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VIDEO: Rooney’s Goal vs Sunderland

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MG says:

    Let’s be honest

    That must have been the most expensive Premiership trophy ever won by an assembled team


    I wonder what I could buy for 950 million!

    I wouldn’t want to buy a team winning 1 title that’s for sure!


  2. Dont Stop Beleiving says:

    Hello ROMers, First time post so go easy on me!

    As a young (comparatively)! Utd fan I’ve led the good life. Cant really complain much tbh. The boss has spoiled us lot and god knows where we would be if it wasnt for him.
    Anyways, I just want to write in saying that, Yes a lot of people will be afraid and nervous. But then lets leave the criticism to the Cunts, we are the supporters, sremain United through thick and skin.

    For those who think that There will not be a reaction, they are deluding themselves. As people have pointed out, this season has bee real fucked up this season. Just imagine City without Toure and Kompany, Arsenal without Persie and Vermaelen and so on. Does anyone here really think that they could get 89 points and push it to the last minute? Oh and not to forget the fact some great servants have retired. So in a nutshell keep your head high. Be angry, be furious. Its that passion which will get our trophy back. But for gods sake Dont turn on the lads. Not on the gaffer.

    Here is to a season which we will make amends for, here is to a transfer window where we finally reinforce the midfield and here is to Engurland and Chelsea majorly fucking themselves up

  3. MG says:



    Leeds would have easily beaten City!

    Even Liverpool

    On second thoughts no they wouldn’t have

    Leeds I don’t know where the fuck they are and as for Liverpool Steven Gerrard would have played a back pass one after the other just to make sure we couldn’t do it!


  4. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Seasons have ended everywhere now and there are some rather interesting final finishes that will most definitely have an impact on transfer plans around Europe, perhaps even our own plans as many have highlighted its time to buy.

    Malaga finished 4th in la liga which means Bilbao and A Madrid won’t be in CL next year. Villareal were relegated so many of their players will be leaving.

    Both Napoli and Inter missed out on the CL which will means some of their players are going to want to leave.

    We all know who the main names are connected to those clubs so we have some major moves coming. Some of those will be “value for money” if we show interest.

  5. MG says:

    If only I had a De Lorean


  6. MG says:


    Just don’t mention Sneijder mate – he’s the elephant in the room!


    Goodnight United

    Forged with Watson The Red Knight will Rise

  7. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I’m sad and bored, So Im going to pick the England 23-man squad for the Euro’s :lol:

    Hart, Ruddy, Stockdale
    Richards, Walker,Terry,Cahill,Jones,Lescott,Cole,Baines
    Barry Carrick Parker
    Gerrard Lampard Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Walcott Sturridge Young
    Rooney Welbeck Carroll

    I would win the Euro’s managing that shite 8)

  8. denton davey says:

    Earlier this week we learned that YaYa wants “to end his career” where his heart is – in Barcelona.

    I wonder if Jo$e has his sights on a new central defender – Vincent Kompany. But, of course, “only God knows”.

  9. Dont Stop Beleiving says:

    @ Clint:

    Not going to lie just have a feeling that scholsey will be there somewhere


  10. LUFCWhite says:

    I sense a good season for Leeds coming up. Playoffs, auto promotion, possibly even league winners!

    We’ll be back. Looking forward to competing with you lot for the Europa League spots in a few season times!

  11. MG says:

    Yes you see the hypocrisy LUFC

    You think you will be back

    Back to fucking what?

    You haven’t been anywhere for fucking years

    But let’s say you choose to be back

    Then what stops us?

    Just get into the Premiership – that would be good enough for you

    Raped by Risdale – because you wanted too much glory too soon – you’ve got fuck all – Manchester United have built a club and foundations to last – this is a time we will have to go through – but won’t end up like you fucking flat on your ass and nowhere to be seen

    Where the fuck are you again?

    That’s how much not of worth you are

    Thanks for replying when you couldn’t take the fucking heat – fucking coward

    Cedars is always right – the shit on you fucking assholes is incredible – fucking troll

    I would never fuck off to a Leeds site or Liverpool site or any other site

    You do fuck all for me – however what you get off on here is understandable

    Near enough to fucking what you want to be.

