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VIDEO: Super Fergie

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. AntiScouser says:

    If he had any sense, Rooney would demand a transfer to Bayern.

  2. The Truth says:


    What the fucking hell was THAT?

    Pissing myself laughing here!!!

  3. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Yes the same GoatinaUnitedShirt goatinaunitedshirt goatpeticoat and goat on the rocks all the same person.
    No I dont own a goat as it wouldnt be fair, i travel a bit. I do however sponsor goats at my local zoo and another zoo. I can sit for hours and watch goats, fascinating creatures and very much like me. The dictionary has them down as pondering ruminants.

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    A certain United coach who has just returned to club told someone I know well (and he knows very well) about weeks ago forget Thiago its Fabregas we want – also chimes with Denis Irwins public statements about a month ago. You don’t just make a bid without a discussion with the agent and the player otherwise pointless and embarrassing….clearly something in this and no obvious rivals (except possibly Chelsea) for signature

  5. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    In regards Bayern and there too many players.
    How about a break even deal of Robben + Schweinsteiger for Rooney.

  6. markdegea says:

    @ The Truth
    Call it what u want. Hahahahahaha. I am with the club new signings or not

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Mancdub Hahaha Brilliant mate….. 2.5% on Fabregas eh?! Mint!

    Some sources are saying that A BID HAS BEEN put in.

    So (like Fergie asking after Cantona)
    at this point you just have to wait and see.

    Sky reported that a bid was “being prepared” which is a different thing entirely and defo in the sub 5% range.


  8. Teej says:

    Fucking hell,dont get carried away just because Moyes acknowledges we are a bit short in midfield.We need action.Moving an inch will get you further than having a world of intentions.How long have we cried out for a signing and we just get taken for a ride?Does’nt matter how people dress it up we are dire and its bleeding obvious we need someone like Gustavo or Cesc there.
    They say he’s got a warchest to procure any player so why not put their money where ther mouth is and get a midfielder?Getting really frustrated with all that’s going on at the moment.

  9. The Hound says:

    Nairobired, the are always going to make more out of a Unites defeat whether it be a friendly or senior match compared to the other top clubs in England. You can be sure the high majority of the media are waiting for any chance to get stuck into Moyes. It seems some United fans are already doing the same. Whether he was people’s first choice or not we all have to give Moyes our full support now. Time will tell whether he was the right appointment.

  10. UNITED4Life says:

    @Voice of Reason

    all things considered and our disappointments over the years in landing such players i will not hold my breath on this. very very unlikely

  11. markdegea says:

    On serious note, i will not say to fellaini. He is strong and combative as a strong cm. He will give us something different.

  12. Dan-young says:

    goat .. tell me you’ve seen this one.

    also didn’t teej say ‘moyes out’ on Saturday or am I getting him confused with a moron?

  13. Teej says:

    Anyone else thinking Rio is not serious acting the paparazzi in the MUTOUR. This is what I was talkin about,disrespect for the new manager.Would he be doing it if it was Fergie at the helm?Moyes needs to read him the riot act and set his foot down with any player mucking around.Get on te pitch Rio and do what you are paid too.This bollocks of taking footage is unnecessary,let the right people do it as you focus on training and defending

  14. The One says:

    I posted this very same video clip a couple of days back on one of the threads but nobody bothered cos almost every1 here on this blog are just too opinionated and conceited.

  15. The Truth says:

    @Voice of Reason

    Here we go “a friend of a friend of a friend says…”

    Why would Denis Irwin blab to all and sundry about our fucking transfer business? Not denying he made the comments, I’ve seen the article in question. Bit suspicious though isn’t it? An official mouthpiece for the club goes public detailing our move for Fabregas? Have we adopted the Real/Barca model for tapping up players via the press now? Bollocks. At best the Fabregas bid is a smokescreen. At worst it’s a shameless PR stunt to make the club look like we still have some clout in the transfer market.

  16. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:


    yes and all the yelling goats.
    My fav is this one. around the 57sec mark i think the man asks the goat who is Barcelonas president (sounds like it to me anyway), the answer was deserving of the pointless question.

