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VIDEO: Rooney goal vs Montenegro

England 1-0 Montenegro (Goal Wayne Rooney) by all-goals

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  1. denton davey says:

    Matty @ 13:49 – your comment about KagawaBunga’s time with Dortmund is spot-on. Samuel is being very selective in his use of “evidence” – likewise with his reply to my comparison to the different skill-sets of TheWayneBoy and Chicharito.

    Samuel, don’t get me wrong here – I’m not in Wayne’s camp regarding severing all ties with Rooney and being upset that it wasn’t done during “AmbitionGate” BUT I do think that you’re overvaluing his current and, in particular, his future contributions to UTD as #10. He might be in tip-top physical condition at the moment but his own history suggests that he’s unlikely to remain totally committed to a professional lifestyle, exercise regime, and diet. If he falls-off-the-waggon – and he’s hardly without previous in that regard, eh ? – then he’s likely to lose his shape/conditioning rather more quickly than the next guy. He was a man-child @ 16 but now he’s more than likely going to “age” earlier than, say, someone like Ryan Giggs or Rio (guys who seem to have zero per cent body fat).

    So, what’s my point here ? Basically it’s that playing TheWayneBoy at #10 is short-sighted in that it slows down the transition away from the 4-4-2 and SAF’s last teams while it marginalizes others who have at least as much to offer, and it is costly in re-shaping the midfield. Taken together, I’m surprised at your willingness ( @ 09:05) to seemingly back TheWayneBoy’s sense of entitlement – “Rooney can play in central mid but age 27, he feels he has more to offer in the attacking 3rd”. First, he’s only going to be 27 for another fortnight; and, second, I never realized that UTD are in the business of prioritizing TheWayneBoy’s “feelings” because I always thought job1 was winning. AND, it’s my contention that kow-towing to his demands (financial ones in 2010 and now on-field ones) has been problematic.

    More to the point, I just don’t see that this is a strategy that makes sense going forward – he has demonstrated no loyalty to the club (and dis-respect to his team-mates); second, the on-field team is full of serious questions and it’s perhaps unduly-optimistic to expect that what worked last year will work again this year – indeed, all the signs are that not only does the team need to cull some of the veterans but, more significantly, it needs to “modernize” its on-field organization.

    These two factors are – in my mind, at least – inter-connected and the key point of inter-connection is TheWayneBoy and his demand that the club play him where he wants. Whatever his talents – and they are considerable – he’s just not suited as the lynch-pin of a new system whereas others can do those different jobs at least as well (if not better) than him. Yet, it’s not as if he’s yesterday’s garbage and should be discarded; indeed, I part ways with the “RooneyOut” crowd because I think he has a lot to offer on the pitch – just not as #10 (or “second striker”). I reckon there would be an inevitable learning-process involved in shifting him into TheScholesRole but that the up-side would be considerable – both for him and for the team. His energy, aggression, physicality, and “street-footie mentality” are sorely needed – MC16 needs exactly that sort of partner.

    In sum, my opinion is that smoothing over the latest RooneyKerfuffle by kow-towing to his “needs” and “feelings” is a major mistake – addressing yesterday’s issues, NOT today’s and tomorrow’s.

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Matty – if I am smoking anything, why have you decided to post an essay? I will leave you to ponder that fact.

  3. blacksocks says:

    There seems to be a lot of discussion on this board on who has been Uniteds best player this season. Personally I’ve never liked the question – best player? forwards and goal scorers tend to dominate as they steal all the headlines whereas they can only perform if given a platform to perform on by other more industrious members of the team.

    So what I have done is graded each player out of 10 below based on this season so far. Please take note though, their grading is based on how close each player is playing compared to what I believe to be their potential. For example, De Gea scores highly because he has made some great saves and fewer mistakes tehrefore is probale playing very close to what we could reasonably expect of a goalkeeper whose best years might be another 5-10 years away.

    I haven’t seen United live as yet this season and would greatly appreciate comments from those that have. You see so much more sitting in the stands compared to what you see on TV. This based purely on games for United and not internationals.

    De Gea – 8 Continued good form from last season, great save against Sunderland)

    Rafael – 6 Injury has hampered and yet as effective as last season when he was very good
    Fabio – Not played enough to rate
    Jones – 6 Stil not reaching his huge potential, a run at centre back might resolve this
    Evans – Not played enough to rate
    Ferdinand – 5 sadly not the player he was
    Smalling – 7 Has impressed so far but can he play any better?
    Vidic – 6 Good but still not the collosus in defence he once was
    Evra – 7 Solid form but another player perhaps just over the hill (sorry Pat!)

