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VIDEO: Temper Tantrum Or Passionate Display?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. ManUtdPeople says:

    have to admit it seems like a temper tantrum but why couldn’t he see it was to be rested for the bitters match on Sunday?

  2. Corea says:

    i don’t care. all i care is that he is not like the others.

  3. Adam says:

    It’s a mixture of both really. No need for it but you know why he’s done it.

    He just wants to play and do well for the team. As the sole striker up top, he probably felt he didn’t do well enough and was frustrated for a lot of the night.

    He’ll score Sunday! ;)

  4. Red Dave says:

    its not as if hes punched a DJ is it?
    thats not a bad display of anger, im sure weve all done worse when frustrated

  5. Gazza says:

    none of our players should shake their head at the managers decisions. Imagine if beckham did that….
    rooney should show more respect to saf
    i suppose tho if ronaldo got away with doing similar things then every1 will expect to get away with it
    you should no better wayne…

    United > england.

  6. Elisha says:

    He clearly shows his passion and eagerness to play. He got subbed off 18 minutes of playing after the break and of course he still have a lot of energy and drive to play.

    I think that SAF is trying to rest him for the derby match ahead and also try to make him “piss” which in turn will make him more fired up.

    I bet he would react differently if he got subbed during the 70′.

  7. MUFC the Religion says:

    the worst thing to do to Wayne is deprive him of football.

    10 minutes later he was fine, now we have a beast to let loose on City, rested up as well.

    Passionate Display. Move on from for fuck sake.

  8. jamos9 says:

    I think personally he was a little frustrated at his lack of support from midfield and when he saw the Berb and Owen getting to play in tandem it pissed him off a little as if he had a partner up top he’d have got more of the ball and hence more chances. Plus he likes to play does the boy but Owen needed a run out and we needed him for Shitty!!

  9. King Eric says:

    Off topic – Does anyone else HATE the way the FSW says “QUALITY”. Just listen it is really annoying.

  10. jamos9 says:

    Hear, Hear, King Eric…haha

  11. jamos9 says:

    Also Squad is another it’s more like Sqaad!!

  12. Corea says:

    @ King Eric

    maybe you should spend your free time watching tennis ;)

  13. Jandsdad says:

    We can all understand why he was acting up but actions like that feed the lazy hacks in fleet street with stories of discontent in the team.

  14. MUFC the Religion says:

    I’m putting my self through the Dippers game. Could there be any more empty seats.

    United get 75,000 for a pre-season game, Liverpool can’t even get 40,000 for a bloody Champions League match. Appauling support that is. They used to be a big club.

  15. King Eric says:

    Unless Arsenal pull it back I bet Matt Lawton will feel even dafter!

    jamos9 – Yeah that’s another one mate, squaaad!!

    Corea – How do you mean? Are you trying to say I spend too much time with football?

  16. Corea says:

    No, mate. Too much spanish. ;)
    Forgive me for this piece of poor humor.

  17. Jandsdad says:

    @ MUFC the Religion

    I bet stevie me dives for a penalty near the end of the game to secure a win

  18. Triggs says:

    I think he’s more pissed off SAF didnt give him time with Berba or Owen. Instead he brought them both on, so Roon probably felt like he did all the donkey work and when United finally raised a gear and went for the win he was brought off.

    He basically wants to keep scoring.

    In the words of a smug twat, “passion for the game, is passion for the game.”

  19. Linvoy says:

    Oh suprise suprise Stevie meeee diving again! Thankfully the ref not buying it!

    What a scouse cunt he is!

  20. Saad says:

    temper tantrum i have to say….. rooney does have an explosive temper and he didnt contain himself there, he needs to understand that its a squad game now

  21. MUFC the Religion says:

    Gerrard DID just fuckin dive. Thankfully ref saw but no booking

  22. GayDanBarai says:

    I suspect that seeing Michael Owen replacing you would just send you over the edge – not the best of chums – mark my words. Get Owen OUT – he is shite.

  23. Linvoy says:

    That’s 2 now! Mr super strong midfielder goes fucking limp when he gets in the box!

    What a fucking cock! I rly hate that twat!

  24. Linvoy says:

    Why I’m watching this utter shite & putting myself through it! I’m already pissed off tonight & seeing that scouse rat Twat face of gerrard is just infuriating me more! The guy should be locked up!

    Roll on Sunday!

  25. TonyBee says:

    GayDanBarai…. Fucking spot on mate OWEn is shite….bigtime …..he got fucked off by the fucking dippers and then he got injured a lot for the Geordie Maggots…so much so they fucked him off and was on his way to Hull of all fucking places when SAF stunned everyone by offering the cunt a contract …ye gods ….has the world gone fucking mad…..Owen at United …come on….!!!

