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VIDEO: Scholes, Gibson, Valencia and Rooney’s Goals Against West Ham

Manchester United thrashed West Ham today, despite having the most make shift defence I can remember us playing for some time. Tomasz Kuszczak played in goal, Darren Fletcher started at right back, Evra at left back, and Wes Brown played with Gary Neville in the centre, until our captain was injured in the first half and replaced by Michael Carrick in defence! Then Wes got injured and we finished the game with ten men.

Still, another four goals and with Chelsea facing City this evening, we’re two points behind them.

Click on the picture to view their goals.

“World Champions twice, World Champions twiiiiice, once more than England, World Champions twice!”


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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    tiny tears – Whats the betting the dive isn’t brought up on match of the day? They will just sweep it under the carpet.

  2. denton davey says:

    The goals by Scholes (left-footed) and Gibson were what you’d have to call “that’s why we’re champions strikes”; the other two were an example of putting a beaten team to the sword – and about bloody time, too.

    The way in which Zola set up his team was an invitation to let Scholes roll back the years and dominate – he accepted that invitation most graciously.

    My only negative about that performance was Anderson’s failure to grab-the-game- by-the-balls and put on a show. He’s supposed to be an attacking midfielder but was rather too tentative for my liking – he was much, much better in mid-week against Spurs when he ran the show. I’m a big, big fan of Anderson but I think we’ve only seen glimpses of his real quality. I would imagine that a young player like Anderson is somewhat “confused” by his job-description, which seems to change on a game-by-game basis, whereas veterans like Fletcherinho, Carrick, and, of course, the evergreen Scholes and Giggs just go about playing football.

  3. King Eric says:

    denton – I haven’t seen all the game but from what I have seen Anderson played well. Some of his defence splitting balls were top drawer. Getting better by the game and to think he is only 21 is frightening. Looks like he is getting the form back of 2 seasons ago aside from his Besiktas display.

    Everyone keeps going on about how the Rentboys have such a strong squad. Would they have coped with EIGHT defenders out?

  4. jellybean says:

    was anyone watching the Real Madrid game? lol ronaldo dived, missed a penalty and benzema scored from the rebound. spoilt ronnie didn’t even celebrate, but when he scored 5 mins later, he whipped his shirt off. soon after, he got punched by one of the almeria players, kicked him, got a 2nd yellow and was sent off…and is now missing the game against Valencia….lol, as awesome as it was having ronaldo on our team, it was also infuriating at times :P

  5. bchilds says:

    @King Eric

    Great post mate, I love it when the United vs The World mentality sets in. Ferguson is the master at using it to our advantage and do so he will!

  6. bchilds says:

    Oh and there’s NO chance of the Stevie Me dive being highlights on MOTD, none!

  7. King Eric says:

    bchilds – Cheers mate. Yeah you cannot beat a bit of the old siege mentality at Old Trafford. Ancelotti won’t know what has hit him come the winter months when UNited hit top gear and Fergie is playing his little games.

  8. bchilds says:

    Just watching Football First now as I wasn’t able to see the game earlier, sounds like chants of “USA, USA, USA” coming from somewhere.

    Can anyone confirm if it was United fans singing it in support of any team that plays Ingurland at the World Cup or was it WHU fans chanting it taking the piss out of the Glazers?

    Or, I could be completely mistaken but clarification would be welcome!

  9. kel says:

    Gibson goal is superb. If he can create chances than he definitely will be able to play week in week out. Now i can only see Giggs being the spark. We definitely need to find more who can create chances cause giggs won’t be playing every match.

  10. King Eric says:

    bchilds – Haven’t seen it yet on football first but will let you know. I know United fans love singing anti england songs at Upton Park so maybe so. Haven’t heard it before though. Can’t see it being West Ham. Will get back to you at some point.

  11. Bebeto says:

    bchilds, definitely United fans chanting it. Aside from the odd rendition of their bubbles song, there wasn’t a peep from ‘Ammers fans all game.

  12. King Eric says:

    kel – We have Fletch, Scholes, Carrick, Ando, Rooney, Berba, Valencia etc etc. Loads of players who can provide a spark and score goals.

    This isn’t a dig at you but bloody hell! Some fans are NEVER satisfied.

  13. bchilds says:

    Giggsys contribution this season so far has been phenomenal, am I right in thinking that’s 10 assists so far? Crazy statistic!

    Gibbo’s goal was superb, even more so because the ball was bobbing along on its way to him. Could have easy ballooned the shot over the bar!

