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VIDEO: Rooney’s Goal vs Fulham

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning reds! Good day!

    Anyone have an explanation for Lindegaard missing the bench.
    There was a rumor that he had revisited his ankle issue from last year, but I can’t find any confirmation of it.

    Top of the league, Where are ya City?

  2. slim says:

    Bet anyone here that steve “i’ve never won the league” Gerrard will lay another beautiful pass to aguro to score the winner as he did with Drogba

  3. slim says:

    Gosh, being a pool fan sure must suck these days. Take todays game for example. Pool winning helps us surpass them even further. Short term and long term. Simply loving it.
    Watched madrid last night and while i stand by most of my arguments after the saints game, i can understand wayne’s point of view. They look spent, out of ideas and tired. That said lije us tgey could switch on the intensity for big games. One could also argue that all that energy been spent on the classsico. If there was eve a time to smash the virus and turn ronnie’s dream into a nightmare on elm street, it’d be now. Anyway onto todays match. Come on you rat munching reds.

  4. drv3011 says:

    @JIM-it might be this song u r looking for since its the only united song with the number 32 in it:

    In ’76, This is true, A Trophy was won by a team in blue. It’s been a long time, since that date So we’ll sing a song That they f*ckn hate…  

    32 years (F*ck all)
    32 years (F*ck all)
    32 years (F*ck all)
    32 years (F*ck all)

  5. drv3011 says:

    ^sorry,its not the only utd song with the no 32 in it but to me its certainly one of the best ive heard.

  6. iced earth says:

    great result but we must improve
    evans was motm he is one of the best cb in the busniess right now
    rooney will play a crusial role n the 2end part of the season as usual
    i don t expect any favour from racistpool gerard and co will do anything to let shity got the 3 points
    we must focus on our games only i think the lads will not blow it this time
    trophy 20 is ours

  7. Rd5454 says:

    Good never doubt wazza still my no.3

  8. drv3011 says:

    @iced earth

    i agree.pool are probably gonna do their best to look worse than they already are in the game today.we’re man utd we dont need any favours from mediocre clubs.we are in an ideal position to reclaim the title ATM.

  9. Rd5454 says:

    Team next future
    Rafa jones Johnny fabio
    Wanyama Tom
    Zaha Powell kagawa

  10. brett1985 says:


    I’m not going to be rude to you but in the end you are wrong. Rooney has experience playing on the left and if anything has more defensive noose than Nani. Did you not notice the series of fantastic blocks that he made? And the point that Welbeck injects energy into the game is also well made.

    The fact of the matter is that Ferguson has got his tactics spot on this season including in big games. And this isn’t blind love because I would have been slightly critical at some times in the past- such as city away last season. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’m sure the manager had in mind days gone by in that city game where we used to be so solid defensively circa 2008/9. He now knows that those days are gone and a balance has to be struck between defense and attack which slightly more focus on attack.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Looking at the players, the added determination is as sharp as ever, last season taught united not to sit on their laurels. Everyone is blocking, heading and clearing the ball and fighting for it. It shows that (if there was any doubt) this league is a hard footballing battle and as united enter the crucial part, fight and determination in a footballing sense may well be needed, more than skill.

  12. iced earth says:

    samuel – united WE stand
    agree with you fight and determination is needed

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying tactically spot on at all times, he is capable of mistakes like any human but some seem to underestimate his tactical knowledge, how can a man be in the game for so long but lacking in that side of it?.

  14. Ash says:

    Well said samuel. It is very clear that no game is easy. I enjoyed how our striker RVP and Rooney defended. This is called team work. I can bet RVP must be enjoying. He must have also realized that here in united every players needs to perform well and give their best. It was a great sight to see. I have zero expectations from Liverpool. So Frankly I won’t be disappointed if Liverpool lose to city. If they draw or win then that would be a big bonus for us.

  15. Dan-young says:

    Daniel88 – or should I call you daniel cantwell from london who went to university in plymouth. Considering how easy it is to track a person on the internet nowadays do you think you could stop being an absolute moron coming on a united blog slagging off the players. You see, if you popped onto the underground yesterday to putney bridge and went to craven cottage to SUPPORT YOUR TEAM like I did you would have realised just how good tactically it was for SAF to bring on welbeck, hernandez and put rooney out wide. Welbz kept closing people down and having hernandez come on pushed their defensive line back which actually meant we wernt pegged back in our own box as much as we could have been. The one time they got confident and pushed up it resulted in hernandez 1 on 1 with their keeper.