  17. xyz says:

    Putting in a £25m bid to keep the fans happy??? WTF……do people really think the club give a fuck whether fans on forums like this are calling for transfers or not??? There are only 2 possible reasons for this story – shit journalism (have we had any source for this story yet?) or a rumour spread by the club to throw the press and other clubs off the scent of our real targets. Fabregas will not be playing for us next season…..

  18. The Truth says:


    Rio is doing it for some crap MUTV tour diary show. Moyes couldn’t stop him if he wanted to.

  19. Teej says:

    Fellaini is more than welcome at United.I would snap him up in a heartbeat.Has got a mean streak that I always like with players.Only drawback is he tends to elbow players and that’s not allowed in this great club.Apart from that,ticks all the boxes.

  20. Teej says:

    The Truth
    Well,was a bit oblivious to that.Thanks for the heads up

  21. kel says:

    WTF Brilliant!! LOL XD

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    United4Life – Best you can hope for is to have gustavo and that’s not even as straightforward as you might think, I think pep has his work cut out with trying to keep players happy . Huge egos like ribery and robben are there, shweinsteiger and kroos are germans, bayern love seeing one of their own patrolling the team, they won’t be happy if either gets dropped for some spaniard, gotze is a little similar to thiago and they’ve just shelled out for him, he surely won’t be warming the bench? Martinez is a complete midfielder and played a big part in their CL triumph, is pep going to stick him at centre back? Where will dante and german holger badstuber play then? If bayern start leaking goals then fingers pointed at pep for trying to be too clever. Shaqiri is a top younger player will he even sniff first team opportunities? They have a great squad but there are some egos in there and with bayern’s politics, pep.may not be as comfortable if he doesn’t deliver but you’d have to be a shit coach to have that squad and not deliver in that league.

    On getting players from bayern, won’t be easy at all, they’re difficult negotiators and probably want to keep the team as it is.

  23. markdegea says:

    @the truth
    Ferdy has been doing the united tour diary even during SAf era. So what’s Ūя̲̅ point.

  24. King Eric says:

    Viva United – He isn’t quite big in France ha. He’s a freaky looking dwarf is Valbuena. Only messing.

  25. King Eric says:

    Teej – Fuck off you boring cunt. Rio has done the tour diary for about 4 years you ignorant bastard. Yes UNDER Fergie.

  26. King Eric says:

    I am seriously getting sick of the fucking site of Truth, Teej etc on here. Fucking do one you negative cunts, can’t you see your getting under everyones skin. Probably the same fucking person. Did Fergie STOP Rio doing the tour diary? No did he bollocks.

  27. The Truth says:

    @King Eric

    Go boil your head you boring WUM.

  28. Viva United says:

    Dan young Yh my bad thought he was a df but he’s more cam. Winger

  29. markdegea says:

    The truth is that Truth is an imbecile. #fact

  30. Dan-young says:

    xyz .. sandro rossell spread the rumours of barca being after mata when they knew they would lose thiago .. so yes the clubs do care what the fans think, a huge fan base is kind of a big deal so you kind of have to keep them happy!!!

  31. King Eric says:

    The Truth – Ha good one pal. I’m a WUM? That is fucking rich. Can’t you see just about every poster thinks your an utter cunt?

  32. Teej says:

    King Eric
    Calling me out for my opinions? what’s fucking wrong with you. Cant you address people without insults?Tell you what,i got broad shoulders, I can take your abuse but the fact of the matter is that this blog is for expressing thoughts and opinions not fucking massaging people’s egos.
    Will you please not try to muzzle me? Bit asinine for you to expect everyone to agree with what you think.
    In other news,not sure Moyes could alienate himself further from Rooney.His comments about needing him when RvP is injred were in bad taste and will most likely rattle the rooney camp.Hope he can apologise to Wayne before its too late

  33. King Eric says:

    Teej – No calling you out for daft comments like sign Obi Mikel . Good one that. Anyway I will leave you be.

  34. The Truth says:


    “Calling me out for my opinions? what’s fucking wrong with you. Cant you address people without insults?”

