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VIDEO: Super Fergie

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Josh Mason says:

    I have to admit, this video was pretty shit to be honest.

  2. Neil Moore says:

    Ha I think it’s pretty clever that. Counting up his trophy haul.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Rumour has it we’ve got the Shaw signing almost wrapped up. We’re going to make an 18 year old left back the highest paid defender in world football and spend nearly 30 million pounds for him. The absurdity of it.

  4. Tommy says:

    I think it was intelligently done and a very clevor video even though as @Josh pointed out entertainment factor it wasnt great but each to their own.


    Are you shocked by the numbers being banded about? I give up a long time ago trying to find any reason towards players wages, Take that Saldado for instant, hes had a shocking season at Spurs, I bet hes on a good £80k a week, madness

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, I know United generally have to pay over the odds for players and for some reason English players. It’s just making an 18 year old left back with limited experience the highest paid defender in world football is kind of shocking.

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, any golden boot winner tips? I haven’t laid out any money yet, but for a long shot Immobile is 100/1 on betfair. He scored a hatrick at the weekend for Italy and finished top scorer in Serie A. The Italians usually turn up when it counts. Highly unlikely, but worth a fiver I think at them odds.

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Messi is favourite with every bookmaker and you can get him at 7s. I would never bet big, but looking at Argentina’s group he could fill his boots. Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia stand in Argentina’s way.

  8. Tommy says:


    I like the look of Benzema mate, France have Ecador, Switzerland and Honduras in their group and then ethey should top the group and they would play the runners up in the Argentina group so should by all acounts be in the quarters. He could have the golden boot wrapped up by that stage

  9. Tommy says:

    28/1 as well mate, looking at those teams France play, the odds are too good to not back him i think

  10. Tommy says:

    Intesting Rene was interviewed on SSN earlier and he said their is no chance of him returning next season and that he knows LVG quite well and he is bringing in another member of his own team in

  11. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, yea those are good odds considering the group the French are in. I’m still get the feeling that the French have the ability to self implode though with the tensions within the camp. Maybe Deschamps has them a bit more united though.

    It’s a shame Reus has had to pull out. A real blow for the Germans and the World Cup as a whole.

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I can see Argentina thrashing Iran though. Someone is surely going to score a brace minimum in that game. I heard that the Iranian’s are in complete disarray going into the World Cup. Quieroz has got his work cut out.

  13. Tommy says:


    Shola Ameobi 500/1 not even worth a 50p bet lol, I think Deschmps is well respected and has them playing as a team, its why hes left nasri at home, hes the chief trouble maker in the french camp apparently even with riberys injury, schederlain at saints was called up instead of him

  14. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, yea…..I don’t think they will be getting many if any takers on Shola.

    Yea Nasri clearly wasn’t left out for his footballing ability. Something has obviously gone on in the past that has put Deschamps off him.

    As for Saturday I’m going for 0-0 or 1-0 Italy without even seeing the teams. It’s going to be a stinker of a game surely? I think both teams would take a draw now.

  15. Tommy says:


    A mate of mine text me the other day and said turn over to BT sport its the battle of the golden boot is on show Ameobi v Altidora for Nigeria v USA haha, their proably the worst 2 strikers I have ever seen in the premier leaague and Shola has somehow managed to remain in it for a decade, off to his level now though joining Heskey down under. Ive been t5alked to going out to watch that game in walkabout but apparently we have a table and £60 worth of drinks behind the bar already paid so that did help convince me to go out. I think it will be a shocking game, im with you its gonna be 0 0, both sides aint great and in those conditions will be even worse.

  16. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, yea I think there will be more drinking going in than actually watching the game. I can’t see it holding my attention for too long. The humid conditions are just going to kill it as any kind of a spectacle.

    That was a shocking signing by Di Canio to draft in Altidore. He deserved to go just for that. I bet some unknown sod pops up out of no where and bags 4 or 5 in the World Cup only then to drift into obscurity again.

    I was looking at Miroslav Klose for the golden boot. Surely not? He always turns up at the World Cup. He just needs 2 goals to become the all time top scorer in World Cup history.