    I’m sure someone else will take care of you now I need to have my beauty sleep

    As for the Europa League – well you may want to check first – it’s the CL again for us lot – remember that? You know when you were trying to play with the big boys spending more than what you could afford.

    Just like city?

    Fuck the fuck off

  12. Jesper Blomqvist says:

    With that kind of money and the squad they’ve assembled Shitty were favourites from the start. That is regardless of us dropping points against Everton and Wigan.

    Now I’m more hungry than ever and I know Fergie and the boys are too. As when Mourinho’s Chelsea won it, we became the underdogs and turned the tables on them. We’ll do it again.

    We can hold our heads high. So proud of their performance yesterday.

    Also, bring on the young samurai (Kagawa).

  13. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    lol at competing for Europa spots. We won’t be, and you certainly won’t be. Shit cunts

  14. Costas says:

    At the rate they’re going, they’ll compete with FC United for the Europa League berths long before they can compete with us again.

  15. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Is there still life here. Not ashamed to admit I can’t sleep.

    @ MG Lol pal. Tried to avoid saying that, its a trigger word to start a war on here!

  16. RedHarry4Life says:

    Just on Barton sending off what about tevez punched barton before barton stuck the elbow in. Will the Fa tgake a look at that? Where the fuck was the lineman did he only see bartons and couldnt see tevez?

    How much they did they cost Sheik Manswhore

  17. Ash says:

    MAY 13, 2012 AT 23:43

    Good post. There are many good players that can be bought for cheap if we show interest. Its not like we can’t spend. We need to spend around 75 millions on right players and then we can dominate in all front.

    Kagawa deal should be done ASAP. No need to delay it. There are 3 top players in europe who will be available Javi Martinez, Hazard and Cavani. Now I would prefer Martinez but if we sign any one from these three we will dominate again. Ok they may cost more than 30 millions but I won’t mind spending 30 millions on a top player.

    We also need a striker to replace Berba and owen. We don’t need to spend that much on a striker. Will keane will join the squad. I won’t mind if we sign Raul on free. He would be better than Owen. But if not then we could look for a decent striker at a decent price. No need to spend more than 20 millions on a striker.

    Coming to defence, I feel we should promote some of our talented kids from reserves. M.Keane has been great in defence for reserves. Fryers should be given contract extention. He is a real deal. Can’t afford to lose him. He should be gradually promoted. Other than that we are frontrunner in signing Nathan Clyne from Palace. He looks like the future of england defence.

    So from my above observation we have to sign 4 players and that would be enough for us to dominate

    Kagawa – 15 millions (Don’t think he will cost just 7 millions)

    Martinez/Cavani/Hazard(Any one) – 35 millions

    A striker- Not more than 15 millions

    Clyne- 5millions

    So we have to spend 70 millions which is not that much. Remeber we will also sell some players.So we need to buy some quality players without fail

  18. mancdub says:

    United won’t spend 70 million.
    Trust me on this one. It won’t happen.

  19. Indonesia MANUTD says:

    ladies and gentlement here it is 95 minutes champion “Manchester shitty”….. what the f

    i just wanna add my opinion,,, only 2 teams that deserve to lift Premiere league;
    2. Other Premiere league contestant

    We will keep the red flag flying high coz Man United will never die!!

  20. Sparkz says:

    Can’t sleep, still haunted by yesterday’s events. I think people are going OTT on the negativity though. This is a growing team – hell, even next year a lot of the players won’t be the finished article. Unfortunately, the modern day fan wants instant results and instant perfection.

  21. RedHound says:

    Gutted of course, but brilliant article

    this paragraph below reminded me of how much we’d come to take the league for granted, i remember one particular article last season after the barca defeat, which insinuated that the premier league was no longer enough for manchester united.

    “……..This might sound odd coming from a diehard Man U supporter, but I’m not that sad.

    Manchester United has won the league title in four of the last six years. If you win every year it stops being a cause to celebrate, stops giving you something to strive for. This defeat gives every Man U supporter across the globe a reason to want to win the title next year more than ever.

    A new season is only three months away.”

