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VIDEO: Rooney, Vidic and Valencia’s Goals Against Wolves

Manchester United beat Wolves 3-0 last night following a penalty from Wayne Rooney, a header by Nemanja Vidic and probably our goal of the season, scored by Antonio Valencia.

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  1. Isaidso says:

    StretfordEnder – yeah I did support your comment mate, but I have NO IDEA who you are talking about on the blog who is scouse scum or morons ???. See you got your points over ok, and it doesn’t matter if others don’t share your opinions, but the vilifying other blog members by naming them scum or morons, because they don’t see Berba’s finer points – well it isn’t really necessary mate. You just keep on getting your thoughts and opinions over – and let the others think whatever they think too. We are not all going to love the same players Stretfordender, I mean one mans meat – anothers poison etc!

  2. Stretford Ender says:

    I have been jumping around blogs and was refering to Mr Collymore and the cunts who have been slating Sir Ryan, not our fans. People can like who they want, I don’t like ‘Fabregas’ but I would not argue he is a great player, I don’t like the occassional player at United but I would never question SAF’s judgement, I am fully aware of the fickle people who do this though.

  3. Isaidso says:

    Parkdogsdinner – your contradicting yourself mate! I am a firm believer of people being able to come on blogs and AIR THEIR VIEWS, and get things off their chest as you put it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that, and believe in free speech fully. Yet for you to demand your right to ‘get it off your chest’ and you don’t care who it offends, then why can’t you see that it is exactly the same priciple for others. You get offended mate if others touch a player or performance or have a differing opinion to you. If people want to say certain players, performances etc are dire, pants, shite or whatever, then what does it matter? Fans having other opinions, criticisms, rants etc about this or that concerning United doesn’t offend me at all, and I don’t see why it should offend others. People are free to share who and what they think is/are shite. I can live with that, and I enjoy the banter, and that is how it should be seen. Football brings out strong emotions in people, and we must all be allowed to say what we like and what we don’t. Like you said yourself, that is what blogs are all about.

  4. denton davey says:

    red rossa @ 10:31 ” think we should move the berba conversation to this page, its draggged on a while now and if this doesnt shut em up…”

    No question that Berbatov’s flick was a quality “glimpse” – no one would question that. And, on the subject of the goal – what about the Scholes/Gibson/Scholes interchange before the ball went to Dimmy ?

    But what else did he do ? IT wasn’t the first goal to break the ice; it wasn’t the second goal to give TheLads some breathing room; it was the third goal – icing on the cake. And, let’s not forget that Dimmy didn’t actually score the goal – Valencia’s finish was terrific.

    So, if you want to big-up Dimmy then what are you left with for evidence ? A nice flick in the middle of a four-man interchange ? Really, is that enough ?

    The whole business of his price-tag is irrelevant EXCEPT that because his contract was so expensive to acquire he gets preferential treatment in the hope that he can justify the expense. So far, he hasn’t. He is usually not selected for the most important matches – and when he has been on the field, what has he contributed ?

    The hard evidence is really damning – for all the tricks, flicks, and other subtle moves, one is left asking, “what’s it all about, Dimmy ?”

    I wouldn’t give up yet on Berbatov BUT what I would do is chain him to the #9, central and forward position for three games and see if he might produce more (from his wonderful set of skills) under a very-strict set of instructions to do with positioning. If the results from that experiment are as dull and uninspired as we have seen from TheWanderingDimmy then I’d be prepared to cut my losses. He probably couldn’t be sold but he could just switch roles with LittleMikey or KikoTheKid, both of whom want to play centrally AND forward. Perhaps Dimmy might get the idea of what a #9 is supposed to do when watching the matches from the bench.

  5. Tony Starks says:

    What is it with this boy Valencia – the guy looks so sad, it’s as if scoring a goal makes him more upset!

  6. Isaidso says:

    Stretfordender – LOL, I get where you are coming from now, and your explanation helped me understand your post better! Viva, Viva, Man United eh – Man Utd reds til we die.

  7. TheRadLegion says:

    Resistance is futile, and Mick knew that :) that’s why he made 10 changes to his team.

