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VIDEO: Scholes, Chicharito, Buttner and Powell Goals vs Wigan

Resumen: Man.United 4-0 Wigan by Emenderk

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Zibbie. Where your pal Cedars, doesnt seem the same without him. Of course we had a falling out but for someone to just up sticks and move on like that it seems a bit of a loss. He was a volumous poster and had made alot of friends on here. Scotts hits have taken a suffer and possibly some revenue. Hes not holding out for a cut is he, lol. Youve been quiet too of late.

  2. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Ive never backed down from an argument, I can argue the toss even if I dont believe in it myself. Never been liked by my peers and never requested to “come to dinner”. I wonder why? O’well if you lot enjoy it then I have a purpose in life. lol

  3. Proverb says:

    Hahaha @goat
    Worthy pointing out on that too

    But he’s sorely missed

  4. Zibbie says:

    Goat, Cedars and STR had some battles, the last one was about advertising another forum to much. He has been banned. I saw were you 2 were talking before that. I truly miss Cedars , Willie, Mike, Jimmy, on, and on.
    I saw it coming the attacks of the wurms and trolls got to him. He took their personal attacks personal?

  5. Zibbie says:

    Tony if you do battle with Goat you will get the Horns! The man can articulate through the written word.

  6. TonyBee says:

    Goat… Cedars was banned from ROM as far as i can tell for posting about the ‘other’ site…..

    Another clique has tried to takeover but they haven’t got his humour and stick to belittling others …

    but it sure aint the same …had way more fun with the old Lebanese tart doing his stuff…

    me….. i just like arguing….

  7. Zibbie says:

    I have mates like U Goat, to smart, supper at what they do, for a living or fun. True arrogant ass’s. The one’s I have befriended, know their an ass. The ones who do not think this, I have the smarts and emotional intelligence along with verbal assassin qualities that can make them cry. Not all but most. The type or written word is hard for me.

    Like Wayne harsh but one consistent muther fucker. I know how to take him. The inconsistent people watch out for.

  8. belfast red. says:

    Been reading the posts on this site 4 2years now. Dont realy say much myself because most of it gets coverd anyway. Love this site asmuch as U.W.S fanzine long may it last. Keep up the good work R.O.M.

  9. Zibbie says:

    At least your here TonyBee ! A few more as well, Fletch, Costas, Willie 4 posts a week. MG has been a miss with his medical eye condition!

    Cedars Tree and Willie the big bad Wolfie could make a slow day fun!!!!!

  10. Proverb says:

    Cedara at his best, worth a testimonial surely

    edarsDevil says:

    I want to vote for Cyrine, hot Lebanese babe surely to be my wife soon!!

  11. Zibbie says:


  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I wasn’t around but realised darren fletcher is getting back, good news because as a midfielder, he offers something different. Whether he’ll return as his same energetic self remains to be seen but he has an abundance of experience.

  13. Zibbie says:

    Proverb PARASITE FUCK, YOU HAVE HURT ROM!!!!!!!!!!

  14. parryheid says:

    Dreaded Red.

    Correct again,as for such a man we do already have him unfortunately, not I fear before the new year if that.And I agree in the right circumstances probably around the 60minutes what you suggest would have been the case,but alls well that ends etc etc.

  15. Zibbie says:

    Oh I love Dr Dread as well. He is a true asset to RoM!!!!!!!

  16. Zibbie says:

    Not many stretch my mind, make me think. Here I have found many. Thanks RoM.

    This is part of the evolution of RoM. In all still a great Blog!! I like blogs!!

  17. Proverb says:

    How to handle a dog attack???

  18. Zibbie says:

    Run away you fuck! That’s how, now back the fuck off do not reference me or Cedars got it. Or every time I see you it is on. I will come to you in your dreams SARA 911 that is who you call you fuck, NEVER MENTION CEDARS AGAIN!!!!!!!

  19. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Zibbie TonyBee
    Shame. As I said he is missed on here and I dislike banning people even though this is StRs blog and he can do as he see fit. I believe in all sides to an argument however repulsive and abhorrent and its up to the word of reason and debate to pull us all to the middle.
    All he has to do though is come in here under a different alias and reroute his IP. The Wums as you put it I know sod all about. There was one, according to others but that seems to have died down? (not sure as i dont read what idiots are posting). That person probably only stayed around because of the responses he was getting, people like that get bored very quickly.

  20. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Calm it down lads. Personal attacks are no fun to read. Jesus my somewhat wayward generalisations get enough stick I wouldnt start on the personals, just not worth it. A battle that can never be won online.

  21. Zibbie says:

    Goat I have seen you say that before, it is sad we loose so many to keep a few idiots.
    I like the free for all here!!!!!!!!
    Off to Mom’s for lunch!!!

  22. Zibbie says:

    Goat I get it, 911, Sara Prov knows what I mean. I’m done. He attacked Cedars for months So no need to keep it up now he is gone.
    Next! All up to Prov.