    Carrick – 8 His usual high standard but unlikely to improve in the future
    Fallaini – 6 Good and can hopefully improve
    Cleverley – 6 Another good but needs to improve
    Anderson – 5 Hasn’t played much and when he has I wished he hadn’t!
    Kagawa – 4 Limited game time and capable of so much more!!!
    Young – 3 Very Dissappointing
    Nani – 6 Capable of so much more
    Valencia – 6 Has played better but form maybe returning
    Januzaj – 9 Limited game time to jusdge from but could an 18yr old be any better?

    Welbeck – Possibly being played out of position but couldn’t do much more than score more.
    Rooney – 6 goals aside he doen’t look happy or as good as he once was
    RVP – 7 Not as good as last season – yet!
    Hernandez – 7 Hard to judge from limited game time but winner against Liverpool

    So what does all this tell us.

    GK – I’m happy with De Gea, we could have joe Hart in goal!!!!

    DF – Room for improvement but injuries to Rafael, Evans and Jones haven’t helped. Smalling looks improved player from last season though but will he get much better?

    MF – Carrick aside no player can hold their head up high for a variety of reasons. Fellaini still settling in and more needed from Cleverly however I still maintain centre midfield is our weakest position on the pitch and the top teams know it. Out wide and the story isn’t much better apart from the emergence of Januzaj, but no matter how good, teenage players can only assist a team not be a fundemental part of a team. I’ll come to Kagawa in a mo.

    Fwd – RVP is our most dangerous player and best goalscorer, the last 2 seasons of PL football demonstrate this. Unfortuantely this means Hernadez will only ever be a back up this season. Welbeck needs to (and I belive can) improve. And this leaves Rooney – is his heart in it or is he playing for himself, I for one don’t really care either way but the fact remains he was a better player 2 years ago.

    This leaves one final point. For me the RVP/Rooney combination is not working up front. I think some of our competitors have worked us out to a degree. It was without doubt our most dissapointing aspect to the game against Sunderland – the bottom club. Lets give (a fully fit) Kagawa chance to shine in his favoured position, No10 as its referred to know. Can he be the creative fulcrum that united have clearly lacked this season.

    Question is – is Moyes brave enough to make the change? only time will tell.

  4. The One says:

    MP @14:24, spon on mate. The so-called Man United supporters here who are trying their level best to defend rooney’s position in the team are mere glory hunters. All they care about is winning trophies; they pin all their hope on rooney, believing that he’ll somehow drag us to some trophies, or at worst, keep us among the champions league spots…but rooney’s soul and heart is not with united. He’s only playing for himself but the glory hunters are turning a blind eye to this. I’ve said earlier that he’s a ‘cancer’ in the squad.

  5. wayne says:

    denton you don’t want Rooney out but you don’t want him at num 10,there lies the rub mate.That was the reason for the the transfer request last year.Rooney’s ego won’t allow others to steal the glory so he has no intention of playing the Scholes role.As i’ve said before imo doesn’t have the skill set for the Scholes role anyway.
    Rooney is dictating things to Utd just like he did in 2010 just as you pointed out different reasons,he doesn’t give a fuck about the club,teammates or fans only his personal ambition,which imo isn’t at all heathly for the well being of the club
    ffs all you Rene lovers he came out and said he had nothing to do with Rooney because Rooney had his own agenda,says it all right there

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Oh my goodness. AGAIN some of us fail to understand our position on this. OF COURSE we know Rooney is cunt and gives no fucks about this club BUT he’s here right now and is playing for THIS team. So what should we do? Hang a “Rooney out” banner in the Stretford end and dedicate every match to singing anti-Rooney songs? Yes because that is exactly what Dortmund are doing to Lewandowski right now.

    He is here RIGHT NOW and he’s playing well too. For the betterment of the club, I want him to do well for us this season. I don’t care how much of a cunt he is I want him to play well for us. What happens in the next transfer window is a different matter but for NOW, he has to play well for us and I hope he keeps playing extremely well for us. Calling us “gloryhunters” because we want the club to do well especially in this difficult moment?? Fucking joke. How the fuck does that work? Also, who gave you the right to choose who a gloryhunter is and isn’t?