    Also I want to point out when the ‘in david we trust’ flag came out yesterday the whole team smiled and pointed it out to de gea and were patting him on the head and back, was great to see! Truths known it may have been the little bit extra that helped him tip ruiz’s shot onto the post. Fulham really came at us with end to end stuff but getting a result in a game like that is something that only champions can do, great game and a fantastic result by our tactical mastermind and his incredible group of players.. Each and every one of them.

    One other thing, its funny how quiet the wankers that think we should sell rooney cause we have RVP have gone recently! .. Maybe its the fact he has scored crucial goals in our last 2 games and earnt us 2 wins when rvp hasn’t scored any, but I could just be speculating there

  16. iced earth says:

    Asmir Begovic will join Manchester United for £9m in the summer, according to a report.
    i think ddg is one the best gk in epl he need more confidence and backing and he wiil devlope into the world best
    i think that begovic will join us but as a back up or ddg may fell homesick and want to return to spain
    sir alex know that he can t bring a gk better than ddg cassilas and valdes and ……are not good enough for epl

  17. Dan-young says:

    Iced earth, don’t believe anything you read in the papers mate.. Especially the daily fail! Last week we were buying him for £15 million cause ‘a source’ says that SAF has had enough of de gea.. Since then SAF has publicly supported him in a press conference and after the game against tottenham along with evans and rooney. Its complete bullshit. Stoke have brought in butland cause he’s going to be a great keeper, and probably cause they are fed up with begovic trying to get a move away from their club. He even refused to play in an F.A cup game before cause he read in the papers that chelsea wanted him and didn’t want to be cup tied .. NOT the sort of mentality SAF goes for. Its complete horse shit

  18. Dan-young says:

    After the game against fulham*

  19. Costas says:

    In my opinion, not bringing Anderson on was a mistake yesterday. Just like it was at White Heart Lane. Our midfield was tiring and as a result they were pegging us back all the time. Other than that, I don’t believe Fergie got any tactics wrong. Daniel is an obvious attention seeking troll for anyone that hasn’t noticed…

    Anyway, if Carrick plays for England this week, Fergie should rest him against Everton. The guy needs a rest badly. Anderson will be fresh for Everton, as will Paul Scholes. And then there’s also Tom Cleverley. Surely he can play 3 times in a week every now and then.

  20. slim says:

    Nice one Dan. a bit creepy you tracking hin down though. Lol

  21. Dan-young says:

    Took me 2 minutes and wanted to put him in his place.. All in all, well worth it haha. Made me laugh when i realised he’s from london considering he’s always trying to make out he’s from manchester! Lol

  22. WeAreUnited says:

    I can’t believe and would have never believed that someone would take my reference so literally, cmon guys. I will come back later and explain , but

    firstly @slim why are you so upset for me calling Chicha as Maradona, he’s our player. I am supporting the lad, should I slate him, bash him? call him names for missing the chance? I have called Welbeck as Henry, should I be instead of calling him Henry. slating the lad? or what. If you support a player, you are called crazy, if you slate him you are called a plastic or something else. What do you guys want?
    Though it doesn’t matter, but still. Better call him Maradona than slate him. Do you agree?

    Yes he screwed the chance, I know, he should have done a lot more better, do you really think I was happy with that,surprised YES. but not happy. Look, I am fair with every United player, just that on some players my expectations are higher than for some. So take it easy, it’s a good thing to call him Maradona, and not a bad, but to take it so literally is even funnier haha.

    @samuel of course my glasses are red ;)

    Look my reference to Maradona was only for a couple of reasons, and I am now only talking about Chicha and no other players so don’t bring others into the question, these days Chicharito’s all around
    game has improved and the reference was because, nowadays he challenges players with the ball and goes past players, he’s more confident on the ball and running with it. Nothing more.

    That’s why I said he has become Maradona, with a little smile in my face, I never said HE IS Maradaona, it’s funny how people can jump the gun on these threads, I understand that It sounded a little red tinted, but I am supporting my player and suddenly I am the deluded guy?
    Who are you @slim supporting, and not pointing fingers, Maradona or Chicharito the ManUtd player, who I even said will have it hard to play because of RVP and Rooney, which implies if you read more carefully my coments, that I don’t believe that Chicha is Maradona :) only made a reference.

  23. WeAreUnited says:


    I agree with you mate, like I did against Tottenham for not bringing Ando. Maybe it’ the Ando injury thing and SAF didn’t want to put him and take the risk. who knows.

    But I agree on Ando.