  14. bchilds says:

    Cheers for clearing that up Bebeto!


  15. Norton says:

    Re: Alan Green:

    I was astonished no-one got on to 5 live after what this prick said to a City supporter. A regular-ish caller to his phone-in he’s got a kind of rapport with her. Digs at Ferguson and United are a feature of their little tete-a-tetes together. But tonight he went too far.
    This woman gave out the usual guff about “prawn sandwiches” never appearing at Eastlands, citing the record attendance there today and then saying what a great week City had had, including the League (I still call it that) Cup victory over Arsenal U-15s.
    Spouting on how it only cost kids £1 entrance last Wednesday she went on to say she took her 2 sons with the only drawback being they are both fans of United. And you know what that twat Green said?
    With a Greeny chuckle-chuckle he said: “Oh, nooo, you should have drowned them at birth” (words to that effect anyway). And the daft cow chuckled along with him.
    Imagine him saying something so unthinking about another club and its young fans? No, neither did I.

  16. Jack says:

    what a signing valenicas turned out to be aye??

  17. bchilds says:


    That’s fucking terrible, when are the beeb going to grow some balls and sort this dickhead out!

  18. denton davey says:

    bchilds – no matter what you say about the recent-vintage Giggs is never enough. For the past three/four years he’s been simply awesome. But, before Evra appeared on the scene, Ryan was having problems replicating his earlier form as an out-and-out winger. I think that when Patrice Evra began to gel in UTD’s first-team, Giggs’ game began to subtly shift to the kind of deep-lying forward-play we’re seeing today. The meshing of the Evra/Giggs (or Evra/Ronaldo and, hopefully – coming soon – Evra/Nani) linkage down the left side is one of UTD’s great strengths.

    No one is going to “replace” Ronaldo but, dammit, Valencia has done one helluva job in reorganizing the way the team plays – and helped the right side to give the team more balance. And, he’s done that while playing with a truly make-shift set of full-back partners. Fantastic signing.

  19. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric
    did you hear that city fan on radio 5 live with alan green he said only arsenal and man city will be challenging for the major trophys in the coming years is he delluded or drunk or just and idiot propably all 3 combinbed and a wum, what an idiotic foregn manchesster pothead what was that old saying with arsenal wait till you watch this young side go in the next phew years. how many times have people have played that record over and over with arsenals tots they are the next big thing.

  20. King Eric says:

    rooney the new king – No I didn’t hear that bit , I was flicking between that and Talkshite. Only 2 weeks ago Cundy was saying how the Rentboy’s will not get beat. That’s twice in a week you cocky bastard.

    Norton – Alan Green should not be allowed on the radio. . I thought he was very critical of Citeh today and was almost willing the chav’s to win. It is pretty obvious he has given up on his beloved dippers and moved on to the Rentboys. Typical behaviour of an abu.

    Talkshite were no better with Collymore and Durham. Just like last week when Stan couldn’t credit United with the result, instead he just said that none of the United midfield would get near the rentboys today Durham couldn’t give credit. He was saying that they were getting alot of emails and texts saying UNited will win the league (prior to the chelsea v citeh game) but this result meant nothing. That West Ham were awful, which they were but you can only beat what is in front of you as the cliche goes. He never mentioned the fact that we finished with a back four of Fletch, Carrick, Evra, Giggs. How would the super powerful best team in Europe Chelsea cope with EIGHT defenders out? Premature cunts. Handing out the title in November. A long way to go and Ancelotti will see what being in a race with Fergie and United is all about.

  21. King Eric says:

    Norton – United fans should petition the BBC and say we are offended. This may be one step too far for the fat horrible bastard.

  22. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric
    oh rite its like how many times have ppl over hyped this powderpuff arsenal side and its becoming a big comedy joke with arsenals girls. it is just hilerious people keep saying oh united wont do much, well they got to look at the challengers and they are not great, and united players must be thinking this chelsea side way better than us are they kidding me. they are an ageing side who have not got the legs 2 get away from united and by expect united to pull away.

