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VIDEO: Rooney, Welbeck and Nani Goals vs Villa

M4-0A by footyroom

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  1. redbilly says:

    haha MG your on a roll

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    MG Cheers mate.

    Since Balotelli red, they have 2 wins and 10 goals. We need you back Mario?!

    Oi Mario….

  3. redbilly says:

    come back mario , all is forgiven

  4. denton davey says:

    JC/Costas – those aren’t my “recollections” but from a guy called “Tommoman” on the GuardianOnline.

    For me, I’m stuck in a time-warp where I still haven’t gotten over that OneMartinAtkinsonMoment that ended up costing UTD the EPL title in 200/2010 – Drogba was offsides by two yards. I’d like to think that some other MartinAtkinsonMoments – “not seeing” Balotelli’s leg-cruncher against Alex Song last week-en or the second goal by the RentBoyz today (although, to be honest, I didn’t see it either – but, then, I was taking a nap.)

  5. YorYor says:

    Some don’t understand the difference between dive and exaggeration.
    THIS is a dive, not Young’s. End of.

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    I don’t like Young going down easy. Even Ferguson is not impressed as he’s said himself that
    the lad has gone down easy. But with all the furore after QPR if the referee is still willing to give a
    spot kick for minimal contact that was sought by Young then that’s his problem. In the future
    however players with that kind of reputation don’t get stone wall decisions because on occasions
    their reputation will precede them. After hoodwinking two refs in two weeks the next one won’t be
    so easy to fool.

  7. BOOCH says:

    Hello everyone on this blog glad 2 see beroatov getting a game the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brilliant goals by rooney,Nani,welback great goals and 5 points clear of city

  8. bayoRed says:

    As we say koBulawayo ….. win is a win whether ist 4-0 or 1-0 or penalty ! We want a WIN! There is no way you can impress the ABU media, if Young doesnt win a penalty they will find something else. They will never aknowledge the Supremacy of United so I say lets not even try. Get in there Ashley Young let referees earn their money!

  9. bayoRed says:

    Jonny Evans has developed into one of the best. Its no longer just talent he is now awesome its like he has been doing this forever.


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