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VIDEO: Rooney angry ITV interview

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. dan145 says:

    I can’t believe this interview was hardly referred to in the press, all about ‘me,me,me’, no mention of the club. Should it be such a surprise that a reporter would say ‘ you happy here Wayne?’…perfect opportunity for him to say ‘yeah, love it here, the summer was all media rumours’…he’s gutted the club never sanctioned the Chelsea move. Basically now doing ‘a job’..guess that’s the sad state of modern football. January transfer window here we come….

  2. Hans says:

    It was obvious that the ITV man had an agenda, but still Rooney missed an opportunity to start genuinely mending his relationship with us.

    What he really said was that he is here because he has to be otherwise would fuck off asap!!!!!

  3. DreadedRed says:

    It is obvious that Hans has an agenda, but still he missed an opportunity to start genuinely mending his relationship with us.

    What Hans really said was that he is here because he has to be otherwise would fuck off asap!

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Thought Rooney did his level best to stay positive. Thanking the fans was a very nice start as they were largely brilliant to him, including a standing ovation when he came off.

    ITV can push off for their interview. Rooney was not going to be denied his lovely outing.

    200 goals, WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT! Hope we have a blog on that. Sure there were be many opinions.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    *** would be many opinions ***

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rooney: “To score 200 goals at a club like Manchester United is an achievement for me”
    ITV: “More to come?”
    Rooney: “I hope so”

  7. King Eric says:

    Not siding with Rooney but as someone pointed out last night, if he’d said it was all bollocks people would say he’s a cunt for implying Fergie lied. He did best thing saying fuck all.

  8. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Rooney was uncomfortable with the quesitons because I think he knows his relationship with the fans is fragile and I think thats why he didn’t delcare undying love for United as it just wouldn’t have washed. He’s fallen out of love with United and for him United is a job not a passion but at least he’s back firing on all cylinders.

  9. AlphaRS says:

    No use saying the reporter has an agenda. Nothing wrong with him asking Roo the hard questions we all want the answers to. He could have turned it around on the reporter and tried to rebuild his relationship with the fans who have been great with him and supported him throughout.

  10. FusilliJerry says:

    Stretford hasn’t forgotten losing the spin war to Ferguson in 2010 and has clearly instructed his client not to say anything this time. There’s also the contract question: a year ago Ronaldo said he was “sad” and his club ultimately responded with a massive salary hike.

    Rooney has been told for some time now that he’d likely have to take a pay-cut with the next contract – but the reality is he may well still take his goals to Chelsea if United don’t pay him what he could command elsewhere AND sign the players needed to remain competitive in Europe as well as England. Some may view that as disloyalty and ask why can’t we field eleven players from Salford who’ll never think of leaving no matter what; the rest of us live in the real world.

  11. Costas says:

    You can tell when someone’s trying to stir up shit.

  12. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Poor choice of misdirection from Rooney. Obviously awkward response to a fairly benign question.

    Agree with dan145 – January window is just around the corner.

  13. Rayel says:

    I don’t know why but i cant see Rooney playing for us next season..If he really goes who should we look after to replace him ? we have kagawa but a second choice is always great.

  14. remi moses says:

    Plain to see he doesn’t reeeaaaallly want to be at ManUtd, but he has to crack on, seems like he is bigger than the Club, his behaviour “twice” now is unacceptable, but it’s been accepted by THE MIGHTY Manchester United.

  15. remi moses says:

    Rooney should leave

  16. lecho says:

    “I’m concentrating on football and working hard” – fair enough for me.

  17. DiegoForlanDK says:

    Let’s not overcomplicate things here. He obviously preferred leaving us this summer, and he probably will next summer. He’s carrying on being a United player, which has very much become less of a passion and enjoyment than a regular job. We, the club, and SAF, wants him to stay during the first season with Moyes leading the club. Why? To ease the transition is my best guess why we’re keeping him. As a club, we’re no strangers to cutting loose star players. We’ve done it time and again. But this time, the club is in a fragile position regarding the future. So in the best interest of club, we’re keeping Wayne, for now.