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Denton – you act as if rooney is the only big player to want to be played in their most effective position, do you think the key players at other top clubs would take the role of ploughing up and down of a certain position as rooney has done for most of his career at united? Big players have egos and rooney is no different even though you’re pushing aside that he has done several “jobs” for the team with no fuss, he is not selfish on the field of play as you state. He is now 27 now and with the massive contributions he has given the club (and don’t tell me that isn’t relevant) he would prefer to be in a position that best utilises his skills. Maybe you see him as selfish and maybe rooney is wrong but at the end of the day, most players have to be in order to get the best of their short careers and if this situation had not changed and rooney decided to leave (which he apparently almost did, no confirmation of this other than hypotheticals) then I would not begrudge him, good luck to rooney as long as replacements of quality filled his impact and void then so be it. My point on the fact of haggling about his best position is, rooney isn’t the only one that does it, if we stick van persie at left-back then he wouldn’t be the gentle-man he is painted out to be, it is all a personal glory game as much as it is “team”, rooney is NOT the only one that does it and won’t be the last is my point.

    I’m not “over-valuing” anything, i’m stating as it is, he is as of NOW an important asset to the team, of course that could change in the future, rooney may bloat up into a pig or he may well defy your calculations of him “falling off the rails” and still be making an impact, no one knows where rooney’s career might lead to, you’re only only bringing up theoretical scenarios.

    Rooney as i’ve stated on a numerous times is not being played as a number 10, moyes is playing a rigid system with rooney as a second striker, again i’m still not sure why “POSITION” matters in the modern game, it does NOT, top teams out there are playing fluid and total football, there’s no reason to claim rooney, kagawa, van persie etc can’t all inter-change, they are all technically gifted and can play their part in carving out changes, my point is, rooney playing behind van persie or kagawa on the left is IRRELEVANT in the right fluid system, they would all inter-change and be difficult to defend against. People talk about the number 10 role as if it is a definite source of goals, organised teams tend to shut down that zone and hence, carving out of chances must come from all areas of the attacking 3rd, “POSITION” is pointless in the game of total football, kagawa or rooney n the hole behind a forward should not be as crucial as it is made out, all these players can inter-change within the right system.

    Reshaping of the central midfield has a long way to go, there’s no personnel of players currently in the team that are capable of being long term solutions, you won’t shift away from the thought of rooney as a central midfielder and I won’t be trying to do that and yes, he admittedly can do a job there but he is not the solution, thr club must purchase quality to fix it or bring players through, rooney is not the cause of the team not reshaping a deteoriating central mid for the last 5 years.

    Of course the club does not have to nod positively to whatever rooney wants, he is not bigger than the club and all that but they also know he can’t just be discarded, he has a key role to play within the transition and until moyes feels confident enough, until he sees other players taking over and producing the highest calibre of impact then rooney will move, it is up to moyes at the end of the day, he still deems the selfish boy important and from evidence of his impact, he is as of now, that may well change soon and the club will head in a different direction, the team will built with modernity (if moyes can adapt), the changes may well occur next season and rooney won’t be here and many will get their wish but as of now, he is still important and changes won’t be done in haste.

    Like I said, i’m not here to entertain excuses for the likes of kagawa who people still keep making excuses for, who people still keep digging his previous acheivements in dortmund for, all well and good to reminisce and romanticize about him being “bvb player of the year” (which is voted by dortmund fans and has no bearing on the thoughts of the entire league in his first season of which he was injured for most) in his first season and how he was brilliant in his second (fair enough) BUT this is a new club and new league, all he has produced so far has been glimpses of potential, he may well hit big time if he improves but it is all “IF’s and BUT’s” at the moment, he looks a player that if he does not step up, he will fade away, blaming his position is just one of excuses in a long line of many and it has got tedious, too much hysteria surrounds a player that’s done fuck all and is being eulogised on his potential big contributions and not definite ones.

    I will make it clear, i’m in no way wanting rooney to stay or leave, i’m not in either camp but what I will dispute is this knack of degrading his presence as a key player at the moment, it may well change. claiming the club should “fuck him off” without players in players ready to fill the void.

  8. blacksocks says:

    I don’t think Rooney is playing that well at the moment, at best he is playing for himself. I thought against Sunderland he was one of our most ineffective players.

    I think what many are starting to question is do you have a great player in the team (Rooney) who will only put in 90% effort or do you play potentially a very good player (Kagawa) who will likely put in 100%. It’s a tricky one to answer, and Moyes is best placed to answer it. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens from now up till Xmas.

