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VIDEO: Rooney, Berbatov Owen and Nani’s Goals Against Wigan

Manchester United put five goals past Wigan this afternoon, one more than their usual, to move up to third in the league. Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen and Nani were all on the scoresheet to give the perfect response to the media who have been writing us off after just two games.

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  1. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    And what happens when Rooney, Berbatov develops into the most feared striking partnership in the PL? Berbatov aint no slouch, he will score the goals and critics will eat their words.

  2. Corea says:

    Poor poor West Ham.
    First Ashton and now Davenport. They are only 26 both..

  3. TonyBee says:

    th14….. has been put to bed …the nurse in the nuthouse looneybin said he had to go to bed as he was being naughty on the intynet so he gave him some chill pills to make him sensible again…..
    some fucking hopes the dopey prick

  4. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Dimitar Berbatov is King

    keep things into perspective like the burnley game when critics and fans like me having a go at the team, do not go OTT wait and see if this kind of attacking form continues. still not sure berbatov and rooney are a right mix

  5. sanj says:

    manutdchampions2008 Said,July 27th, 2009 @21:21
    gotta hate tiny tears no I don’t rate berbatov because he is not that good. He is not in the bracket of the top 20 of the best players around, let alone the top 10. There are certain players that fit into a united system and berbatov is not one of them. ronaldo hated playing alongside berbatov because he never made the runs ronaldo liked so he could run into space. Rooney I doubt likes it because he has to do half the work berbatov does because he is so damn LAZY and he plays where Rooney loves to play second striker, like how ronaldo was suffering from berbatovs lake of dynamic threat he does not pull players out of position so Rooney can get through also. berbatov is a defenders dream because he is not like a Rooney Torres drogba who will give defenders a hard time.

    manutdchampions2008 Said,August 23rd, 2009 @1:05
    Dazjoe thats a load of tosh we created about 8 to 9 chances and scored 5 goals.
    King Eric
    I agree with you it annoys me when people keep using that word lazy its not lazy for science sake. its driving runs thrust in berbatovs game and getting in behind defences and being an attacking threat thats what I want from him, anyone who calls berbatov lazy need 2 get a brain surgery. I do not care anymore what p s morgan has to say. p s morgan stands for poor shit morgan. he feels high and mighty that arsenal are winning talk about their flaws he should.
    King Eric
    something else has been annoying me if you have gone on redrants a certain grognard really has pissed me off does he now anything about football. because his level of IQ of football is really bad he has propably has the worst knoledge of the game I hae ever seen.
    let me know how your brain surgery goes. best of luck, manutdhypocrite2009.

  6. King Eric says:

    Sanj – Ha Ha . How is he gonna get out of this one?

  7. sanj says:

    King Eric- not sure, mate. doesn’t matter, just further proof that he will slag berbatov when united is playing poorly, but praise him when they are doing well- the worst type of supporter in my opinion. berba is constantly a scapegoat for united’s wastefulness in front of goal, when rooney sometimes is just as profligate in front of net… but no one will say a bad word about rooney- it’s always berba’s fault.


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