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VIDEO: Rooney’s Goal Against Montenegro

MON 0-1 ENG by Samu300

Wayne Rooney put England 1-0 up against Montenegro. He is now 15 goals away from being England’s all time top scorer.

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  1. Dela says:

    To be clear to other readers on these comments, I’m not taking shots at Britain at all, I just can just tell what group of British people that idiot belongs to, the same and ONLY group I’ve ever had trouble from when visiting the UK, the same people who tore up your cities in 2011, an ignorant, illiterate herd of self-loving little shits who ruin everything for everyone else. To be fair, we ALL have them in our societies. To fucking hell with them.

  2. mill says:

    The only reason Pogba didn’t start many games for United was cos he wasn’t ready,
    while Phil Jones was.
    Thats the difference.
    In SAF We Trust !

  3. belfast red. says:

    @dela. Spot on with your comments. Goat just seems to be totally ignorant. What about all the second 3rd and so on generations of irish in Manchester? And its connections with Ireland? In his opinion it dosnt matter, When i heard that bile comming from him i got angry. No need to bring his bigoted views on to a United form anyways.

  4. Dela says:

    @belfast red

    Yes, Everywhere you go in the UK there are generations of Irish families there. You find them all over the world because this island was ravaged by war and resistance for about 700 years, it makes sense that a lot of people would emigrate to escape and try to start a new life somewhere else. A lot of good Irish players played for United too and that made a big difference. I don’t like Roy Keane much anymore, but I know in the 90s and so on a lot of the kids in the country started to follow United because they just loved him. United is by far the largest supported team in Ireland. I’d say a love of football — which some nationalists here tried to fight against btw — has done quite a bit for reconciliation across the islands. When people find one thing that they can get behind, they tend to start to like each other. I’ve been to OT quite a few times since I was a young kid and I’ve never had a bad experience in Manchester, ever, whether its a United or City fan I end up talking to. It’s just a beautiful city, and nobody fucking talks like Goat, nobody.

    Every country has those idiots, the super-proud nationalists who have done fuck all and always point at and blame foreigners for everything that goes wrong. “Economy bad? FUCKING FOREIGNERS. No jobs? FUCKING FOREIGNERS! Crime up? FUCKING FOREIGNERS! We are sooo SPECIAL but everybody else fucks us up.” There are plenty of those kinds of people in Ireland too.. no shortage.. people who don’t understand the concept of evidence and facts, who don’t understand the huge benefits immigration brings to an economy… in a couple of words.. “stupid people.”

    The best thing to do with stupid people is ignore them, let them be stupid with other stupid people, fuck other stupid people and raise stupid families. They can be proud of themselves then because they accomplished what even sewer rats can…. they had kids. They can stand proud of other people’s accomplishments and sneer and grin at others with contempt. We’ve all seen these people, we’ve seen these families, the most proud and most snobby fucks that in reality drag the whole society down, if not economically, then culturally. They are the embarrassment to the good decent citizen.

    What I probably smiled at most out of Goats couple of retarded comments is how he brings up Hitler, and then goes on to insult people overseas and pretend the UK is filled with some kind of superior race. I won’t compare world powers here, but let me say it clear to Goat, no sir I am not your equal, I am better than you and I know it. I know it because of your weak-minded philosophy, you are no different to the Nazi mentality, you think you are superior just because you are you. You don’t have to prove yourself superior, you just “are”, you were born that way because your mother spat you out of her crotch on British soil, and outside of your borders everyone else is inferior. How fucking weak can you get? What are you overcompensating for? Why do you have to come in here and try to get attention from as many people as possible? It’s pathetic. You’re fucking pathetic!

    Well now that I’ve spent some time down here at Goat’s level, I shall not reply to any more of his trolling, I’m here to talk United, and so is everyone else, so STFU man, ye?

  5. belfast red. says:

    Dela have to agree with you about Manchester. Whenever i go im always made to feel welcome. and as for over here im from West belfast and i have and my family have seen alot of the ravages of war as you would say. This is certainly not the blog to be talking about it tho.. horrible bigoted comments from goat tho. offending to say the least.

  6. DreadedRed says:

    Didn’t any of you do geography back in the day? Great Britain consists of Scotland up North, Manchester down South, and ½ an island out West.

    Oh, and there’s a rugby field in a village called Cardiff; and a big clock and a river in some backwater hardly worth mentioning.

