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VIDEO: Rooney Goals vs Southampton

S1-1M by 2013fasthighlights

M2-1S by 2013fasthighlights

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  1. parryheid says:

    Against Real we wont be over run for two reasons we will play the long line along the middle and there wont be any stupid experimental team out like last night.Players will be in their positions.

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    The ability to hang and grit it out for a win, even when you’re playing like crap, should not be under-estimated. Yes, we might easily have let in more than one goal. But we didn’t. Yes, we might easily have failed to score even one ourselves. But we didn’t. Yes, we might easily have collapsed and totally lost the plot in the second half. But we didn’t. And yes, a better team than Southhampton might have found a way to finish us off. But we weren’t playing a better team, and to worry like that is idle and pointless.

    We scraped through. It was ugly. Dire. Desperate. But we hung on. Not every team would have found a way to do that. But we did, and that’s what counts.

  3. NBI Red Onion says:

    I don’t think our defence were ever worried about Berbatov, if Neville is right they are more worried about De Gea.

    I think De Gea is great potential but right now if I had a choice between him and Van Der Sar or another experienced keeper I know who I would pick. Would not be adverse to De Gea going on loan to get experience for a year. Everyone wants De Gea to do well but there is no point wearing United tinted glasses, we have been here before between Schmichel and VDS, many of us also wanted Foster to be No.1 he never made it and his nerves affected the team, it is obvious the defence is not happy with the keeper and he makes them uneasy and detracts. Tactless for Neville to say what player think of him publicly, obviously he knows as he is in touch with the guys, but it was too much inside info. I doubt SAF will give De Gea longer than this season to try to be No 1, right now he is getting his chance.

  4. murt73 says:

    @ Bobby wasn’t it a backpass from carrick so I guess De gea didn’t consider it an option to handle it.
    Why were we so poor last night in the second half? would have to say it was simply being matter how aware of it the team are it can still creep in there’s no way I can imagine us being this poor against a team in say the top four. Was it really that southampton were that good? I don’t think so at it was utd in the second half time after time that kept giving the ball away.. when that happens of course the opposition are going to grow in confidence and gain momemtum.. and while they did they still had very little of an end product.. So I guess SAF was being protective of his team by praising opposition instead of criticising his own team which in all fairness he always his..
    Kagawa is certainly beginning to grow in to himself and look forward to watching him much more

  5. DreadedRed says:

    Of course our defence was concerned about Berbatov, Fulham’s best player by a country mile.

    Of course, NBI hates Berbatov, even wishing for his death when he was at United.

    Of course Van Der Sar was more adept to the rigours of the Premiership than de Gea is. Edwin is one of the best keepers that the WORLD has seen, especially in the last 20 years. However, David is already a better keeper than Edwin was at 22 years of age, and by all indications he will join our pantheon of world-class keepers.

    One might suggest that Dani Alves is a better right back than Rafael. I still wouldn’t select him to start for United, as we would FORFEIT the game. Alves is NOT in our squad, neither is Van der Sar.

    Suggesting that Schmeichel would not have conceded the goal against Southampton, is puerile and irrelevant. Our Great Dane conceded many goals that de Gea would routinely save. Actually, de Gea was NOT responsible for the goal. In fact, had we not conceded in that instance, it would be far more remarkable. Most top players would have scored, and few keepers would have prevented it. Claims that David should have used his hands show a poor understanding of the back-pass rule. Claims that he could have easily cleared the ball are are merely the hypothetical ramblings of an armchair critic operating with hindsight. Perhaps David could have planted his feet in front of the the onrushing Rodriguez, which is again hindsight, and could also have easily resulted in a goal.

    Did David cover himself with glory at that moment? No.
    Was he to blame? No.
    Did it cost us? No.
    Will he have learnt from it? Yes.

    Is de Gea already a better keeper than Mark Bosnich, Raimond van der Gouw, Nick Culkin, Massimo Taibi, Paul Rachubka, Andy Goram, Roy Carroll, Ricardo, Tim Howard, Ben Foster, Tomasz Kuszczak and Ben Amos? I’d say: Yes.

    In the dozen plus years that have passed since Schmeichel left, a dozen plus keepers have played for us and only Edwin Van der Sar and Fabien Barthez could be considered a better keeper than de Gea already is.

    Yes, he will improve. Yes, he has weaknesses. Yes, he’s a better choice to start for United than any of the dozen plus recent contenders for the berth. Yes, de Gea is our keeper, and once again it seems that we have a real gem on our books. Still to be cut and polished, but not to be discarded or molly-coddled.

    David de Gea, champion keeper in-the-making, best shot-stopper in the Premiership, and most importantly, Manchester United’s goalkeeper – chosen with due diligence by the greatest judge we have known – Sir Alex Ferguson.


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