    What I regret the most is, that a player who has scored 200 goals for us, and who definitely has his place in our history books, have become so alienated from the club and the fans. What all of us would have loved was for him to love playing for United and being a real fans favorite. It’s weird feeling having a club icon like Rooney, who in reality would rather be somewhere else…

  18. Howie says:

    Yeap, he definitely is still thinking of leaving. I like the fact that he’s scoring goals and performing well. It ensures that the club will get a good payout next summer and even attract foreign clubs too.

    Seeing that interview and how he acts on the field, I have a feeling that he’s a bit pissed off that he wasn’t allowed to leave. I might be wrong, but there seems to be a reluctance from Rooney to admit that he did want to go last summer. Is there a clause in his contract about this ? or is he just afraid of the fan backlash ?

    The club would want to sell Rooney but not to an EPL club. I would rather the club sell him for a cut price to Spain or Germany rather than see him at another EPL team.

  19. Rosser says:

    He’s a c**t.

    All about me, me, me.

    Fergie said he wanted to leave. Rooney didn’t seem to deny it (no matter what that t**t, big Pete, says).

    Even Mourinho said he had to finish what he started, implying that he was the one that said he wanted to leave so he has to push this transfer thru.

    I reckon he had a go at Fergie, last year, and in an argument between the 2 he said he wanted to go – like a little child. Fergie most probably said “Right then, you’re not doing this to me twice”, then told the press and hung him out to dry.

    I have no problem with that and admire Fergie for not giving in to him.

    Rooney scored 12 or 13 league goals and RVP got double that, and as poor Wayne wasn’t the main man anymore, rather than knuckle down and fight for his place, he threw his toys out of the pram.

    He’s shit on us twice now.

    There are some fans out there that seem to forget what he did a few years ago.

    I’ll cheer when he scores for us but as for the man himself, i agree with Scott – he’s a prick!

  20. Saad says:

    They call THAT an angry interview???

  21. Harty67 says:

    I can see another Ronaldo situation in play here, meaning he gives us the old “one more year” then is free to leave. Maybe I’m over analysing things but why did Chelsea only give Et’o a one year contract? You would expect something longer even for an older player such as him. Is it because they know that come summer Rooney will definitely be able to eventually join them?
    It’s a shame that its happening like this and how he’s tarnished his name amongst the fans. Watching all his 200 goals on MUTV reminded me what a great player he’s been and still is.

  22. Markowire says:

    Rooney wasn’t aloud to talk about the situation and it was clear. Stretford is in control. Hes trying to get Wayne that last super bumper contract for 5 years then Rooney will see Stretford moving onto his next victim as there wont be much money in Rooney there after. Stretford isn’t bothered if its United, Chelsea or Blackburn Rovers just as long as he gets his cut but I think Rooney is happy here. United should offer him the contract and have done with it and put all this crap to bed.

  23. Rosser says:

    @ Markowire

    Rooney wasn’t allowed talk about the situation?? How do we know that?

    He said the last time that it was a huge mistake the way he made his outburst about the club lacking ambition. He apologised then.

    He can’t do that this time cos people won’t accept that, and he and his agent know it.

    Listen, we’re not talking about a young lad here. Rooney is old enough to be able to make his own decisions. He’s his own man, as he showed in the above interview.

    I don’t accept this bullshit that all of the blame is with Stretford. He’s a lad in his late 20s and he wants out of Utd cos he’s not the main man anymore. Simple as that. Only the club said no, you’ll have to wait til next year.

    He’s clearly not happy at Utd or else he would have said that. He didn’t. He said he was happy with his football, scoring goals, playing etc. Never mentioned Utd.

    It will all come out in Fergie’s book. Fergie won’t say anything bad about Rooney, cos he’s still at the club, but he will say that he asked to leave. He might not have done it formerly, as in handing in an official transfer request, but i do believe he said he wanted to leave to the manager.

    It’s amazing how some fans still think the sun shines out of this guy’s a**hole, even after what he’s said and done. Unbelievable!

    You could maybe accept this from a foreign player but it’s very very disappointing coming from a home grown player.

    Whatever happened to his “i want to stay here for the rest of my career” line???


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