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VIDEO: Rooney, Welbeck and Nani’s Goals vs Everton

Manchester U. 4 – 4 Everton All Goals & Highlights by Anatolly7

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Sandeep1878 says:


    hello mate,

    disappointing day..

    But sports fans will always have ups and downs..lets move on..

    and yeah this is not a come back season…

  2. Heywood red says:

    Listen guys I am not for one minute having a pop @ Scholes the guy is a fuckin legend in my book up there with the best to wear a red shirt . @Sandeep yes I am a red ,home ,away ,Europe

  3. Sandeep1878 says:


    hello mate,

    Nope, Yaya fucking Toure will play..

    these are false rumors that he got 5th yellow so he will be suspended…

    the rule is for 7 yellow cards..

    meaning he will play the game…

  4. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Thanks Sandeep and Costas.

    Holy mother of Jet Li.

    The cunt was spot on :( No wins since the C-shield…it’s a bit worrying, looks like we have to score first at the Emptyhad. I would start Nani and Young at Shitty, their spark would run Zavbaleta and Clichy ragged and Valencia could come on and give them a good raping.

    The defence is lacking Vidic. simple as. Rio and Evans are great defenders, but Vida is our reliance personified, he scored, he defends with heart on his sleeve, he bleeds for us and the rest of the defence look to him as inspiration. Rio and Evans need to knuckle down this week and Rafael needs to continue to improve and stay fit.

    Evra just stay down the left fella, don’t give more fuel to burn with; to the argument why he should be replaced.

    Im confident of a win, a draw if we are bad.

  5. Heywood red says:

    All I am stating is Manchester United should not be bringing players out of retirement disregarding how great they are . We should be in the Market for the best around ,not using the money the club generates to pay of the gimps loans

  6. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Heywood Red
    “when we have to bring a 37 year old asthmatic out of retirement .”

    Heywood, in that sentence, where did you mention he was a great or anything slightly respectful.
    You brought up his age, his medical problem unrelated to football and his former job status and completely disrespected a man that has given us so much in two decades and STILL IS. You realised your stupidity and back tracked by calling him a great in later posts but it reeks of being disingenuous.You got frightened by the negative reactions didn’t you?

    United have not lost when Scholes is on the pitch. There is no midfielder out there, I would take ahead of Scholes coming out of retirement. Even Xavi could fuck off because we don’t know how he’d cope in this league. Scholes is better now then he was in the last 2 season and it shows on the pitch, he’s adapted again and is working harder in training according to United staff.

    I don’t love the Glazers, but Paul coming back had nothing to do with them, it was his own decision and SAF accepted his request. I think your using Glazers as an Excuse and you just want to see that mega bucks signing in Midfield for the sake of it. The greed in all of us would like that but some do not go to the extent of stripping a playing legend of all of the credit he deserves this half-season.

    How dare you bring up his asthma? Very low of you and discriminatory. Tut Tut

  7. Costas says:


    Ah thanks pal. I didn’t know what the exact situation was. Could have done with him missing, but oh well…


    Indeed. Today was the first time in a while that Vida’s absence was felt. And it won’t be easier next week. However, the players have to fight for their pride too. They have to set the record straight against City. I agree that it would suit us to score first. And as late as possible I may add…

  8. CedarsDevil says:


    Well fucking said mate

  9. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Thanks Cedars, that asthma thing really itched my balls, its never been an issue for 17 years and this bloke brings it up.

  10. James21 says:

    United’s flag is deepest red
    It shrouded all our Munich dead
    Before their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their heart’s blood dyed it’s every fold
    Then raise United’s banner high
    Beneath it’s shade we’ll live and die
    So keep the faith and never fear

    We’ll keep the Red Flag flying here
    We’ll never die, we’ll never die
    We’ll never die, we’ll never die
    We’ll keep the Red flag flying high
    ‘Cos Man United will never die

    I’m home Come on Reds fucking give me heart attacks as I’ve come to expect. You Cunts :D


  11. James21 says:

    Never mind Asthma I’ve got no nails no voice and no fucking wonder. What a game, what goals and what entertainment well worth getting up at 4:30am even if its just to see M19ke, KE, Giggs12 and Devil310. Come on Reds UNITE, never mind the shit that comes from the council house WE are Reds We are 1 and SAF will bring it home.

  12. MG says:


    Forever United


  13. CedarsDevil says:


    Most would be wise to learn from supporters like you on the true values of being a true RED

  14. James21 says:

    Forever and ever we’ll follow the boys of Man Utd the Busby babes.

    Weather we won or not I enjoyed myself being the clown.

    Manchester, Manchester United A bunch of bouncing Busby Babes they deserve to be knighted!
    If ever they are playing in your town You must get to that football ground take a lesson you and see
    Football taught by Matt Busby. Manchester, Manchester United………

    I’ve got splits in my hands through clapping. Seriously.

  15. Heywood red says:

    Same old ,same old voice an opinion &get slatted for it ,not once did I slag Scholes off ,but fuck it never let the truth get in the way . ,when it suits . + how many of you “top reds ” were at places like Kenilworth Rd ,manor ground & meadow lane in the early -mid 80′s ?

  16. CedarsDevil says:


    You have been posting here for ages and I for one never saw anything wrong with your posts mate… You were off the mark with your description of Scholes and a reaction was expected……..Its not about opinions pal

  17. Albert Ross says:

    Heywood Red

    I knew you were taking aim at the Glazers not Scholes, and I said 3 hours ago:

    Heywood Red’s “we have to bring a 37 year old asthmatic out of retirement” is aimed directly at the Glazers. He thinks it is their fault that we have Paul Scholes playing for us.

    If so, thank you Glazers for our Paul Scholes! We will never forget that you did that for us.