  7. Marq says:

    Haha, Dela, chill mate. The “blame foreigners” thingy is happening everywhere in the world

    For Goat to look down/non respect of other nationality of supporters, all I can say is that United will not be the size it is today without them

  8. Goat Peticoat says:

    Ok to clarify some posts

    I answered a post by Mara that was bigotted and had an anti English stance and I answered that.
    I barely mentioned Ireland in my first post and I did say I was indifferent to the Irish.
    I then got a long message that Im honest enough to say I didnt read all.
    I wasnt attacking the Irish economy rather mentioning it as a possible fault.
    I realise there are alot of Irish all over the world, in Manchester and former players.
    Like you cannot be biggoted against a group rather than treat everybody as individuals. You know the old chesnut not all muslims are terrorists they are a peaceful people. So can be said the opposite way. Yes there were some great Irish footballers but not all the Irish are footballers there are alot of wasters too as there are in any culture.
    Alot of you seem to think I look down on people with disrespect. Nothing could be further from the truth, I actually dont notice alot of you are there and I go about my life as if you werent.
    The Irish arent all clean in the matter. Read your constitution and tell me what the first part is. Would it be something to do with the first job of the Irish state is to make roads in bringing northern Ireland into southern Irish rule. This against the wishes of the residents of Northern Ireland. How is this differet to the claims of Argentina and North Korea? When whatever peace is there is done on the back of a cloud of misstrust made by the rules that one party wants to live by.
    I have no beef with the Irish. I have many Irish friends and am in a tight group of people that allow me to call them micks. Because its not what you say its how you say it. The Irish are generally friendly and loving people BUT like all communities you have a group of arseholes that bring it down. The celtic supporters for one. they seem to think all English are therefore prodestant and therefore side with Rangers. Heres some news for you Irish. 90% of the British couldnt give a fuck about god, jesus, Mary and that shower of middle eastern shite. Religion is for morons and dead beats, put yourself in whatever category you wish.
    As for the potatoe jokes. They are just that, jokes. NO irishman is offended about a tragedy that happened nearly 200 years ago and anyone who says that they are is using an old disaster to fuel an otherwise biggoted feeling that they arent man enough to just come out with and say. Like Im not upset with the Germans, not upset with the Irish bombers, not upset with Al Quida, not with the french, not with the dutch who gave us the plague, not with the Catholics, nor the romans for killing our saviour jesus fucking christ nor any other poxy group of nobodies. If you lot are sensitive to a few potatoe jokes then heres another.

    An Irishman walks into a John Lewis department store and asks the salesman if they have any potatoe clocks.
    The salesman says “youre taking the piss pal, I have alarm clocks, carriage clocks, cookoo clocks, grandfather clocks but no sodding potatoe clocks”
    Thats strange says the Irishman. “You see Ive got a new job tomorrow that starts at 9 so my wife said I should get a potatoe clock”.

    That is a joke, anyone who takes offence is exactly the kind of beanflicking wanker I said has brought England down.
    All you foreigners out there that get offended by British humour, way of expressing themselves and general British humour fuck off and stop parasiting on our culture if thats your fucking attitude.

    Explanation of the joke for the germans and other humourless countries/peoples
    a potatoe clock = up at eight o clock

  9. Goat Peticoat says:

    Yours is a shite crusade pal so run along now little boy.

    Im not biggoted against the Glazers or american owners, ask anyone on here Ive defended them to the hilt and am fucking glad for them. They are brilliant owners and I knew it from te get go.
    Dont say I hate foreigners thats a lie. I dislike profusely the Rooneys and Rios of this world but sing the praises of Valecia, Chico and Vidics of this world so where lies the biggotry there.

    You got the wrong end of the stick because your a react first think second kind of person. We have had your idiot kind in here before. Knob head culture leeching reprobates from overseas that claim something as your own, take but never give and start rewriting the rules about how things should be done. Im not BNP as I believe in the Union, the old empire (not as a tool of oppression rather a tool for togetherment), I believe in the principles of the European Union even though Im against us being in it at this present time. I believe that multiculturalism is what made Britain great BUT what I dont believe in is the dross from said foreign states with their individual hard done by chips on their shoulders trying to form the opininions of people and hiding their non arguments under the guise of racism, biggotry and other excuses for lost arguments by the general bean flickerdom.

    As far as Im concerned and this has always been my mantra – the man who cannot talk openly and freely about the problems in the world and force an engaged discussion with heated feelings about a subject in order to clean up said problem is not worth the paper his dad wiped his arse with when he bit one off too soon trying to squeeze a pathetic teaspoon full of his degenerate jizz up the cows vulva that is his mother.
    Youre one of those cretins that say the slightest thing is biggoted and try and dampen a discussion right down because you yourself are uncomfortable withe the subject. Uncomfortable because you harbour such feelings and are scared that the blushing of your face is the giveaway that you are a biggoted turn burglar, instead you hide that blush as anger to cover your guilt. A childs trick.