    AND, if the case is that ANdo wasn’t risked, then we are definitely in a need for another midfielder next season, now that Fletch is sick and Scholesy not playing anymore that much.

    until then Cleverley is for sure up to 3games in a row, or we are in a freak show, where 2 of our 3 best midfielders can’t play 3 games in a row for ManUtd :D

  24. Daniel88 says:

    @ Dan-Young

    ” Daniel88 – or should I call you daniel cantwell from london who went to university in plymouth ”
    - My name is Daniel Berry from Manchester. I have never been to London or Plymouth.

    ” Considering how easy it is to track a person on the internet nowadays do you think you could stop being an absolute moron coming on a united blog slagging off the players ”
    - HA HA HA. Its easy to track a person down yet you utterly failed.

    98 Higher Wood Street
    M24 5SN.

    … hopefully this will prevent any further embarrassment on your part. Leave the detective work to the pro’s and dont quit your day dole.

  25. dasilvatwins says:

    Dont get me wrong i love cleverly, but why can he not play two games in a row or finish games regularly . dont get me wrong i understand he runs till his legs fall off in every game, but as a professional footballer playing for man utd he should be able to put a sting of 90 min games together. i at times find it incredible and annoying

  26. Daniel88 says:

    @ brett1985

    I appreciate you not being rude. Sure Rooney has experience on the left and he does a good job at defending his side but he is still a striker. This was shown time and time again where he was caught narrow allowing crosses into our box. The same thing on the other side with Welbeck when he was introduced.

    For every time the tactics have been right they have been wrong five times.

    Away from home holding onto a lead in the last ten minutes is not the time for all four strikers to be on the pitch. A better team would have make us pay like Spurs did at OT.

  27. Daniel88 says:

    @ Pratyush

    ” It’s not ‘people’ who think that SAF isn’t terrible tactically, it’s just you who thinks that SAF is a bad tactician ”
    - Fergie openly admits his record in Europe isn’t good enough and its no coincidence our best period was with Carlos Queroz at the club.

    ” SAF shifted Rooney to the left because Chica can’t play as a winger, whereas Rooney, being adept at playing anywhere in the opponents half, can ”
    - Rooney was our best player on the day so should be kept in position. Just because Rooney is happy to do a job doesn’t mean he should. We have midfielders on the bench we dont have to flog a star striker out of position. I’d would have taken RVP off and put Kagawa on.

    ” Our movement improved when Rooney went left, and it was this horrible decision of SAF’s that led to the goal ”
    - Only Hernandez’s movement improved.

    ” Sure the Fulham defense made a mistake, but that was only because they had another striker to worry about with Chica being brought on ”
    - Rooney was playing in Nani’s position so logic suggests if this mistake happened in the 30th minutes Nani would have been put clear. Nothing to do with the change. Fergie moved our best player on the day out of position, they made a mistake and he finished it well.

    ” The decision to bring on Welbeck was justified because he injects energy into the game, and provides an outlet that can run down time, while at the same time giving the Fulham defense another reason to be worried ”
    - Yet none of that happened. What happened was Fulham getting two vs one on Rafael putting in dangerous crosses because Welbeck was caught narrow. Same thing on the other side with Rooney but not as much because Wayne is a little more disciplined.

    “Must you criticize everything United do?”
    - Just the unnecessarily bad things. Like ridiculous starting line ups, tactical changes, patterns of play and substitutes.

  28. Daniel88 says:

    @ MansionOfTheReds

    ” what would have been your tactical masterplan as manager? ”
    - Play my best players in their correct positions. RADICAL PLAN

    ” Stand at the sidelines and criticise the team? Cos thats all you do here ”
    - Send an email to United. I would happily be Fergies tactician. SHIT. Considering the standards of the current staff … I COULD NOT DO ANY WORSE. Literally.

  29. Daniel88 says:

    @ Dan-Young

    You seriously think you have tracked me down you pathetic little loser … you haven’t. That is the reason you are on the doll. You are wrong. I was born in Manchester and live in Manchester.
    You keep peddling this bullshit.
    I will call somebody on here off my house phone.
    Why is that interesting ? … because of the area code.
    You know that Manchester area code is 0161 right ? …… right ?

  30. brett1985 says:


    If team selection and tactics haven’t gotten united to the top of the league then what has? Consider that fact that even some united fans say that this isn’t a vintage united side…

    Back to the substitutions. This is a just a small compromise that we have to make. Ferguson has developed the best squad he can. He has acquired a variety of players who offer something different tactically. I think things are weighted for attacking play overall. No two strikers are ‘the same’. We now have a genuine central attacking midfielder in Kagawa- something we havent had for years. So when we bring Rooney and Welbeck on I’m just glad that their is some rationale for it. Rooney does track back well, Welbeck can carry the ball with boundless energy away from our box.

