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VIDEO: Rooney Slags Off England Fans

“Nice to see your own fans booing you,” Rooney said. “That’s loyal support.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Redalltheway – Spot on pal. I have been saying to those people who say that the poor fans have spent a fortune etc that they shouldn’t have bothered . Who in their right mind would follow that useless lot? Wouldn’t cross the street to watch them.

  2. pff, ffs. says:

    King Eric, thanks mate that was boiling my brain, i thought it was Uraguay, my south america geography is clearly in need of some help, cheers :)

  3. Costas says:

    Nice deflection by Barry. If only he could be so good on the pitch…

    This isn’t about Rooney and Rooney wasn’t the only one booed out there! All of them were. It’s funny, but last time I looked Lampard and Gerrard were also supposed to be world class. JT was supposed to be a British Bullshit that would lead his country into battle even if he didn’t wear the armband. And that’s why I feel that Rooney spoke out against the wrong people. He should have a pop at his teamates, his manager and the press. Not the supporters.

  4. RedAllTheWay says:

    King Eric – Exactly. But the thing that pisses me off the most is how “the whole country held their breath when Rooney was injured, and when he was playing against Bayern Munich”. Yet, he has one poor performance and there all on his back, despite the fact that noone performed? its actually unbelievable. It reminds me of how much stick Beckham got post 1998 and yet, just before the 2002 World Cup the whole country were praying for him to get better? :S Cant believe i used to follow that fickle bunch tho tbh.

    United > Ingerland (Y)

  5. Peter says:

    Fuck England, they are just in the tournament to make the numbers. The sooner the united players get home the better (except for Hernandez… im quite enjoying watching him at the world cup).

  6. FCUM says:

    You never boo your own team. It’s classless, pathetic, and is just typical of the small time, 6 fingered, fickle ABU ingerlund fans that buy into the media hype every time an International competition is upon us. Face it, ingerlund are the Man City of national teams. This (like every other one apart from 66) is not our year. No amount of advertising campaigns telling us to cross our fingers will change that.

  7. Reddevil forever says:

    are England fans from London just want know

  8. Gelia says:

    england are playing poorly granted but the fans and press are idiots for ridiculing them, fair enuf give out about your team as much as ya like but never never boo your team, take the good with the bad, thats why they wont win the world cup because of the fans and the press and because.. heskey too (obviously), world cups and tournaments are all about scoring goals and teams that win them score goals – heskey doesnt and when he plays he becomes the focal point of the team and slows everything down and they dont score, darren bent, defoe score goals and dont slow play down ergo should of brought bent (ahem also who injured rio, fell on his leg????? yup your right heskey, ok could happen to anyone but when ya play a bad hand ya generally dont get lucky) or at least play rooney the way hes been playing all season ( with a 5 man midfield behind him) and scoring for fun up front with a gerrard or j cole behind him!! thats my two cents…. oh and by the way im irish (ya I know were pretty dire too) but like the english team but think its a bloody disgrace the way some “english fans” treat their teams (clubs and National).

  9. 0161-Jon says:

    think he was well within his rights to say what he did. Those boo boys don’t deserve a ticket the twats. No matter how shite they play, never boo your own team. Even more embarrassing than the performance.

  10. alfie says:

    Scholes is the only player in the last ten years who has played for England and would have a chance at getting in the brazil team


    C’mon… Beckham > Elano, Ferdinand > Juan etc. and Rooney would get in definitely


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