  10. Marq says:

    A matter can only be discussed openly if respect is given, which in this case there was a lack of it. Whether it was intentional or ignorant, the language used was what exactly Dela felt

    It is like saying Suarez was right in calling Evra negro, and saying Evra made a meal out of it

  11. belfast red. says:

    Goat get your facts right before you start with your selfrightous shit. Ireland was divided into the north and south due to english rule and the plantation of scottish protestants in the north and English lords in the south, when the easter up rising started in 1916. To stop a civil fucking war a treaty was signed by micheal collins for a free state and that the north would stay part of the common wealth until the people wanted to be part of a United Ireland again. Also that part of the constitution has now been changed due to the good Friday agreement.

  12. mara says:

    @ Goat Peticoat
    1. thank you for your time, attention and lot of shitty text.
    2. Also i wont answer on everyting, because a lot of your text was complete shit…
    3. I m not nationalist, so if you say Croatia is small country, yes it is. Coruptted? Also. Dont have justice? Yes….so all that doesnt bother me.
    What is bother me, is that you English, talking and teaching me about geography and history. LIke i said, British – English was mistake. My english is not so good, so i said British…
    So when you teaching me about geography, can you tell without looking on google, how manny countries ex Yugoslavia had? I CAN BET YOU DONT KNOW THAT! IT IS ALL SAME TO YOU.
    SCOTISH, WELSH, ENGLISH…ARE ALL THE SAME TO ME, why should i care…actually they are not, becuase average Croatian know more about history and geography than any ENGLISH. Do you know how many times were putting Yugoslavia flag, when Croatia was on the some tournaments? Himn from Yugoslavia, when Croatia was playing? And you shit bastard talking me about geography and history??? Manny of English even today asking is in Croatia still a war. And it stopped 1995. So you dont know what is happening 1.000 miles north of your country, and you will teach me history?
    “In your countries your players if they under perform have accidents or their children are kidknapped.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU RED TO MUCH ABOUT COLUMBIA, THAT IS 5.000 miles on the other side of the world, you jerk! Please tell me one example of kidknapping in Croatia, specially when we failed? And we failed once, you shithead, other was success. Tell me, i obviously dont leave here, i leave on Mars :) We have less accidents then any other country. Tell me where you can walk in capital city alone at 2 a.m. and dont be scared that someone will attack you? Maybe in some London area, or Liverpool. :)
    4. My opinion is that all English are arrogant, and that is why people dont like you. Actually, i was suprised that any of those people here didnt attacked me, except you. Why? Someone always has to be idiot. But deep inside me, i think that all English think like you.
    5. I dont like politics…but comprende…we are small country, but believe me, if we will have a chance to brake England in any tournament, we will do that, again, again and again…
    6. The only reason why is that maybe wont happend, because we are corrupted, so for some money we will let you through…
    7. Why you can t beat Montenegro? Because you are arrogant, so they will give the last atom of their strenth to beat you…and any other antion in ex Yugoslavia, we are like that. When someone is arrogant, we will kick your butt, we will die for victory, like Scotish died for freedom.
    8. Today everyone knows how to play football. Ronaldo came from country with just 10 mill people…and it is better then any of your footballer…So watching how small countries brakeing your, you will see more and more times…so get used to it.
    9. And please dont mention WW2…if you didnt have Americans, and Soviets on your side, Hitler would brake you like shit. That is hitorical fact. I wont mention what did you do to Scotish people, Irish…so keep your mouth shout on this subject.
    10. Country s like yours…all their history was takeing from others, stilling, killing…etc…and now you are on the top…that way anyone can be on the top. And at least, when you were stilling from others, you could learn something about those countries. Many people protesting these days against kapitalism in America, UK….etc…but they dont know, if your countries werent like predators through the history, you would be poor like any other nation in the world. Africa, India and others, are poor because of you, French and other colonial countries. You wouldnt have internet, iPhone, new cars…
    11. In my country is a lot of corruption in the football. Playing players for national team, that cant play for 3rd league…in all ex Yugoslavia countries is like that…Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia…etc…but with all that shit on our head, we can still beat England! So enjoy your 50 mill population country!
    12. I wont explane any of these points I wrote, again. If someone is offended, sorry, but Goat started first. I said facts, he expressed his feelings. Think lot of people are great at this blog, even if i dont agree with all of them, but you cant shit about something you dont know.

  13. mara says:

    ‘So you dont know what is happening 1.000 miles north of your country, and you will teach me history?’
    Again my bad English…I,meant south…


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