  9. blacksocks says:

    Sam UWE does make an important note and one I wholly agree with, Our midfield needs an overhaul, both in shape and personnel. Something that United fans have pointed out for some time.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    DannySoya – let the “super supporters” fan their delusional ego, it makes NO ONE less of a supporter or more to give their view in an adequate manner, not that I personally give a fuck about these people, I will be on here posting my thoughts and that won’t change hopefully. I hope you follow the same pattern and share your views

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    again, another theory which you have conjured. Through-out rooney’s career, contract dispute or not, cunt of a man or not… Has he ever given less than 100% effort, how do we know this kagawa or anyone aren’t in it for themselves and glory?

  12. tony says:

    well said

  13. blacksocks says:

    I don’t think Rooney is giving 100% – not this season. Not when compared to some of his stellar perfomances of a couple of years ago. He is capable of so much more – or once was.

  14. blacksocks says:

    Look, Rooney clearly wants to leave the club, when pointedly asked by tv reporter after the Bayer match he gave classic politician like answers. I also think we may have seen the best from him – especially going by his performance against Sunderland, not that the rest of the team were much better.

  15. Tope99 says:

    If rooney isnt giving 100% theres no problem as long as he still stays one of the better players on the field because thats what we pay him for

  16. tony says:

    i dont think many fans know how much trouble we are really in with these fucking glazers.we have to do every aspect.wazza must do well .we need him to.there are lots of cracks in our squad we all know this .we need more world class talent .we must do the best for club .wazza at this moment is that.want would happan if he gos in january and others like danny ,nani shimji,young, dont step up to the plate.we are not fucking glory hunters united is my life after my wife and kids.this club is in enough shit .help it dont harm it more.think about want would really happan to us if we dont finish top 4 .money ways we would be fucked .we are already fucked with all this debt.saf done a great job pushing us forward with this debt and being sucussfull with sheer will to win.loseing wazza now could open the cracks even more .thats why the club would never get rid of wazza at the wrong united hate glazer

  17. ignatius J says:

    This blog is getting so very boring. Very little about tactics, life in Manchester, or MUFC behind the scenes. It’s becoming a rumor mill and Rooney-bashing HQ.

    That + all the ads = looking elsewhere for United news.

  18. The Truth says:


    “also Rooney only ‘dragged’ United to 1 title, the one following Ronaldo’s departure, the one after that was won on the backs of Berba and Nani”

    I wouldn’t even say Rooney dragged us to that particular title. Why? Because we didn’t win the title that year!

  19. Justin10RvN says:


    actually as the 10 Rooney is in fact charged with creating chances, which he doesn’t do (this season). You can’t dispute his ability and im not, but im also not a robot, im going to develop emotional opinions on players but im not going pretend they aren’t quality. other than being a cunt Rooney isn’t performing this year as a 10, before im destroyed by everyone, i know he’s scored some amazing free kicks and i realize they do count, but as a 10, the position he threw a fit for, he has been pitiful, he still runs around and his covering has helped but im of the ilk of supporter who’s more concerned with what our attackers do attacking wise and Rooney is not an Ozil, Zidane, etc. he’s a powerful CF, but like Chicha isn’t a better 9 than RvP, he lacks the either the vision, touch, passing ability to do the job a 10 is supposed to do. So if we plan on going back to a 4-2-3-1 have Rooney and Kags switch positions, Kags is a natural 10, and Rooney is a proven goal scorer when starting on the leftish side, if he moans about not playing centrally tell him to get over it, after all he’s is just an employee.

  20. Justin10RvN says:

    @The Truth

    are you sure? i thought we won in 2010-11, didn’t Ronaldo leave after the 09-10, or was it 08-09??? it gets hard to keep up with all the trophies after a point haha

  21. wayne says:

    Life in Manchester what is this place a travel agent,it rains a lot and gets dark early in the Winter ffs,MUFC behind the scenes wtf does that mean?,should talk to Scott and see if he can plant a undercover agent,lol fuck me

  22. Justin10RvN says:

    i cant even remember when Ronaldo left…..people who are saying we’ll be doomed without Rooney…we’ve done pretty well without Ronaldo, a much much much better player. The success of United does not, has not, and never will depend on 1 player. If/when Rooney leaves will we lose a very good player? sure but so what we’ve lost/sold better players than him just in my lifetime alone, we might have a season of a rough transition or a player will step up and in a few years i’ll have trouble remembering when Rooney left…

  23. denton davey says:

    Samuel @ 15:48: “you act as if rooney is the only big player to want to be played in their most effective position”

    Well, that’s your reading; my intention is different. I’ll try again to clarify it – and, hopefully, will be short and to-the-point.