  18. James21 says:

    Haywood Red. Dad only took me to home games.

  19. kev e says:

    MG 18:28… Spot fucking on. Heywood Red. FFS. What the fuck are you on?

  20. denton davey says:

    Great match – wonderful goals from both teams. Just a pity that CaptainEvra hit the post – 5-4 would have made me even happier.

    For me, it was just terrific to see Nani back on-song – he’s such an electric player that I’d have him in there every match, if he’s healthy. DannyTheLad is just getting better-and-better – he still seems a tiny-bit uncoordinated but his energy is top-notch and his understanding with TheWayneBoy is crucial.

  21. Heywood red says:

    Not much response to my question regarding watching united in early 80s ,the silence is deafening .
    @ cedars ,I did not once slag Scholes off ,just voiced an opinion that I thought thesse blogs were made for .
    @ Sandeep ,you question as to if “are you a red at all ” would put my numbers of matches attended against the majority on here .
    @mg ,I got frightened by what exactly ? @Albert Ross – cheers mate at least you got what I was stating &don’t walk round with red tinted glasses on .

  22. Heywood red says:

    Not much response to my question regarding watching united in early 80s ,the silence is deafening .
    @ cedars ,I did not once slag Scholes off ,just voiced an opinion that I thought thesse blogs were made for .
    @ Sandeep ,you question as to if “are you a red at all ” would put my numbers of matches attended against the majority on here . @ Albert Ross ,cheers mate at least you got the point I was making & don’t walk around with red coloured
    @mg ,I got frightened by what exactly ? @Albert Ross – cheers mate at least you got what I was stating &don’t walk round with red tinted glasses on .

  23. RedHound says:

    Here are a few bold predictions: 1. Howard Webb will be the referee. 2. Welbeck wont start. 3. Nani, Young, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes will all start. 4. Mancini will go Italian, expect a 5-man midfield and a lone foward. 5. Since Young, Kompany and Micah will all start, expect 2 United penalties. 6. The game will have a red card 7. The worldwide audience of the game will break all records. 8. Lastly, the Sheikh and his entourage will be watching in the stands.

  24. Albert Ross says:

    Heywood red

    Please indulge my impartial opinion here expressed.

    By ‘blaming’ the Glazers for bringing back Paul Scholes, you only succeed in endearing them to most fans, because most fans are very glad he is back.

    You were trying to say that it concerns you that recently our only established addition to the team has been the return from retirement of a player that suffers a medical condition not conducive to an extended playing career. That condition (asthma) combined with his age would be warily considered by any potential buying club, and therefore the signing-on fee he could command is approximately zero. As we are the richest club in the world, you want money to be spent on bringing in established stars, which you believe is necessary; and reinforced by Sunday’s draw and other isolated performances this season.

    How did I do? Was that your message?

    Your actual text, did of course not say that at all. Your comment was structured such that it read as an attack on Paul Scholes and his dodgy lungs. That drew criticism, and rightly so. No one expects you to word your thoughts sensibly or foolishly, they just deal with what has been put in front of them. The complaints you received was a case of ‘you reap what you sow’. In this case, you threw a few seeds out the window, perhaps hoping that a neat garden would grow. Unfortunately, the Scholesium Asthmatica bush grew fastest and right in the front, so that’s all anybody sees.


  25. United are the best says:

    Hello everyone on this site What happen to united last night

  26. Giles Oakley says:

    Hi MG, I didn’t know you are asthmatic. Me too, let’s form a Wheezers for United club.

    As for the comments by Heywood, I think he expressed it badly, lacking respect for Scholes in the way he put his point over, but the fact remains, he’s right we desperately need new midfielders. We can’t rely on Giggs and Scholes for ever. And, while we’re at it, what’s going on with Cleverley? Is he not fit? Has Fergie lost faith in him? Anyone know what’s going on? I would have thought Clevs would have been ideal to beef up the midfield and put a bit of energy there yesterday, once it was clear Carrick & Scholes were getting over-run.

    Regardless of all this, now’s the time to show Mancini he’s right, United will win the title. It’s still in our hjands and this year (unlike last season) we’ve been terrific away from home. No reason why we can’t win the title with a 3 point lead with 3 games to go. We fucked up yesterday, but let’s not lose sight of those 4 brilliant goals, showing Rooney, Welbeck and Nani are all in good goal-scoring form. I can’t wait for next Monday!!

    Come on you Reds!

  27. Martz says:

    I think our attack line was ok against everton, but our main problem is mainly from the defence. Evans is not there yet, ferdinand is old and can’t perform like he use to. Evra, well same as rio fed and rafael is still maturing. As for vidic, hope he comes back fit and early next reason. We need to sign another good central defender and a player that can play but LB and RB. The midfield is not a problem if the like of tom clev. Anderson, flecter, etc will come back injury free and inform next season.

  28. denton davey says:

    It’s considered to be a truism that “goals change games”. Well, so do non-goals. IF CaptainEvra’s header had gone in and TheLads were up 5-2 then there would have been no way back for Everton. BUT, of course, hypotheticals and could-have/would-have are beside the real point – somehow, Patrice’s header didn’t go in but ricocheted off the post and beyond a couple of team-mates who “could have” knocked in the rebound.

    Like I wrote in the other post – it’s a roller-coaster. ENJOY THE RIDE.

  29. Heywood red says:

    Ok people maybe I didn’t put my point across in a good way & genuinely sorry if I caused offence to any one who suffers from asthma or knows of anyone that does . But what can not be brushed under the carpet again is our midfield is in need of a overhaul & has been glaringly obvious since Rome 09 & don’t buy the no value in the Market bullshit . Also who was it that said”Xavi wouldn’t cut it over here ” well even the most biased amongst us would be hard pressed to admit he hasnt done to bad against us in a couple of finals .


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