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VIDEO: Rooney and Young Goals vs West Brom

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  1. smartalex says:

    bayobuya – well done for not rising to the obvious bait! His incessant attacks on Berbatov prove only that he is not able to discuss the issue.

  2. fergie is the boss says:

    denton davey – I do prefure berbatov over welbeck, but I do think some fans do tend to overrate berbatov’s quality to the team over the 4 years he has been here. He is a good player, but overall he has not been a great signing, but he did have a good season last year so he still will play a huge role in united’s quest for title no20

  3. fergie is the boss says:

    durham really is going beyond losing the plot now

    City’s performance last night was better then Barcalona!
    -Best performance he’s ever seen in the Premiership!
    -United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are all scared.
    -It was ONLY the community shield!

    The funny thing is, swansea had better possession at times than shitty. King Eric may have his 16th heart attack listing to this clown

  4. denton davey says:

    SmartAlex @ 17:07: “well done for not rising to the obvious bait! His incessant attacks on Berbatov prove only that he is not able to discuss the issue.”

    I asked questions about the relative performances based on the evidence of Sunday’s match – it was not “obvious bait” and my “attacks on Berbatov” was not part of some “incessant” neurosis but, rather, in response to the kind of non-analysis of evidence that was – errr ! – evident in BAYOBUYA’s statement.

    In his reply – @ 16:09 – BAYOBUYA said that he “rated” Berbatov more highly than Welbeck which seems to me to be a step-down from his earlier statement 9:18.

    I’m not too bothered about personal preferences that differ from mine but I do think that there is a burden-of-proof that should be addressed when making those personal preferences equate with evidence that clearly contradicts them.

    What you might find “incessant” – perhaps even neurotic – has been my unwillingness to let go of the counter-argument which I have advanced against those who profess BerbaLove. I really don’t know why I bother to do so because BerbaLove seems impervious to empirical evidence.

  5. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    Thank you for your sensible reply. I guess it’s true that many or most Berbatov lovers are automatically on the defensive when any comment appears to be targeting the Bulgarian. I think that goes more towards showing that he has been grossly over-criticised, than proving some strange contra-indication of such love.

    Discussions on forums such as RoM are easily led astray by the changes in tack that typify a multitude of contributors with vastly differing views and a range of personalities.

    We need to find a way to discuss the issue of Berbatov without emotions ruling our thought process, and where the thread can be broken down into salient aspects that can be argued and then agreed. So often I am lost trying to pay due attention to comments that refer to numerous facts not clearly in evidence.

    Perhaps we can start by agreeing that both sides show more concern towards ‘winning’ points than reaching fair conclusions. I would suggest that we shorten our comments in this regard, limiting them where possible to concise aspects of the debate that we may reach consensus slowly, but surely.

    Once a fair quantity of agreed basics have been reached, we can then expand the debate.

  6. denton davey says:

    SmartAlex @ 22:39:

    I’m in complete agreement with your comments about “emotions ruling our thought process”; that’s why I’ve tried – maybe not always successfully – to substantiate my comments/scepticism/criticism with evidence drawn from the games that have been played (and, in my case, televised since I live in Toronto and am not able to watch matches first-hand at OT or Carrington or elsewhere).

    I’ve often speculated on other, related matters but I’ve tried to be clear that these speculations are just that – guesses. I have no inside information – nor do I claim to have had any – but I think it’s worthwhile to throw out conjectures if they’re relevant to the issue under discussion. But, of course, that’s just hot air.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure that we can reach any sort of unanimity on “agreed basics” since personal preferences come into it. And, without a doubt, a lot of our opinions are based on sentiment – and sentiment isn’t the best gauge of “what have you done for me lately ?” which is a key component of the way that professional managers look at the evidence. We’re all on the outside, looking in with lousy optics. So, in the end of it, personal preferences are bound to intrude in this kind of discussion.

    I look forward to crossing-swords with you, KingEric, StateSideAussie, WillieRedNut and some of the others from whom I have learned a lot, even while disagreeing with some of what they have to say. For me, the joy and the pleasure of ROM is the opportunity to discuss matters of neurotic fascination with a community of guys who share my neuroses.

  7. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    We have already progressed. Even if we don’t see eye to eye, at least the gouging stopped!
    Debating and discussing issues that mean so much in our relatively trivial lives is one of the
    main reasons we are here on RoM. We learn, and our love and understanding of United and
    each other grows.

    To our 20th league title we journey together, United.

  8. bayobuya says:

    Im a fan so, Im allowed to be sentimental. So rating Berbartov highly may be biased by me worshiping him in certain unforgetable performances like his Liverpool hatrick. However you would have realised that I refused to criticise Danny. Beleiving Berba could have done better in a certain match does not imply I mean Danny didnt turn up. However I’m not gifted in the advanced technical analysis of football matches to be able to slug it out with Denton so I express my opinions on ROM and if those who are gifted in analysis correct me I learn bt then I will continue expressing myself on ROM coz I’m red.

  9. denton davey says:

    BayoBuya @ 8:59: ” I’m not gifted in the advanced technical analysis of football matches to be able to slug it out with Denton so I express my opinions on ROM”

    Wowser – that’s the first time anyone has suggested that I am “gifted in the advanced technical analysis of football matches”.

    I’ve always thought that I, too, have “opinions” but not much more than that. I’m delighted to share my “opinions” with you and to accept the banter that comes back my way from someone with different “opinions”.

    Really, that’s what ROM should be all about because not one of us has any insider-information and if we really had “advanced technical analysis” then we’d be posting somewhere else and getting paid for it – errrr, considering what gets “posted somewhere else” that might not be true !

  10. คาสิโน says:

    Not trying to find faults with young Danny, I just rate Dimmy above him as the third striker (after Chicarito & Rooney) wont go into why Berba should be playing coz there have been enough arguments and all has been said.

  11. ผลบอล says:

    @Cedars Am I glad you are not SAF lol!!! Ando centerback with Evra goalie LMAO!

  12. young453 says:

    ronny and young two of my fav players

  13. หวยออนไลน์ says:

    Can see Young getting us many penalties with those surging runs into the opposition box. In fact Brunt almost gave one away on Sunday.


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