    My view is that TheWayneBoy is a terrific footballer but not a very good team-player. He’s had a long career already – he’s just turning 28 in a fortnight – and he’s been at the center of attention for both UTD and Ingerland for a decade.

    He’s got a big head – or, like he said so ironically in Germany when he arrived late (due to injury) for the Euros: “there’s a new sherrif in town”. He’s been coddled and his sense of entitlement has been abetted by managers (even SAF who could be a nasty sod) who have allowed his indiscipline to run rampant. When Fergy finally (!) blew-the-whistle on his indiscipline off the field it backfired and UTD lost to Blackburn and lost the three points that effectively gave ManShitty the points that they needed to win the EPL a couple of years ago.

    SAF learned from that episode and I have to think that part of his reason for purchasing RVP was to lessen TheWayneBoy’s influence. Clearly, something of this sort was at the heart of Fergy’s decision to exclude Rooney from the home-leg against RM last spring – he reckoned that DannyTheLad would follow instructions and that TheWayneBoy would not. That backfired only because the referee made a ludicrous decision to red-card Nani; up to that point TheLads were in control and Welbeck was choking the supply from Xabi Alonso to CR7.

    Fast backwards, as it were, to the summer of 2012 – RVP was purchased at the last minute but KagawaBunga was clearly the key object-of-desire in that transfer window. Moving forward, ShinjiSan got injured and never really got-off-the-schneid so the “experiment” to shift the team’s play to take advantage of his gifts was essentially aborted with the result that TheWayneBoy continued as #10.

    When SAF retired there was a new dynamic – his successor had to get his own handle on what it was that he was inheriting. Not surprisingly, Moyes’ approach was conservative – as I wrote, he’s given a lot of the veterans rope with which to hang themselves and the public nature of the self-execution of AshleyBloodyYoung and Rio has been painful to watch and has cost UTD points. Equally, AV25 has been sub-par while the only in-transfer of the summer – TheBigFella – has been something of a damp squib or, maybe less charitably, less than expected. So, the “midfield problem” has not been sorted and the reliance on MC16 – and the deep defensive line resulting from playing Rio all the time – has meant that UTD’s attack has been flimsy.

    Now we come to what I consider to be the key issue – what is to be done ? My solution hardly needs repeating but I think that the attack benefits (addition by subtraction) by not playing Rooney as #10 while the midfield would benefit by having him partner MC16. To me, those changes are a win/win – no-brainer.

    Maybe KagawaBunga will flunk his test; maybe AdnanJ will prove to be a flash-in-the-pan; maybe Nani will continue to run hot-and-cold; maybe Chicharito will lose his scoring-touch; and maybe RVP would be pissed off by being part of the “3″ behind Chicharito. There’s nothing guaranteed but if you look at the schedule between now and November 10th when UTD play TheArse, the next three EPL matches are against Southampton, Stoke, and Fulham while the two CL matches are against Sociedad, home and away (and Sociedad are the weakest team in UTD’s group). Moreover, four of those matches are at OT where UTD is usually much stronger than away from M/C. Thus, the next month seems to me to be an excellent time to try something different because, as Einstein so famously said, “doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity”.

    I can see no reason to play-it-safe in this next month. Considering the situation in a longer-term perspective, I think it actually benefits UTD in their bargaining with Rooney to show the guy some really, really tough love. What better time to drive home the message that there’s no “i” in T-E-A-M ? In this regard, I would not renegotiate his contract now – I’d wait to see how an alternative scenario pans out. And, as I wrote the other day, if TheWayneBoy gets stroppy and throws a hissy fit then he’s only going to hurt himself in his desire to maximize his future earnings. If he “refuses” to play in a new role then he risks being marginalized, sitting on the bench, and seeing his skills rust and allowing his conditioning to go all “pear-shaped”.

    Now, back to your point that I quoted at the beginning – TheWayneBoy is a very, very important player for UTD but he is not the only one. He has a lot to offer as #10 but, equally, he has a lot to offer as #8, too. It’s in the T-E-A-M’s interest to see if an extended experiment can work for its benefit or whether he will be a square-peg-in-a-round-hole. It’s a gamble; sure, but considering the fact that AdnanJ has more goals from open play than TheWayneBoy it’s hardly like continuing doing the same thing is likely to produce new, different, or better results.

