10:00 ET Manchester United v Swansea City Old Trafford Premier League
    May 13 10:00 ET Sunderland v Manchester United Stadium of Light Premier League

  21. Zibbie says:

    1878 and Jeet and all my Indian friends hello and goodnight from this side of the world.

  22. nirvanutdketki says:

    This is how the title run-in gonna pan out……..

    04/04 TOT(A) 03/03 BOLTON(H) 64 66
    10/10 WBA(H) 10/10 SWANS(A) 67 67
    18/03 WOLVES(A) 19/03 CHELSEA(H) 70 70
    26/03 FULHAM(H) 24/03 STOKE(A) 73 71
    02/04 B’BURN(A) 31/03 SUN’LAND(H) 74 74
    08/04 QPR(H) 08/04 ARSENAL (A) 77 74
    11/04 WIGAN(A) 11/04 WBA(H) 80 77
    15/04 VILLA(H) 14/04 NORWICH(A) 83 78
    22/04 EVERTON(H) 22/04 WOLVES(A) 86 81
    05/05 SWANSEA(H) 05/05 NEWCASTLE(A) 89 85
    13/05 SUND’LAND(A) 13/05 QPR(H) 92 88

  23. Zibbie says:

    Jonesy I agree and was thinking the same thing. He has to play some where he is to good. I miss Rafa playing. But Jones is to good to keep off the field.

  24. Zibbie says:

    nirvanutdketki Nice to see it play out with 20!!!!!

  25. Marq says:

    Well, everyone is saying the only real test we have with our remaining games is the game against City. We did lose against Blackburn very badly, so let’s just take things 1 at a time.

    On a side note, yes we did win the game today, but I hope we don’t play this formation against City. The number of times the area just in front of our defence being left empty was scary. Silva will eat us alive if we give him so much space.

  26. bounce says:

    im realy starting to get worried about berba. He seems to be fading more and more out of the team. He now plays mostly in cup games and usualy SAF doesn’t play our best eleven in those games,then when things goes sour he gets stick,like the ajax game.I love the guy,he realy is a calming influence on the game,but he has certainly lost the faith of the big boss.Maybe its best if we let the big fella go.Atleast he’ll be playing regular footy,that said,it’ll be a very sad goodbye from me

  27. Clinton says:

    City’s Coming games till end of season

    Swansea (A)
    Chelsea (H)
    Stoke (A)
    Sunderland (H)
    Arsenal (A)
    West Brom (H)
    Norwich (A)
    Wolves (A)
    Champions (H)
    Newcastle (A)
    QPR (H)

  28. Jeet says:

    All Indian Reds, don’t you relish the prospect of watching United on Holi? Goals going in like bullets – Bhang Bhang :lol:

  29. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning all you RED nutters

    Just finished watching highlights of our match as I always tend to do the following day regardless of the result. I get a better reflection on things. Yes we were out played for 60 minutes or so but take nothing away from the result, massive massive 3 points. Evans was superb, so bloody compused.

    Post match analysis by Shearer and Dixon was mainly on the handball goal and no mention about the great finish by Young! Like King Eric mentioned as did I earlier the bitters will now feel the heat and must be pissing themselves….. Here is a link to the highlights in case anyone is interested

  30. Sandeep1878 says:


    Good night pal..

    At Jeet,

    I would certainly relish :)

    Bhang bhang Dhabaang :P

  31. Dazbomber says:

    CedarsDevil- Good morning I lost the plot a bit yesterday people moaning about the way we played.The result was all that mattered , in years past we played some shit games and won some people don’t see the bigger picture

  32. MG says:

    Breaking news:

    Jamie Redknapp interview

    Well then Jamie how is your dad feeling since yesterday?

    Well Jeff he’s not good you know still lost for words.

    Oh dear Jamie, can you tell us about what happened to Spurs yesterday

    Well Jeff I’m lost for words what can I say

    Say something Jamie

    I am honestly Jeff lost for words.

    Well this is Jeff with the breaking news that both Redknapps are both lost for words after Manchester United put Spurs to the sword in the 3-1 thrashing

    Fuck off Jeff you bastard!

