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VIDEO: Rooney celebration for Vidic’s goal

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. maxbrown3268 says:

    Brilliant.hope we r able to sneak a gol in munich !!

  2. Fletch™ says:

    Love the reaction. Excellent delivery from Wayne, But take nothing away from Vidic who still had loads to do to get it on target.

    Still a mountain to climb in Munich.
    Would be the first team in 11 attempts to overcome an away goal to Bayern. Why not us, says I!


  3. Fletch™ says:

    Vidic’s 1st goal in champions league since Internazionale in 2009!!!!! Big game goal.

  4. m09538061 says:

    And ‘rat muncher’ Joey Barton doesn’t think Rooneys
    World Class.He should try comparing Medals with
    Rooney…Attention seeking prick!

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Are people still listening to Joey Barton? The idiot that says he could have been England Captain? Anyone who takes Barton seriously needs to reassess their priorities.

  6. Tommy says:

    Good goal celebration, lets hope they is more of those to come in Munich although they are still favourites but we have a chance, In other news I am personally delighted my other team the Salford Red devills won at Hull tonight in rugbly leagues challenge cup in extra time, coming back from 10 points down twice to win it 37 36 well buzzing,

  7. Fletch™ says:

    Why anyone listens to Joey Barton? This is england people, look at the government!

    In far better news loads are thinking Adnan Januzaj is top class.

    Gazzetta dello Sport pipping him as THE top U20 year old in world football!

    Get in Adnan!

  8. Fletch™ says:

    Speaking of Contracts. Only 87 days until 4 legends could be off!

    Giggs 13 EPL, 2 CL 962 games
    Ferdinand 6 EPL 1 CL 452 games
    Vidic 5 EPL 1 CL 295 games
    Evra 5 EPL 1 CL 374 games

    Contracts to expire June 30 2014

    Anyone know how bad Buttner’s injury is?

  9. Fletch™ says:

    We’re Manchester United! We’ll Make our own D*mn League:

    Manchester United to seek FA permission for series of friendlies across the globe Manchester United will be forced to seek permission from the Football Association to play lucrative friendlies across the globe next season if David Moyes’s team fail to secure European qualification during the final weeks of this campaign

  10. farthestofhans says:

    For me, world class players should have excellent first touches and Rooney, really, really doesn’t.

  11. wayne barker says:

    Read that link you posted about Giggs Fletch,honestly mate I find it hard to believe,if it came out Moyes had forced Giggs out would be the death of him.Moyes would have to be really fucking stupid to pull off that stunt and I haven’t seen anyone else reporting on it.I’m calling bollocks on that one

  12. OpikBidin says:

    Regarding Giggs, this post from redcafe sums up my thoughts :

    I may understand Moyes reluctance to keep him as a player. Rebuilding will cost us alot in terms of money (fees and salaries) and the gaffer may think that keeping a player who can give 1 game every 3 games is not value. However political wise, Moyes is digging his own grave. He’s under intense pressure and the last thing he needs is a legend like Giggs attacking him in the media. A meanless youth coaching role would have kept him quiet.

    Moyes is in a political war right now, I suspect Giggs, Rooney, RVP, Rio, Vidic and Carrick are the ones that are fighting with him regarding their position. Maybe other players too.

    Moyes isn’t stupid to just phase them out immediately and make his own brand of football and control. But it makes our season like this. By phasing them out I don’t mean kicking them out from the club, but to change their position and way of playing under SAF.

    I’ve always maintaned the stance that there’s something fishy going if something that is proven to not work is always used. And then came: Giggs article, RVP “zone”, Carrick and Rooney who didn’t want to listen to Moyes at the field.

    I’m with Moyes on this. If he thinks those players are dentrimental to the club, and he wants his philosophy to be implemented, and the only way is to kick out those players or changing their role, he should do it. There is no time to be a coward and buckling to the majority of what fans, media and players think.

    For the pressure, I remember Moyes let RVP on the field until RVP is injured because he is afraid of the reaction if he subbed RVP. CMIIW, it was the newcastle game

  13. ashtheking says:


    Regarding giggs, I feel he must have a say in the dressing room. Look At the way he always gets selected in big champions league and this is not just under Moyes but also when sir Alex was in charge. I honestly feel the squad we have is made for sir Alex. I think like Degeawetrust said that for moyes to be successful he should be allowed to build his own squad. People called moyes stupid but the way he chased fabregas was good to see. Sir Alex never did that. Moyes came and knew that we needed midfielders. He should have made certain targets but honestly his first transfer market stint was a failure and I blame the board for that. Both Woodward and moyes were me so they struggled.

    I can bet if this squad was really that good ( at the level of barca or bayern) then for sure sir Alex would have sacked moyes by now. Deep inside even he ( sir Alex) knows that this squad needs building and mol a person who will stay for long will do that. Look at Jose this season, he wants his own player and so far he has also not looked that comfortable. Every manager needs that.

  14. evered7 says:


    Moyes has been very professional in his comments about transfer dealings compared to Jose who can’t leave a week go by without talking shit about his strikers.

  15. Fletch™ says:

    Wayne Barker Cheers mate, Don’t believe it for a moment, but rumors of a bust up have been circulating for 2 weeks and this one actually seems to suggest inside info that some of the other articles have lacked.

    We will see soon enough. But the back story is that there is a power struggle.
    My hunch is that it’s all BS and we will be treated to more from Moyes.

    All the top candidates for a change are well occupied so a change with enough time to build seems unlikely.

  16. Tommy says:


    Its either going to be buillshit, or their is the possibility that players are trying to be mischievious and leaking info to the press, which does kind of make sense since the reports of him losing the dressing room keep appearing in our papers, I still go towatrds the bullshit side tho

    I dont consider Lallana as a no10, I think he can play anywhere accross the middle or outwide and scores a bagful of goals, he would scorfe even more at United, whilst not a priority, I think we should try and sign him this summer, He will be desporate to come to United, he knows the league already, helps with UEFAs quote of english players, I cant really think of a reason not to sign him to be honest, maybe his price could be high but thats because theirs always a prenium for English players, £50million for Lallana and Show should do it, even through in Young for free

  17. Gazzer says:

    I like Lalana too. I think we need to be generous in offering Young, Cleverly, Nani, Smalling as counterweights to players like Lalana and Shaw and perhaps even Gundogan. I don’t suspect most top teams would pay a lot for them ,but they are stil good squad players and Southampton could probalby make really good use of one or two of them.
    Look how well some of our ex players did for Sunderland and Everton.

  18. Gazzer says:

    I think I might throw in Fellaini too.


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