  24. tony says:

    world class is world class .better with than without. simple as .everyone thinks wazza is the boss .he is not .if he thinks he can do want he likes .moyes wont have it

  25. wayne says:

    denton well done for making it short mate

  26. slim says:


    Belting post at 18:06.

  27. The Truth says:


    Ronaldo left in 2009. 09/10 was the season when Rooney was very prolific but all he dragged us to was second place! We had that ugly black chevron kit if you recall. He was played as an out and out striker and scored a lot of headed goals. Yes we won the league in 10/11 but that was the season you mentioned when Berbatov and Nani were our best attacking players, not to mention Chicharito who had a sensational debut season.

  28. Tope99 says:

    The guy is playing at a higher level than most of our players so i don’t see the problem. He is not a midfielder but a striker playing in the #10 role so he is not expected to be the one creating chances.he scores goals and still makes assists.Our best player so far this season is Rooney even though he may want to leave he still plays as if he doesn’t want to and we should respect that in him.

  29. Tope99 says:

    @the truth – ‘all he dragged us to is second place’. With that number of goals you have to blame the other players for not winning the title.

  30. Marq says:

    I don’t think anyone is wanting Rooney out immediately. All that was said is that we could try the following lineup in some of the games that are coming up

    Rafael – Smalling – Vidic – Evra
    Nani – Cleverley – Carrick – Januzaj

  31. Tope99 says:

    I guess kagawa should be given 1 game behind the striker to show what he can do.rvp was isolated in the game against Sunderland and wasn’t getting chances but maybe with kagawa that won’t happen.But the thing is Rooney is performing well and can’t be dropped.Southampton have been strong this season and we have to start a strong team against them cause we have a lot of points to make up for

  32. Sparkz says:

    Marq says:
    I don’t think anyone is wanting Rooney out immediately. All that was said is that we could try the following lineup in some of the games that are coming up

    Rafael – Smalling – Vidic – Evra
    Nani – Cleverley – Carrick – Januzaj

    I like that lineup a lot. And as Denton mentioned, with the fixtures we’ve got coming up (look okay on paper), we can experiment a tad.

    Would also like to see Welbeck tried out in that role behind the main striker – his ability to run with the ball + his link up play + his workrate makes him a very useful option there. Plus he can rotate with the wide players Nani and Adnan, they’re more than comfortable coming in centrally.

    Although in all honesty, I can’t see Rooney being dropped due to the headlines it’d generate, and particularly as he’s been one of our best players so far. But at the same time, RVP (who you’d say is slightly more deserving of being dropped) isn’t gonna be losing his place either. So we may just continue seeing Rooney and RVP together……..

  33. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne, FUNNY haha, denton don’t take it seriously haha. but you and Samuel love to write.


    I would like to see that line-up for the next 2-3 games even though it won’t happen, because if Rooney continues where he started this season and Kagawa don’t impress the way he has not until now then I take Rooney 8/10. Anyway, would like to see that line-up and just see how do we work without Wayne.

    I probably would put Jones instead of Smalling, but I think Smalling is better suited for Vida, anyway one of them.


  34. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 18:22: “denton well done for making it short mate”

    the first version was book-length !

  35. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Denton – if your point is for the team to be rotated then i’m absolutely for that, it’s up to moyes to do this and bring new attackers in and if rooney is chopped along the way to give others an opportunity so be it, it is up to moyes to rotate.

  36. denton davey says:

    Samuel @ 22:00 – I’d like to see rotation and experimentation in the next few weeks. It’s pretty clear that sticking with the old-fashioned, touchline-hugging wingers ain’t working and, like you, I think that a more interchangeable “system” is definitely worth a try – maybe a 4-1-5-0 !

  37. parryheid says:

    Well I don’t want him out now,January will be fine for me.It’s inevitable he is going so better sooner.Closer the club get to his final year the stupider they will look when he waltzes out the door And he will.

  38. tony says:

    want ever .wazza out in jan no way .very good move get rid off the only world class talent we got.

  39. parryheid says:

    Yeh,Yeah.Heard it.

  40. The Truth says:


    Not blaming Rooney for anything, just having a bit of banter with a guy who said Rooney dragged us to the title that year!


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