  17. Tommy says:


    When I think of Klose I always think of that dreadful game against Saudi, 8 0 it finished and he got a hattick which kicked started his world cup career, thats what hes een about, scoring against the easier nations, cant fault him for that though, ive never rated him myself but fair play for all the goals, he is 35 now and I was reading hes the only recognised cenrre forward the germns have took so he might get some action to get those 2 goals he needs, cant ssee him getting golden boot though

  18. Tommy says:

    It looks like the knieves are out for Blatter, all the FIFA and UEFA representitives are trying to make him stand down, cant see it myself the man is too arragant, as if anyone can believe that the Qatar world cup hosting win was not was not bribed, It makes no sense whatsoever. I may be biased but its about time England hosted the world cup. The problem is we are too honest in this country, we should of had it in 2006 but cant fault the Germans for winning the vote but we certaintly should of had it in 2018 but when youre up against a corrupt man like Putan youre never going to win. Weve got great stadiams already, the infrastrucure is good, hotels already in place, most passtionate fans were every conversation whether at work or down the pub is about football, its our life, garenteed that in Brazil, England will have th3 2nd most fans their behind the host nation only, always travel well to support our teams in this country, but unfortunatly like ive said not corrupt enough to win anything with FIFA which is a shame, we wont host another football tournament in my lifetime

  19. EC7 says:


    I’ve heard Shaw could be on something in the region of 160k per week. That is totally obscene if true but as Tommy says it’s the norm these days so fuck it.

    Re Top scorer. Good shout for Immobile at those odds. I heard he’s leaving Torino for Dortmund as Lewandowskis replacement. Alexis Sanchez plays up top for Chile and I think they’ll go far with Spain from their group knocking out the Dutch. Heres hoping. Sooner LVG gets in the job the better.

    Jackson Martinez, Thomas Muller and Bony could be other outside bets.

  20. Tommy says:


    You could add Lukaku to the outside bet catagory, Belgium are in a week group and top scorers usually do their damage in the group stage but id still plump for Benzema 28/1 too big a price considering they should cruise through to the quarters

  21. Tommy says:

    Nanis had a cracking last 25 mins, he come on and has 2 assists and a great goal that was ruled out for offside, Portugal have beat6en a young Ireland side alr4ady on their holidays 5 1, Thats it no more friendlies now, world cup on thursday begins

  22. EC7 says:


    You’re right about France. They have more of a team this time around with some good young players. They appear to be more at harmony with each other. Benzema is usually crap for France but this is a good chance for him to shine due to their group, however Switzerland are a good solid team though and all ofthe Americas teams shouldn’t be under estimated in their own domain. The safe money would be on Neymar or Messi. The latter has improved his scoring record internationally recently and they are playing their style to suit him. To be honest it’s a bit of a lottery.

  23. Neil Moore says:

    Gary. Funny you mention Klose mate. I was gonna say him. Dogshit at club level but ALWAYS turns up at tournaments. Also agree with Ingerlunds opening game. It will indeed be a stinker.

  24. Jose says:

    when not one,not two and not even three united players perform far much better for their countries than they do for us then honestly it raises major questions about the systems and tactics we have been employing in the last two years compared to what systems and tactics the national teams employ.
    from felllaini,to welbeck,to kagawa,to nani ..they are like players reborn when representing their countries..even valencia who i have an open dislike to seems to do better in his countries colours.
    personally i think a time has come when we stop blaming the likes of kagawa ,nani or even fellaini for failing to shine at united and ask ourselves what we can do make sure they mirror their performances for their countries in united coulours.
    esp nani and kagawa.two players who can be world beaters on their day but are not valued enough at united.nani has been hampered by injuries in the last two seasons while kagawa has been played out of position in rigid optimistic with LVG’S arrival their fortunes are bout to change for the better.He at least values technical skill and ability over running around up and down in the name of working hard.kagawa and nani just need to improve their their defensive qualities and they’ll be ok.
    @Tommy nani played 25 mins only and if not for varela”s also splendid performance he could have won the m.o.t.m award..a shame that his amazing flick goal was correctly ruled out for offside.After Ronnie Nani is portugal’s second most valuable player.dont know what happens to him when he comes back to us really.

  25. Tommy says:


    Yea mate, your right about Argentina, They are like France in the way they have got a group youd expect them to get through with ease scoring a few goals in the process and they should have an easy game against runners up in Frances group, but 7/1 for Messis not great price so doesnt offer good value unless your staking a large sum, Neymars an injury doubt I heard but their groups not the easiest, theyll still top the group then its runners up from Spains group which will be tough, I think theirs groups which will have high scoring wins which would appeal more than Neymar to be honest mate

  26. Tommy says:


    Youre not wrong abou players playing better for their countries, buit thats not nessacerilly down to the system, If players want to play better for their countries they work harder, Not all players of course, and sometimes its impossile, take japan, they build their team around Kagawa, thats never gonna happen in a million years at United

  27. Tommy says:


    Its not unusual for certain players to perform better for their countries, I remember having a dislike of David Beckham for a number of years a few years ago for that very reason and United were winning everything in sight at the time as well


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