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VIDEO: Rooney Goal vs Fulham

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Johnny Evans MOTM. End of !

    Well done United. 3 points clear. 8 matches to play.

    Get in!

  2. Costas says:

    Nice assist by Valen…I mean Nan…I mean Evans. ;)

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, Cheers mate!

    Did you see G Nev. Brilliant Brilliant. Post game.
    Question: Could Messi be successful in the Prem?
    GaryNeville: “No”

    Oi! HeDidNotSayThat!!! Hahahahah No…Simps! :cool:

  4. TheLeftBank says:

    3 points in the bag. Now head down and keep focused lads.

  5. ScholesForGoals says:

    GNev. Best pundit ever.

    We march on Reds. Anybody else feel like they were close to bursting an artery last 15 mins?!! Thank god Oliver bottled it.

    Unlucky not to get more on the score sheet. Schwarzer earned his money tonight! We were far too sloppy in pass completion today. Evans and Tonio, their game is just getting better and better. Evra surprised me tonight, much better performance from the lad, shame he didn’t get his overhead kick away.

    20. So close I can almost smell it.

  6. Costas says:


    Hi pal. Nah, I didn’t happen to watch it. Nev doesn’t sugarcoat stuff does he? Don’t know if I’d agree with him. He probably wouldn’t score 60 goals per season like he does in Spain, but Messi would still bag more goals than Aguero does. :D

  7. gora says:

    christ i wish there was a sensible journo out there who would ask saf about his subs. How in jesus name did giggs last 45 mins let alone 90. I just hope wayne aint injvred coz we need him. Rafa and tony v combo was brilliant. Whats with smalling and back passes. Today we hadnt passed to the goalie till he came on. He had a shocking pass toward the end. Johny e was out of this world.

  8. denton davey says:

    ScholesForGoals @ 22:06: “We were far too sloppy in pass completion today.”

    As is often the case, SirRyanGiggs was the worst culprit – but he was also the best “approach-player” in regards to getting the ball into dangerous areas. I’ve come to expect this kind of in-game inconsistency – indeed, minute-by-minute inconsistency – from him. It’s what he does – and doesn’t do. His close control is still amazing but his “decision-making” and passing leave a lot to be desired, except when he splits the defence !

    The guff about Chicharito’s lack of “close control’ and “bad passing” is really hard to bear. On a number of occasions, he was the outlet-man who controlled the ball and passed it off to the wingers. For all the laudatory stuff we hear about BOTH Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, neither one has the penetrating-passing ability of Nani. To be sure, Nani can be – and often is – infuriating when he stops-the-action and does-his-thing but he is the best winger when it comes to getting the ball into dangerous positions for the strikers.

    Last week, Jonny Evans scored his first EPL goal; this week, Jonny Evans assisted on the only goal in a one-nil victory. AND, he’s not half-bad at the defensive side of the game.

    I was surprised by the final score-line – I reckoned on a 5-nil thumping which very well might have happened if Antonio Valencia had got his 47th-minute shot past Schwartzer – but the result was only in doubt because at one-nil anything can happen. If this had been a boxing match – with points awarded for each side – then the score-line would have reflected the massive disparity in possession/territorial statistics. But, of course, it’s not based on style-points but goal scored and for that reason I think it’s fair to say that the non-call against Carrick “evened out” the atrocious call against Rio (v. Newcastle) – TheLads got three points tonight and were robbed of two points against the BarCodes. However you slice it, UTD got four points from those two games – it could just as easily been one point tonight and three against Newcastle.

  9. Zibbie says:

    Nice!!!! 28 in all/21 in the PL!!!!!!!!! Who the Man????????

  10. Zibbie says:

    18 in the last 18. In squeaky bum time. Wazza scores!!!

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This match was Uniteds all the way. Only team who had a belief to win it. Fulham defended like mad men and Schwartzer earned his keep, but only a freak goal was going to get Fulham back in it.

    That said, the discussions will be about the 2 pen decisions.
    Both the Kelly hand ball and Carrick trip posed a question to the ref. In the end he didn’t see a pen in either one and fair enough. If the ref had seen one and not the other either team would feel aggrieved. As it was, we can all move on and recognize that United were the only team to set out to win it and were the only one to get a goal from open play.

    Must say I enjoyed Gary Neville in the prematch and post match. The man is redefining what it is to give commentary. Well balanced, informative. A pleasure to listen to. Loved the prematch summary of Fulham games past. Focusing on what a player Louis Saha was and why we bought him. We hardly got a point off Fulham when he played for them. Shows how far a little quality can take a team really.

    Onward. Bring on Rovers on April 2!.

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Kai Rooney>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RVP :lol:

    His old man ain’t bad either. ;) Rooney’s goals have taken us to this position. Just gotta keep our focus and not relent for one minute. Keep our Red foot on city’s Blue throat! Red blood darkens their Blue moon.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Regarding Paul Pogba: Still don’t have a clue why he wasn’t in the side after the Friday interview where Sir Alex said he would be playing today…

    Then this

    What exactly is Frederiko Macheda smoking? He stays he goes, he goes he doesn’t go. Jaysus wept.
    Can’t wait till that one is sorted. Feel confident that it is sorted this summer and will accept the bosses decision either way.

  14. Zibbie says:

    As the air fails to reach the brain an aware panic sets in, after a life struggle has failed. They weaken in their fight, a fight for life has been lost if the persons foot on your throat, wishes it to be… As their eyes look at you with hate, then despair then a recognition of fate. Finally a hopeful desperation of mercy. The eyes blink faster then rapid. They begin to roll around as the struggle subsides. Finally as they fall limp their eyes roll back, yet alive. The next 90 seconds decide life or death.

  15. invertedquestionmark says:

    Well done by Evans for the goal, he’s been an asset this season.

  16. johnbosco obiora says:

    I hope Man united w win all our matchs may God help us Amem

  17. bobkoh says:

    Honestly, I really am impressed by Gary Neville. He is so funny and concise, def much better than Shearer. Its the United DNA, I firmly believe.

  18. Lexandre says:

    I hope WR10 make it as highest goal scorer ahead of Van P


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