    Where I do tend to agree is that you can’t operate with these compromises in a really bid match. Anderson is a prime example. He played against Southampton and must have given the ball away 6 times in the first half. I found agreement with folk around me that this was going to cost us against Real. He can’t play in that game.

    So I assume we are gearing up to Real as our major test. It wont be easy. I feel good tactics will be only our first concern. But I’d be surprised if we end up complaining about the tactics. Defense picks itself (with Evans and unlucky sub). Hard working wingers, cleverly and carrick with Rooney and Van Persie up front. Standard tactics and formation. If its like that then the only area open to query will be substitutions and that depends on how the match goes.

  31. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:


    “Excuse me but what an earth ae yoi talking about. Maradona ?
    Give me break. Tha same player who fluffed his one one with keeper and fucked up the chance of going 2 up. Yeah some diego he’s turong out to be”

    WeAreUnited is one of the nicest, most positive posters on here. If you follow his posts, you’d know he hardly ever has anything negative to say about anything Man Utd-related. To the contrary, he builds up our players immensely–to the point of hyperbole. But it’s INTENTIONALLY over the top for positivity’s sake.

    You, on the other hand, by your comment above, just slated one of our most effective players this season because he missed a one on one with the keeper–like that never happens to other, legitimately great strikers. Wazza, our hero this week, just recently fluffed a similar chance–or have you forgotten. It happens. No need to rag on our strikers–especially one as deadly as Chico–after one such mistake.

    I’ll be interested to see how you respond after Hernandez saves our rear ends yet again this season–because you know it’s going to happen.

    Let’s see what you have to say then.

  32. Daniel88 says:

    @ brett1985

    ” If team selection and tactics haven’t gotten united to the top of the league then what has ? ”
    - The fact we refuse to know when we are beaten, some excellent attacking players and the PL being the worst its been standard wise in a long time.

    Jonny Evans is not the unlucky substitute he starts alongside Nemanja Vidic.
    He was easily MOTM versus Spurs getting in the way of everything, stopping people one on one and his distibution out from the back was excellent as usual. A part of Rio Ferdinand’s game that has gone to shit and something Chris Smalling has never been good at and really needs to improve.

  33. Daniel88 says:

    * Fulham not Spurs *

  34. brett1985 says:

    Whilst the comparison to Maradona is a bit strange I think we can all agree that Hernandez is an ideal players to have. In similar fashion to Ole he is accepting of being the 3rd striker at the club. Obviously this affords him plenty of match time. regadless However, he must be aware that he will be subject to being on bench in certain matches. It’s a shame in one way as he’s a class act who is never out of place in the first 11. It’s just Rooney and Van Persie are amongst the 5 best strikers in Europe.

    It is a squad game these days and most 3rd/4th choice strikers do get their chance but when teams like City buy 4 big egos you end up with toys out of the pram from the likes of Tevez. We don’t want that and we don’t have it. There is no space at the inn for another 20m striker. Hernandez is a happy person, so too is welbeck. They give their all and do not complain. In terms of personality as well as quality this is the best we’ve had since 1998-9.

  35. brett1985 says:


    Those could be valid reasons too. I do think the attacking play has been facilitated by attacking tactics as much as talent. The idea that we have the mentality to never say die is one thing but there still has to be a structure or method which enables the attacking. At the very least the way we play has been dictated by the purchases. The ‘need’ to buy Van Persie has been influenced by a desire to setup and play a certain way, not just because he has excellent control and individual abilities. For more overtly effective tactical ploys I think back to the Chelsea game where we have overrun them down the flanks in an away match in the first 30 minutes. That was inspired and courageous. It was also spot on given Chelsea’s narrow shape at the time.

    I like your positivity about Evans. Possibly correct if we feel the need for some youthful energy in there beside vidic. Nobody will be able to fully control Ronaldo so it just depends how we rate their strikers. How mobile in Benzema? Rio was majestic against fulham too and hes very experienced at that level. I think I remember him getting skinned by Raul some 10 years ago!

  36. Daniel88 says:

    @ brett1985

    I have to disagree with the attacking tactics as much as the attacking talent. There is no better illustration than the Fulham game. Shocking substitutions and tactical changes but Fulham made one poor mistake and a talented player gets in and sticks it in the net.

    I have no problem giving credit where its due. The back line against Fulham were fantastic. Unfortunately in front of them they were all over the place. At this moment in time Evans is better than Ferdinand. I really worry about Ferdinand’s distribution. Playing 4-4-2 away in Spain would be a mistake. We have problems getting outnumbered in the middle by lower PL teams Madrid would have a field day.