    Fucking joke isn’t it? That’s the culture on here. Bunch of mugs and sycophants who get ultra defensive when they hear an opinion that hasn’t come straight from MUTV.

  35. King Eric says:

    The Truth – You seem to know alot about MUTV. Mandy? Lou? Watch it yourself. Why don’t you go slit your throat you cunt, getting everyones backs up.

  36. Teej says:

    The truth
    Same shit different day mate.I thought its a free world but alas looks like from today on ill have t agree with everything saidhere with a simple post like yes,yeah to avoid all this antagonism.Anyway like I said,im not relenting and will not engage in insults with them.Will always post in a rational manner and anyone is welcome to reason out with me in an equally civil manner
    King Eric
    Peace mate

  37. nairobired says:

    The games shouldn’t but
    I’m looking at what happened to AVB at chelsea and Roy at pool. When the media seem to take delight at a managers failure they create a sought of rolling ball which eventually leads to a managers dismissal.

  38. nairobired says:

    I think you and everybody else is entitled to their opinion.but it seems majority of supporters, don’t want to behave like chelsea or pool supporters who start calling for the managers head when he is not a fans favourite. There others on here who fully support moyes and they are also fully entitled to their opinions. Right now, it is, if we are honest, too soon to make a call on moyes’ tenure, he may surprise us by some shrewd transfer business and go on to win some titles, but I personally feel like he has bitten off a bit more than he can chew. The expectations at the club are too much and it’s looking like they expect moyes to even out achieve SAF.
    He is too much in the spotlight, much more than jose and even arsene.he seems to handle it well for now, but how does he do after some losses and lacklustre performances?

  39. mancdub says:

    If you come on here saying Moyes out after 2 weeks in the job then you better get used to being called a cunt.
    If you only learnt one thing from Fergie’s glorious 27 year reign it should of been that patience is a virtue.
    It took Fergie 4 years to win his first trophy. How long would of given him. A month maybe 2.

  40. King Eric says:

    Teej. No worries mate. It’s the truth that’s getting mine and a lot more backs up. Nairobired nailed it.

    Nairobired. Spot on. Aside from Moyes biting off more than he can chew. He seems perfectly at home to me and has been class from day one. I know it’s only a Mickey Mouse cup but winning the Charity Shield would be a good start. First piece of silverware. End of day to be in it you’ve got to win league or FA Cup.

  41. Voice of Reason says:

    Not a friend of a friend – much closer than that …its clear who the id of the United source is and he was speaking to an extended family member of mine he knows very well … whether we get him lets see but he is the main target

  42. The Truth says:

    @Voice of Reason

    Yeah Phil Neville, I got it. No way we’ll get Fabregas but the inside info from Fizzer is interesting.

    @King Derek (and the other lying mug)

    Says a lot about you twats that you read the fucking Daily Mail! You’ve never seen a comment of mine on that site because I’ve never posted on there. Typical lies and bullshit from you as per. Do you EVER post anything worthwhile? Fuck off back to the Daily Mail website you mug.

  43. enzophonics says:

    The Barca situation re Fabregas is an interesting – with Neymer coming in and a lot of the younger players from the B team being pushed forward into the first team, it makes the timing of the bid a potential shrewd one. A bit similar to the Real Madrid transfers out a few seasons back with Robben, Sjneider etc being sold after the club bought Ozil, Khedira etc.

    Only concern is Fabregas has come out and vehemently denied wanting to move – does he not have a young child, family settling in?

    Moyes seems very confident at the moment that things are progressing well on the transfer front; wouldn’t surprise me if we are in for a Bale, Fabregas to add to the obvious Baines. Also, reports that we are in for Marquinhos (pending if Barca sign Thiago Silva?).

  44. Ichie OldTrafford says:

    We were not interested in Thiago. We already have better midfield players. Thiago lad in 2 years you’ll put in transfer request at Bayern with Pep sacked. We will get you are place in the reserves

  45. Winter is coming says:

    Why we go after Leighton baines idk when Coentrao is waiting to leave Madrid and is a much better player.


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