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VIDEO: Sturridge’s dive to get Vidic sent off

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  1. united till i die says:

    Ultimately the dive and red card are irrelevant. Even at 0-2 and with 11 players on the pitch we never even looked like scoring. Lets not make this into a we got cheated by the ref and accept the fact we where a disgrace once again.

  2. Ian Nichol says:

    Agree UTID!! This is a distraction and realistically if the scousers had taken all of their chances today it could have been 5-0 or 6-0! We were never in the game today and as poor as the players were who prepares them, who chooses the team, who decides on the tactics, who decides on the formation – Moyes and his inept coaching staff. I fear for Wednesday night and Shitty at home. 2 more defeats and he has to go to save the club from mid table mediocrity.

  3. ChandlerWrites says:

    What a half-assed, lackluster effort. Rafael could have been sent off for the handball (should have been), but during the rest of the match, he at least gave the appearance of caring. In fact, aside from a late burst of energy from Rooney, I’d suggest the only bright spot was the Rafael/Janusaj partnership.

    Otherwise, Liverpool totally dominated the match. How does the Mata/Rooney/VanPersie partnership produce nothing?

    Finally, the footage of Ferguson sitting in the stands was instructive — he looked like an escapee from a wax museum. I would love to know if he still truly believes Moyes is the man for the job.

    It’s hard to imagine a blowout victory on Wednesday from this dispirited bunch, and it’s clear there’s simply nothing left to play for this year — except to decide if Moyes stays or goes.

  4. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Who cares? We were battered from the first minute till the last and pointing to shit like this makes as bad as the scousers in years gone by. We have our own specialist diver in Young so we can’t grumble too much.

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Rafael had a shocker today. The boy is a liability. I thought after last year he has ironed that rash side of him out of his game but obviously not. He’s not fit to lace Gary Neville’s boots. Useless.

  6. grevhanssen says:

    the more I read about the match, the more it seems that we were”totally outplayed” and that Liverpool played like one of the best teams in the history of the world, but I feel this is just a story that’s self-reinforcing and becoming more and more “true” the more people say it.

    Rafael messed up with the penalty, but apart from that he was one of very who actually looked like he cared.

    Yes, we played a terrible game of football, but apart from the penalties Liverpool didn’t create much until the Vidic incident. If we’d had a penalty or two (handball, Rooney, Vidic punch), we could have been even or in front.
    However, we should not be dependent on getting penalties at Old Trafford, we should rely on our midfield and attacking players to create chances and score goals.

    I’ve been quite optimistic about this Moyes project, but now I’m just looking forward to getting a new manager, with a recognized attacking plan, and with a lot better motivational skills than David Moyes.

  7. Mark Haslam says:

    Dive or no Dive. Embarrassing performance to say the least. Moyes needs sacking NOW!!! The guy is clueless.

  8. Jorge Curioso II says:

    “I’ve been quite optimistic about this Moyes project”

    Based on what, exactly?

  9. grevhanssen says:

    Jorge, obviously I had faith that Sir Alex and the board had picked a manager that could continue our traditions and at the same time evolve the club. However, as each game has passed I have been less and less reassured that this is our guy. So you could say, I’ve tried to be optimistic ;)

    Apart from some of the horrible, horrible matches we’ve played, I’ve been shocked by some of the interviews Moyes has given, and the latest “we need to get harder to defeat” shows that he’s not grasped the whole winning-thing about United.

    I’m very curios about what they’re doing in the day-to-day training.

    glory glory


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