  22. mancdub says:

    I really don’t understand why people get involved in transfer speculation. It’s true we need to strengthen a couple of positions but posting on the Internet who you think we should buy is both futile and really rather childish. It’s like writing a letter to Father Christmas.
    We have a pretty good manager that takes care of these things. 
    Why get excited about something that probably won’t happen.
    I don’t want to put anyone down but if people want to see huge superstar signings they are following the wrong club. It’s not the United way.

  23. Ash says:


    Why not? Last season we spent around 55 milions. This time Sir alex knows he has to buy to win trophies. Spending 70millions on 4 or 5 players is not that much. Spending that much of money on a single player is what United will never do but spending it on 4 players they will do.

    And Like I Said we will sell some players so we will recoup atleast 10 millions if not more. Honestly if we are smart we could easily recoup 20 millions by selling Berba, Pogba, Park and other fringe players.

    We need a star player and not a squad player only. In hindsight it is possible and it is the right way to move forward.

  24. Ash says:


    Its clear your last post was addressed towards me. Listen dude this is a Blog and blog like this is for discussion and expressing one’s thoughts. I didn’t mention any superstar to be signed. Every player I mentioned are linked to us and we have great chance of signing them, So I See no point why you are affected. Its a Banter. IF you want to join it you are welcome if not then Don’t join.

  25. Ash says:

    “Why get excited about something that probably won’t happen.”

    How do you know we won’t sign any good players. So you are underestimating Our club’s ambition. Every one including Sir alex knows we need some quality players. From you arguments its you who are commenting like a child.
    Just take a chill pill. I know what happened last night was hard to digest but it was expected that city will win. We can only think about next season and what better way than to discuss about our summer transfers.

  26. Voice of Reason says:

    We sold the 2nd best player in the world and have replaced him with good but not great players – time to find a great talent whocandeliver now and to properly strengthen midfield. And use Nani properly …grossly underutilised this year

  27. RedHound says:

    Once again i would like to thank Scott for the existance of this blog, its priceless on days like this.

  28. FootballPakistan.Com says:

    Would have preferred a comfortable Citeh win yesterday rather than the painful drama in the end.

    United should be proud of their effort the entire season, but the huge question marks left on their poor European performances, questionable defending in certain games, and the horrible 4-4 draw with Everton (and losing at home to fricking Blackburn!) need to be addressed thoroughly and properly.

    A basic over-haul of the midfield is needed. If the news about getting Shinji Kagawa or Nicolás Gaitán is true then I expect the fat to be trimmed. Sorry to say but Anderson will most likely be sold, as would the fringe players like Macheda. I expect Michael Owen to be released as well.

    I have no problem with our defence – despite its inconsistent form – and our strikers, its the midfield that needs an overhaul. With Fletcher’s condition not getting any better and Scholes/Giggs need to be used sparingly, it is high time to beef up the centre.

    Bring on next season. Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea have come and gone. Now its Citeh’s turn to face our reaction.

  29. mancdub says:

    I never said we won’t sign any good players. I said we won’t spend £70m.
    If you want to spend your summer months dreaming that’s your business. But until I see a player in a United shirt I don’t believe 
    a word in the press regarding transfers.

  30. nikechap says:

    Kagawa deal is the most optimistic but he is an attacking mid, the role which Rooney has played most of this season. If he comes in, then he will be tried at the wings which will allow only Nani/Valencia/Young to start.
    Hoping we will dump Owen, and with Berba on his way out, we can welcome Del Piero with a red carpet.

  31. JT says:

    rumour has it, United have a deal in place to sign Falcao from Atletico…

  32. Dazbomber says:

    For me City’s win is a hollow victory , give half a billon to Accrington Stanley they would win the league . It’s going to be a shit day at work today a lot of Blue twats god help me.

  33. PissedOffRed says:

    This feels like the time Chelsea had Mourinho all over again………..

  34. Dazbomber says:

    JT- we will be linked to every man and his dog

  35. james21 says:

    The day after the storm time to start building and looking at the seasons mistakes. SAF is the best man to topple shitty. I don’t actually begrudge shitty their triumph because tbh I don’t give a fuck about them. I only watch them when they play Utd so not really interested whats going on there. Utd still managed 89 points which is a fantastic haul for an aparent shit team. We don’t need 5 or 6 players just two decent midfielders and maybe a left back. Time to move on and upwards. Roll on August and the singing section. UTD UTD UTD.