    I beg your pardon Jamie?


    Good morning Manchester United


  33. CedarsDevil says:


    Morning mate…. Its funny shit.. Like King Eric mentioned there were folk phoning or emailing MUTV and saying it was a bad win, even had a couple on here saying they were worried after yesterday!


    Grinding out results is what makes champions, some are just spoiled prats

  34. Jeet says:

    @cedars: what a lot of folk got to realize as well, is that the way you play is not independent of your opponent’s style. Spuds know only one way – come tearing out like bats outta hell. It’s always going to be “not so easy” against them. The right thing to do with them is to soak up the pressure, keep the focus and fuck them on the counter. I was worried in the first half as we kept giving away possession, but when I saw them raise their attacking tempo in the second half, I told my wife there’s another one waiting for us to get. And, can someone pls give some stats? From what I saw, they pressed, harried and battled out possession – and then did the square root of sweet fuckall with it :lol:

  35. Humanoid says:

    Brilliant 2nd goal from Ashley Young. And on the day of the match, I had to hear crap from Spuds fans how our midfield and some of our new signings – they specifically pointed out Young – weren’t good enough to play for United. That 2nd goal was pure fucking class, shut up the scum pretty well.

  36. King Eric says:

    Jeet – Spot on mate at 4.36 . Great Post.

  37. WillieRedNut says:

    Young isn’t good enough for United? Yet Martin Taylor said Redknapp had agreed a deal with Young the season before United signed him! After those 2 goals, I think he has a future at United. He had a difficult spell, along with a few players to be fair. Watch him hit a good vain of form now. Still like to see him in a more central area of the pitch. It’s a harder for opposition players to mark him.

  38. Jeet says:

    @Willie Jagger: Is your love in “vain”? :)

    Disagree about Young in a central role though…

  39. Jeet says:

    …ohh maybe a 4-3-3 with Rooney, Nani and Young – all in form and interchanging positions (backed by Carrick, Scoles and Cleverly)? That would be some crazy nightmare for defenders :)

  40. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Jeet, Nah, I think you need at least one person in there who can play it dirty. I think in the future, our best lineup is going to be something similar to what you said but with the mid-field being Cleverley, Carrick and Jones/Tunnicliffe/Pogba. I think any of those three could be a great B2B mid-fielder for us and all of them have a future with us, unless the latter of the three chooses to change his mind.

  41. denton davey says:

    bounce @ 7:46: “m realy starting to get worried about berba. He seems to be fading more and more out of the team.”

    I’m really worried about LittleMIkey – he never plays, he’s never fit, and he only takes home thirty thousand quid per week AND the poor guy has no guarantee that he’ll be kept on next year.

  42. redbilly says:

    Apparently, the secretary responsible for typing up the rent boys managers contracts/termination letters is on the sick with repetitive strain syndrome.

  43. Zibbie says:

    hahaha Jeet.

    Not a big fan of Ashley Young (it’s just me, I don’t like the shape of his head),
    Me to, and he has no shoulders.

    At the start of the year when Man Utd hit the ground running, Young floated in the middle with Rooney, Nani, Dan W., Tom C and Andy all interchanging positions.

    I was not a big fan of Young when he signed, not against it as well. As it is his 1st year at the worlds largest sporting club there are up’s and downs. He is on a UP right now.

    SAF played like an Italian club, he absorbed the Spurs for 60 mins then went for the win.

  44. Redbilly says:

    King Eric- I live in London and I must say the acreage Chelsea fan is a loud mouthed big headed cunt. Know a few decent ones but they are , on the whole arrogant . Like shitty a mediocre club prior to major investment . Like shitty the investment came as the club was fucking nowhere and therefor a reasonable buy. Like city, no long standing history of success. Your on top form today . Made me chuckle . By the way fuck chelski . Font deserve a decent manager .

  45. StatesideAussie says:

    Denton … I thought Owen was an a pay-per-play deal, and therefore has been taking home nothing?

  46. Jekey says:

    I like rooney


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