  8. Datnana says:

    Seriously our game yesterday was not ‘united’ standard. It was bad. Maybe SAF asked them to play it soft and safe ‘cos of the crowded matches, else… that was poor.

  9. Xyth says:

    I do not think anyone can doubt the talents of Berba or any other player for that matter. Some are more skilful than others, but all talented otherwise they would not be wearing the red jersey. It is just as a team they are not hitting the heights that we expect from Manchester United. Something is definitely missing. We need to find our cutting edge sooner rather than later, if want to continue wining. Maybe we need another player like we needed Cantona all those years ago, who could make the team click. Yes we have a lot of injuries this season, but whoever gets to play, even if out of position, should be able to do well. We are the best team in the world, and our players’ ability and versatility should reflect this.

    Last night I was very disappointed with our performance and casualness. We should be able to win with a greater margin even if Wolves had played their first team let alone reserves. When I saw their team sheet I expected we were going top of the table.

    Nevertheless, I am still optimist that soon (hopefully this Saturday) we will kick start our season and start winning in style. I truly believe that Chelsea, like Looserpool last year, will regret not making the most of our current situation, when we dropped at least 8 points (Burnley, Sunderland, Villa) more than one would have thought.

  10. Park's Dog's Dinner says:

    There is a clear difference between critisism & bashing

    @ Isaidso, you haven’t got my point at all, and I don’t think you are privy to the constant berba-bashing I, Scott and most others have witnessed from Spencer. As much of a big fan as he may be, I just feel we are being too harsh on the guy. Almost as if he promised us a goal for every pound we paid (he didn’t)

    He is his own worst critic. Is that a bad thing? and should we take those words as ammo to gun him down at every opportunity?

    and TBH for you to feel this disenfranchised by my furious(lol) rant tells a lot. You may just be blindly jumping to spencer’s defence (and I re-itterate my rant was not entirely directed at him, just his often off-topic berba-bashing…)

    but I definately know I ain’t seen your name here before a month ago so ain’t gonna get into this as you may not have seen the full picture on this subject of people like Tufty, Manutdchump 2009, the Keano fake…. they all come here to have a pop & it’s pitiful. You never know who’s who on these things anymore Isaidso ;O)

    Spencer, I’m sorry to include you in that bracket, but I hope Berba proves you wrong one day & you come on here to admit it! = P

    @ Stretford Ender, Scott & Rooninho, spot on.

    @ Denton, I dunno if SAF pays attention to player numbers anymore!! Our No.9 is a playmaking Forward and our No.7 is a ‘second string’ striker!?
    But definately DO agree Berba needs a run of games chained to the front.

  11. Scott the Red says:

    Isaidso – I’ve read plenty of comments over the years from the likes of Giggs, Beckham, Neville etc. talking about the ear bashings they got from more experienced players when they made mistakes as kids.

    I’m not saying that Berbatov should rant and rave every match over every little mistake, but if someone fucks up, why shouldn’t they be told about it? Equally, I’ve seen Berbatov give credit to other players when they’ve created his goals and be as happy as the scorer when he’s celebrated with them. That’s more than what some of our players, past and present, can manage.

  12. Corea says:

    I love Berba. And sill think the lack of goals is mainly because Fergie hasn’t figured out the best way to play him.
    That’s what i think about the whole situation. Without him i wouldn’t have been that eager to watch the team play before the games.

  13. Corea says:

    “I don’t need the approval of a person who never played on the football field and then tries to be a specialist.”

  14. manchuchu says:

    One thing’s for sure.

    The hair pulling percentage definitely went up this season.

  15. sanj says:

    I hate getting involved in the Berbatov debates, but it seems as though he is always the scapegoat. I think he is a fantastic player and I love watching him play- but I also understand the fans who think he needs to contribute more- he definitely does. But is his supposed lack of contribution merely his fault? I don’t think so. Our play in the final third needs to improve. Berbatov will be able to contribute, he just needs the opportunity! Rooney had a wide open chance that he spurned in the early minutes of the match, but no one mentions that. Berba provides a magical assist yet is still criticised. To me, it seems like people have already made up their mind about Berbatov and always single him out.


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