  36. Peter says:

    The difference between us and Liverpool is that when we say “it will be our year next season” …. We actually fucken mean it!!!

  37. Ji Sung says:

    JT fuck right off u bellend!!!

  38. Vilhelm28 says:

    We won three years in a row and one cannot expect to continue winning, just the law of statistics. SAF has a plan, rest asure, and we will all begin to se it in the comming weeks.

    If we had to lose it, better this way than getting butchered and not being in contention.

    SAF do your magic.

  39. james21 says:

    right off to play with gas. Later Reds. We’ll never die.

  40. Jeet says:

    Ok, lads – the morning after…how does it feel? :)

    Personally speaking, I was physically sick for a few hours, and then the defence mechanism kicked in and I said to myself, “What the fuck. Get a grip – this is sports. It’s meant to break your heart at some time or the other.”

    Already feeling much better in the morning (though it is in times like this that I thank God I don’t stay in Manchester). Many thanks to posters on here for demonstrating a healthy dose of maturity, and particularly to MG for trying to lift our collective spirit.

    I’ll say this – it is what it is. We could go on and on about what ifs – Vidic’s injury, Fletch’s illness, Fergie’s tactics, Evans’s redcard, Rooney’s nightout before the Blackburn game, Wigan/Everton, non-penalty against the barcodes, right up to Joey Barton. All of that is ifs and buts. Pointless. As Fergie said 2 years back, we could go on and torture ourselves like that, but we’re better than that. “What ifs” are not for us. “What is” is better and “What will be” is for us to shape.

    The table does not lie. The table says that we were second best. By the narrowest of margins ever. So to Manchester City, I’ll say, “Well done. Congratulations, it’s been great fun competing.” No shame in that – after all, we are spotsmen. So accept it we must. If there are jibes coming my way (and you won’t believe – I couldn’t, how much shit we are getting here in India from Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool supporters), I’ll smile, shrug my shoulders and say, “We tried hard – not to be”. Suck it in. Use your anger constructively. Internalize it, stoke the fires gently for later use, don’t let the energy dissipate in trying to answer pointless taunts. Draw a line under it – no ifs and buts, and look ahead.

    Being a part of the Manchester United community demands this from us – we take it on the chin, hold our heads high, be gracious to our opponents, and treat adversity the only way we ever should – as a challenge. Because THAT is who we are.


  41. RedHound says:

    Wishlist time,..



    Kagawa, Sissokho, James, Falcao, and get that Nick Powell kid,

  42. RedHound says:

    Jeet, morning after? more like night after, i bloody couldnt sleep, my mind kept conjuring up images of qpr defending for those last 2 minutes. when i finally slept at about 2am i woke up at 3:30 am.

  43. MG says:

    Troll Busters are open for business!


    Morning United ;)

  44. das says:

    i couldn’t even watch the MOTD highlights from the CIty game. looks like i will be tuning out from football until the Euros. Very gloom, but there’s nothing to complain about. CIty were the better team throughout the year and they played some good attacking football. hopefully losing out on the titles means there will be players coming in, of the high caliber and for the midfield.

  45. fergie is the boss says:

    Ash – I think many think the glazers back pockets are empty

  46. denton davey says:

    Voice of Reason: “use Nani properly …grossly underutilised this year”

    I’ve made similar comments before but SAF thinks otherwise. I don’t know why because Nani is the most skilled and most tricky of the trio of wingers – and he can play on either side.

    Nani is a game-changer but “inconsistent” (which seems to come-with-the-territory) whereas Antonio Valencia – and to a lesser extent Ashley Young – are players whose job-description is to “feed” the strikers.

    It’s the same story with Chicharito/DannyTheLad – one is a game-changer the other is a more complete player who isn’t as frightening for the opposition.

    I reckon that one addition – someone to “replace” DarrenFletcherinho will suffice, as long as the injury list can be properly managed.

    I asked yesterday if there was any out-field player other than CaptainEvra who was knackered for some period and missed matches = is that bad luck or bad physic/training ?


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