    Good to speak to you Brett. It makes a nice change talking to somebody who will debate the arguments rather than discussing the person. Especially when those people are trying to attack my credibility when I have more than all of them combined. I’m gonna go to the pub and cheer on a draw.

  37. WeAreUnited says:

    @Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

    people tend to read only the stuff they like and make a “point”. anyway,

    Cheers mate, you really made my day, and I mean it. I know this is only a thread on the Internet, but it’s amazing how it still can feel great when one says good things, cheers! :) thank you for the kind words once again and for understanding me :) thank you again mate!


    yeah the reference was a bit strange, but I gave my reasons mate! and I agree 100% with you on everything you said about Chicha and his role.
    It’s a shame that he’s “only” our third choice, but he has to deal with that and he knows our history and loves our clubs and is a good person, so he doesn’t care.

    The best thing with Chicha is that even that he has accepted that he is our third choice, similar to Welbz has accepted him being played out of position, they are happy with that.
    Chicha scores and assists in his 15 or 90 minutes.
    So yes’ I will call him Maradona with the runs he makes these days :) is he Maradona? no hehe, but I love the lad, he’s quality! deserves the praise.

    Chicharito aka “maradona”
    2012-2013: 21/12 ~ start:14, goals: 10 and 4 assists ~ sub: 10, goals: 4 and 1 assist.

  38. WeAreUnited says:


    even though your rant at
    “February 3, 2013 at 03:07
    Daniel88 says: The time was added on because two brain dead cocksuckers ( Rooney & Ferdinand ) were stood arguing with the fucking referee.”

    was a bit over the top and you seem to exaggerate things, when we’re 7 points on the top and 10 if City lose. You make United seem the worst team in the PL, when we are top of the league BABY! That’s why I made my comment about you making me laugh, cause it was so unexpected for me.

    but one thing I get it, that you demand United to be the best possible and don’t accept being a sheep and just accepting everything, even though we as supporters have no words on the selection, but trying not to be a sheep, doesn’t mean to rant for everything possible and make us seem bad, when we lead the league and possibly can go ver yfar in the Champions League. That I don’t accept from you, the everyday rant.

    You made some good points and some bad points that I agree with you in the comments -> “February 3, 2013 at 14:25″,
    People should not go against you for your points, just that you mate, seem to rant everyday, so it looks a bit bad and you support the team, so the meaning support means through the thick and not ranting all day long.
    Next time when you want to rant, think of this,
    We won, 3 points, rush hour game, 6 changes again and other teams are losing points when we are winning, deep squad, top of the league baby. Nothing more.

  39. brett1985 says:

    Well cheering on a draw is something everyone can join in. One hand on the trophy dare I say it. Provided we continue with the same professional approach.

    As for your comments overall, there are some I agree with and some I disagree with but regardless of any of this it is going to be a very tough match. Even if we have our best players available and make every correct manoeuvre tactically- we can still lose. But that’s why it is an exciting prospect. It wouldn’t be such a great tie on paper if each side didn’t provoke fear in the other.

  40. murt73 says:

    If you are so astute tactictally and know so much in general why is it you are not managing a team and proving your worth.. ?
    I mean you can start off with a non league team.. See how long it takes you to work your way up.. Then maybe then try get a team like Aberdeen and win in europe with them beating maybe The MIghty Madrid!..Then go to premier league and win at the top level again in Europe and numerous EPL titles.. Then you can come back here and maybe your opinion will be respected more..
    You see talk is cheap and so until you actually prove you can do it your not really in a position to be so critical of someone who has proven to be so succesful..On what grounds can you possible think you know more…oh yes self delusion of course

  41. Sushi says:

    Fucking Liverpool scum I told u lot they’d throw the game

  42. Sushi says:

    Fucking media scum had our keeper made such a mistake…..

  43. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:


    No problem, mate. Cheers.

  44. King Eric says:

    Dan Young – Fucking quality putting that fucking cunt Daniel in his place. Mug.

    Jim – Kicking a Blue is the song.

  45. Daniel88 says:

    @ WeAreUnited.

    On the Ferdinand, Rooney and Referee incident my anger is justified. Two of the teams senior players arguing with the referee in extra time is ludicrous. We all know pressure applied by the opposition in extra time is tough ESPECIALLY when the whistle *should* already have gone.

    I dont rant everyday but what’s the internet for apart from ranting ? … porn being the obvious exception.

  46. DreadedRed says:

    Daniel88 – calling SAF, Rio, Rooney etc terrible names, is not justified.

    You can rant without being a selfish cunt about it.


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