  23. rooney the new king says:

    alan green is not so bad but the rest are priceless durham collymore tony twat evans are nnow a total joke, the ronaldo card will always be used and it is pethetic and king eric hearing stan collymore saying fletcher cant lace gerrards boots today yea right what an idiot he is, tell me stan look at fletchers medal collection and performences and benitez would choose fletcher over gerrard in CM thats a fact collymore, gerrard is not even fist choice in CM liverpool fletcher is for united and thats a fact. and oh it gets better in collymores article you read it king eric flecher not in essiens league, can someone tell me what is so great about essien overated player, so look at fletchher vs essien, essiens goals assists and work rate is no better than fletcher and I would say fletcher is better, oh yea fletcher will be available not in african nations cup. when he thinks joe cole is a better player than ryan giggs now we know this guy has lost the plot.

    stan collymores most insane part that I have no clue which is more funny south park or this quote from stan collymore it is hilerious But when I saw the champions’ team-sheet I couldn’t help but feel that Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher and Ryan Giggs wouldn’t get a sniff of action regularly for title rivals Chelsea

  24. King Eric says:

    rooney is the new king – He is a joke pal. I read that “article”. So he reckons the most decorated player in football and one of the finest midfielders of the last 15 years couldn’t get in to the rentboy’s starting line up? Does he really believe what he is saying do you think? The likes of Lampard and Ballack and Deco are not fit to lace Fletch’s boots never mind the two legend’s. Where was Lumpards bottle when the pressure was on? These fucking rentboys will not have the heart or bottle if it comes down to a run in. United are hungrier than ever to over take the dippers, get the historic 4 on the trot and prove all the doubters and abu’s wrong. As good a player as Essien is in my opinion he is no better than Fletcher. I honestly mean that. These kind of biased bitter idiots shouldn’t be allowed to broadcast. How many of them do you see siding for United? Fuck all. Ronnie Irani calls himself a United fan, then the next week a Bolton fan. He is always banging on about Chelsea. Plastic cunt.

  25. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric
    ballack deco they are way past their best along with terry and cech. and they have never done the buisness in the prem. lampard is still good but gibson is coming into his own, what if gibson gets better starts scoring 12 to 15 goals does that mean he is ahead of fletcher has first choice in uniteds midfield no but he is getting better. and for starters what united are doing in inhuman add injurys players left players bedding in etc etc its insane what united are doing and with little credit from the plasic media idiots, best team in europe my ass.

  26. Fos-who? says:

    Can I just ask where the da silva twins were? Cause with all the injuries how the hell did neither make the bench?

  27. 20legend says:

    Fucking hell what does gibson put on them boots?? Go on son, let it rip. Fucking brilliant goal. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a goal that much since Scholesy sent us to Moscow. He scores goals my lord, he scores goals.

  28. kel says:

    Actually, i’m stating the problems we had. Very seldom did those player you mention create chances. They are good players but to me only giggs is able to create chances out of nowhere. Others players is taking chances when comes to them. That is a problem for us. If we had 2-3players creating chances then we will be very dangerous. Berbatov can create chances as well.

  29. adrian says:

    if Fergie is worried about the defense, he should play De Laet rather than just putting midfielders or Gary Neville into the positions. The young boy will do a much greater job i reckon.

  30. mufcdevils says:

    What happened to brown? who is paying in defense now against wolfs burg, not to mention aston villa in 1 week.
    half our defense came form midfield and we still hammered the hammers 4-0. pure class.

  31. sir ryan giggs says:

    What a match…Lampard is such a retard for his penalty but chelsea deserve it from being ass wipes

  32. Mikael says:

    mufcdevils : Half? We had only Evra as regular the last minutes… as centre back!! ;o)

    SAF said he’ll play Carrick with Vidic (if he’s fit) against Wolfsburg.

    Great goals, I think Gibson should be given an all clear to fire when ready! He’s proven he’s got a mighty shot… really Scholeseyesque ;o)

    PIG has been doing well between the sticks and I’m not as nervous with him on the team sheet now… that’s a good feeling.

    Let’s enjoy a night in europe on tuesday!!!

  33. Corea says:

    @ King Eric
    you get angry when you read those idiots but there is no point. let them say what they want. it’s better to be outsiders ))

  34. kalyan says:

    great shot by gibson. original game of man utd.

  35. Norton says:

    King Eric & bchilds:

    I’ve often enough sent e-mails to 606 while Green has been hosting. They never get acknowledged. The reason being I suppose, that I can’t help being vitriolic about him regarding many issues. The majority covering his persistent snide remarks on United and Ferguson.
    Over time there’s no unrelated (to United and Ferguson) subject I can think of where he’s not managed to drag both into it somehow, never mind when the topic concerns them.
    On your suggestion, King E, we’ll see.


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