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VIDEO: Straight red card for Valencia against France

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. EC7 says:

    Irrespective of getting the ball first it was probably deserved. The studs were showing.

  2. snowspeederpilot1 says:

    Every single detail in the World Cup from Manchester United players is posted here but Chicharito’s goal vs Croatia is in the limbo

  3. Tommy says:


    Always looks worse in slow mo although I can see why it wqas given I thought it was slightly harsh and the French lads influenced the refs decision. Irrespective of the sending off Ecador were awful and the manager knowing the score from the Swiss Honduras game decided despite needing 2 goals to progress that he would wait until the 89th minute to bring on another striker, madness. I must say their keeper had a cracking game though, proabablyu put him in the shop window like the Mexican chap. Out of the 2 last 16 games that have been decided today, Argentina and France shouldnt have any problems seeing off Switzerland and Nigeria respectivly

  4. FBr David Lee says:

    harsh as both going for the ball at first contact and subsequent momentum by both players made it look ugly. thankfully the french guy was unhurt. Will we get to see a consistent decision by the same ref and from other referees for similar incident in the future?

  5. Tommy says:

    Even though it was harsh red in my opinion, the red sums up his world cup, him, Kagawa and Nani despite scoring last game have had poor world cups, lets see how Nani gets on tomorrow in their improbable task of winning and scoring enough to snatch 2nd spot in the group

  6. ashtheking says:


    Nani has been portugals better player in this tournament, even bento said that Nani has been the only one player who has been lively so to compare his World Cup with kagawa and especially Valencia is not correct. Valencia has been a real disappointment. He was supposed to be their leader but I have hardly seen him getting involved in these three matches apart from this red card.

    I hope we don’t think of still playing him as our first choice winger. He will be a useful squad player but please his days as a first choic winger for us are over. There are some quality wingers available in the market like depay, Rodriguez from Colombia, shaqiri who scored a wonderful hattrick and off course di Maria. Let us do the right thing and sign any one of them if not two. I would take depay all night and day. The man reminds me of young robben. We missed out in robben , I hope we don’t miss out on depay to spurs or any other club.

  7. kevk24 says:

    Valencia has a new 3 year contract, Van Gaal can turn his play around. This will now depend on his attitude.
    That wasnt a red card. I dont like where the game has reached, that is, every tackle is a card or a foul. Accidents happen on the pitch, things that arent intended. We cant have a card or foul for every contact.

  8. kevk24 says:

    @Tommy, he got to the ball and the foot went over the ball onto the others leg. He went for the ball, they both did and he came of worse not by intention

  9. Neil Moore says:

    You know me and the transfer muppetry. With all respect how many times have folk seem Depay play? Twice or summat? We bought Poborsky and Cruyf on the back of a good Euros and look how that turned out. You’ve gotta be careful. Can’t actually believe folk desperate for Sanchez again. Granted he’s been excellent this summer but he’s been dogshit for two seasons at Barca.

    Have to laugh at Suarez lawyer. Said there’s a European conspiracy. You couldn’t make this up. Hope they go to town on the cunt.

  10. kevk24 says:

    @Neil, I remember Fergie had a view of not buying a player on the back of a good tournament.

    An indication of the times we are in, any player who plays well and people clamor to have him signed. Depressing to me.

  11. Neil Moore says:

    Kev. Spot on pal. Now if folk HAVE followed certain players then fair enough but a lot go on a good game or two. I find the whole transfer window boring. Lie after lie and made up stories. I could do what half these tossers in the media do. We clearly need new players but I don’t get bogged down in all that. I just wait and see who we sign simple as that.

  12. Neil Moore says:

    How do I change my name back to King Eric please? Weird seeing my full name, just don’t like it!

  13. kevk24 says:

    Hehe I dont know. May be Tommy can help, his is even not linked. I was using MombasaRed but due to the twitter link I cant use the name I want.

    I am excited about Van Gaal and I hope he starts surprising us with signings. Herrera guy wasnt in the ‘Van Gaal wish list’ as purported by people. Feels like the surprises Fergie used to surprise us with. I want people who are hungry. I am not for Shaw because I read reports (I dont know if they are true) that he wants to be guaranteed his position. What the hell? You earn your spot, what is it with people wanting their play time guaranteed as if they would have gotten a chance if the person ahead of them had been guaranteed to start. Soon enough the rest will want the same.

  14. Red_Indian_Devil says:

    Athletic Bilbao reject our bid for Herrera! There we go again!

  15. RepeatOf99 says:

    Woodward is truly shit at this!

    Can’t we just move him back to just handling commercial deals, where he is clearly competent; and bring in someone else to handle our player transfers!

    We should have had the majority of our business tied up by now. Every other club has managed it, World Cup and all.

    And why are we the only one’s paying ridiculous sums for good (albeit not proven world class) players?

    Shocking stuff

  16. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    Calm down. That bid was rejected a week ago. Bilbao did this late for political reason

  17. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    If that was the case, Herrera won’t have been in manchester and also completed his medicals. The deal will go through. Bilbao accepted our bid on sunday or so. Patient

  18. Tommy says:


    The entire Portugal team has been rubish, the only thing of note nani has done was finish a shot at the back post when Tim Howard had made it easier for him, but hes not the only bad Portugese performer, they are an avarage team without Ronaldo and hes been injured

  19. Tommy says:


    I agree mate, but the way refs have been told is to get the red card out at the first sign of contact and unfortunatly thats the way football is going, its now a non contact sport

  20. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, after 1 good performance against Spain, people on here where saying get Blind instead of Shaw lolno ones mentioned how pretty avarage he was against those world beating Aussies

  21. ashtheking says:

    Neil aka king Eric

    If you think depay is just another flash in the pan then buddy you are wrong. The boy has pace. Which our team solely lacks right now. If you seriously believe the wing of Valencia , Nani and Ashley young is Good enough then I don’t agree with you. Don’t be surprised if this depay kid turns out to be a great winger and then we would be crying on why we didn’t buy him.


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