  23. daemondada says:

    Reds the world over.In the light of our being in SAF’s twilight years,I enjoin any and all of us,especially those of us with any form of clout to effect the future of our dear club,to leave no stone unturned in seeing that Roberto Martinez is hired onboard the coaching staff at OT pronto!We had best act now before this precocious genius is snapped up by some smart rival (goners) as reports had it that Poo where in for him to no avail before they resorted to Brendan Rodgers.It is believed that having had a heart to heart chat with Whelan the chairman at wigan,he,in good faith,decided not to jump ship instead he chose to stay and see wigan gain a more solid footing in the Prem than jump at the chance of coaching one of the worlds big names.He has been an absolute phenom at wigan all the while he’s been there.The play in a style that’s quite similar to Utd’s.They attack without fear,which sometimes results in their shipping loads of goals,at tough away grounds as opposed to other teams in their bracket who would rather put 10 men behind the ball at grounds such as OT.They are a headache on home turf.He has that continental flair underpinned by that british bulldoggedness in battle infused in his charges.Hell,clevz did fantastic under his guidance.He is conversant with the language.We all know that wigan are punching well over their weight in the Prem fundswise and Roberto is the sole reason they are still up.He buys players frm all over the world at relatively cheap prices and makes a killing after they must have shone in the Prem.Valencia,Hugo Rodallega,Palacious amongst many come to mind.It is my firm belief that if,miraculously,he is put in charge when SAF’s gone,with all the world class assets that would be at his disposal,we would have a young enterprising manager in tune with the times and smart enough to take on relevant fresh ideas as well as keep alive the history and traditions of our great club.You can keep your Jose ‘I have no team’ Mourinho and your Pep ‘I’m riding off into the sunset after every 4 years’ Guardiola.Moyes comes across to me as a tad intransigent and inflexible.Our man is definitely Martinez.Get him onboard in any type of coaching capacity and let him understudy the Boss.He’s just 39.The future is here.Parting shot: He rates Utd over barca.Definitely no barca complex there.Excuse my lengthy post.Stay safe.

  24. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Agree with you that Martinez is a coach that more likely than not will bloom into something special and be with the Premier league for a good few years yet. Is he the quality needed to take United forward after Sir Alex calls it a day Im not sure. Ill give it to Martinez he is one brave bugger, not many have tried the back 3 in England and got it to work.
    As for some of his dealing you are taking some credit away from Steve Bruce there. Rodallega was a steve bruce signing, wilson palacious was a steve bruce signing, figueroa was asteve bruce signing and valencia signed under steve bruce after initially being onloan to wigan the previous 2 seasons so steve bruce cannot take credit for discovering him
    Martinez cannot take any credit for those deals.

  25. Proverb says:

    Zibbie is trying to fuck the blog up and then spoof cowardly like his father did
    I’m very sick of this kind, he’s depressed, he’s on his own papi is not here to protect you

  26. Zibbie says:

    Proverb PARASITE FUCK, YOU HAVE HURT ROM!!!!!!!!!!

    You have Saras dress on and makeup, Mommy wanted a girl?

    Proverb PARASITE FUCK, YOU HAVE HURT ROM!!!!!!!!!!
    Proverb PARASITE FUCK, YOU HAVE HURT ROM!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Zibbie says:

    Proverb PARASITE FUCK, YOU HAVE HURT ROM!!!!!!!!!!

    When you are Sara do you desire men?

  28. Proverb says:

    He’s at his fucking mood
    Why do I bother

  29. Ash says:

    Martinez? Fucking really. Martinez is doing great job at wigan but this is Manchester united we are talking about. Look at liverpool they are trying all somewhat good managers and see where are they. We need some big personality to take over from Sir alex . I have always said gone are those days when you see a manager or player stick to one club. Personally My next manager would be Ole Gunnar but I doubt whether he could handle the pressure. Managing some club in norway or managing some mid table clubs is something different to managing Manchester United. Mourinho or pep for 4 years then we could have a experienced Ole.
    It would be easier to replace Pep or Mourinho than to replace Sir Alex.

  30. Zibbie says:

    Do not bother you scum fuck, 911, Sara and 7 others, do not address me or Cedars YOU SICK FUCK, AND ALL WILL BE FINE. OTHERS CAN TYPE AT YOU I ONLY READ YOUR POST BECAUSE CEDRA’S CAUGHT MY EYE, FUCK OFF AND DIE.

  31. Zibbie says:

    I stuck a cord, mommy wanted a girl. Dressed you like one and treated you as one.

  32. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Two ways at looking at this mate. Sir Alex wasnt a big time manager before he came to United but admittedly United is a completely different beast now. I think Liverpool has done right in hiring Rogers and I think he will be a great success there. By success I mean he will stop the rot and develop a base on which they can build on, success in their eyes though is the league which they are atleast 6 years from, 4 if they can find a billionaire oilgarch owner.
    Pep could be a decent replacement but I think he may not be up to the job. Sure he has the talent but a guy who had everyone around him eating out of his hands and he still couldnt handle the pressure. Mourinho is a muppet. He is Kenny Dalglish Mk2, take over a decent team, throw a couple of hundred million at it then slowly watch it decay. He has immediate success but when coaching and being a man manager and keeping everyone happy hes a fucking liability. I would go for Anchelotti if hes still available. I realise Chelsea had their fill with him but there was never anything wrong with him. Van Gaal would be a good bet as would Lippi. These are managers of class who can handle the press, the players and are capable of winning domestic and european trophies and do not piss off their players. But there the problem is theyre all getting on a bit.

  33. Proverb says:

    What a hodge
    Probably depressed

  34. Proverb says:

    Great news!

    United have announced a new three-year partnership with leading Japanese engineering firm Yanmar.

  35. Zibbie says:

    Goat you asked about Cedars and others, fuck head Proverb PARASITE FUCK aka 911, aka Sara was a big reason they left!!!


  36. TonyBee says:

    zibbiw….dont worry …WE ALL KNOW PROVERB IS THE MULTI-POSTER …have known it for some time…

    Cedars wont come back till Scott sorts the cunt out once and for all

  37. TonyBee says:

    typo …ZIBBIE… sorry mate…


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