  26. MUFC the Religion says:

    GayDanBarai and TonyBee, be quiet please. Speak bollocks somewhere else. “Not the best of chums” What the Fuck is that comment. Wazza was the happiest of all when he signed. Pricks. That’s that sorted out.

    Liverpool 1 – Debrecin 0

    Standard Liege 2 – Arsenal 3 great comeback

    Chelski 1 – Porto 0 scrappy win against 10 men

    Beskitas 0 – United 1 stadium full of mentalists

    Who has the best result. I’d say Arsenal. Then us, we had to go away to a decent team in a hostile atmosphere. Chelsea probably had the toughest opposition but against 10 AGAIN it was always gonna be yet another scrappy 1-0 boring boring Chelsea. Liverpool were horrendous against SHITE opposition.

    Gerrard is a CHEAT. Torres is and always has been SHOCKING. He’s reached his peak already and his hamstring trouble has cost him his pace. How on earth he is rated as a world class player is beyond me.

  27. kel says:

    @MUFC the Religion: Really? Liverpool can’t even get 40,000 for the CL match? Maybe they have been at home clicking the websites.

  28. kel says:

    @Gazza I do agree with you but i still hope he can be more mature to understand the decision. I hope he will not do it again. I hate to see this kind of things cause if he can do it maybe other players will also do it. Imagine a squad with a few players doing this surely will piss me off.

  29. jespermoses says:

    passionate.simple…..SAF has no problem with it so I dont!

  30. Kevin says:

    Can’t it be both. He is a passionate player who let his feelings boil over and he let his temper flair. I think it is inappropriate but he is still young. His comments shows consistent respect for Fergie. He spent the whole of last season sacrificing for the good of the team. I think the crowd got him excited and got too pulled into the game. I won’t read too much into this but I will if it happens again.

    Debrecin have been gearing up for what more than likely be the biggest game of their career. They were always going to work their socks off and it almost paid off. Liverpool should have been much better but clearly they are not the team Rafa thought they would be. I do feel bad for the Debrecin guys.

  31. King Eric says:

    TonyBee & GayDan – Fuck sake give the lad a chance. How many games has he played? Probably 130 minutes at the most and has scored once and got into numerous good positions. Once he gets his confidence and touch back he will bang them in. Lets judge him next May. Still looks very dangerous and his movement is superb. He still has pace too. Believe me I used to hate the little cunt but if he is playing for United I will support him.

    Rooney and Owen are good mates.

  32. Howie says:

    Rooney has played like 90 minutes last Saturday and another 60 minutes on Tuesday. Rooney being Rooney, he’ll probably keep playing until the day his leg gave out. This is the striker that will chase the ball down all the way to his own back line, what do you expect ?? It’s a passion to win and he shows it every single match. I just love this guy. I, so should all of us, have no single doubt that SAF would have talked to him during half time and after the match.

    To judge Owen’s performance after that one match is just ludicrous. I, so should all of us, shall give him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully the games ahead will prove me right.

  33. natiasa says:

    I think he just was unhappy with the way he played. and wanted to score that’s all

  34. Dakota says:

    passion play..he was extremely frustrated for not getting a goal..and probably didnt expect to be substituted..leave him alone..he is going to beat the CRAP out of SHITTY!!

  35. Firestarter says:

    I thought it was more of frustration. Didn’t see one good ball going to him in the centre of the box.

    He wants his goal scoring knack to continue. SO DO WE.:-D

  36. marvsharpe says:

    I get pissed off at five-a-side when i don’t enjoy the game and the rest of my team is pants, and that’s just a kick about. Rooney’s passionate about the game and i’m sure if we’d have been 1-0 when he was subbed off, he probably wouldn’t have acted like that.

  37. theCount says:

    I don´t think it was either of the two – but rather the fact that he was frustrated and pissed off at himself and the team for the “poor” performance…

  38. Marq says:

    He didnt jus play 63mins on his own up front, he played out of his skin against Spurs too, so it is for his own good that he gets some well deserved rest

  39. GayDanBarai says:

    MUFC the religion – “Wazza was the happiest of all”. And you’ve got (self publicist) Owen’s word for that, have you? Owen coming out with that stuff about Rooney’s delight at his arrival at United made me want to chuck. Either insecurity or arragance I thought. Can anyone think of a worse no7 in a united shirt? He will be completely forgotten in a couple of years.

    BTW, I’m judging Owen on his last (approx) 200 games. And MUFC the Religion, you’re a big man throwing around insults through your keyboard – you fucking pussy.

  40. Rax says:

    Both. No-one can deny Rooney’s passion. But no-one wants to see a grown man pout either, he looked like a baby without his bottle. Would definitely agree with it being for the best though. With his form and now being even more fired up… He’ll be devastating against Citeh. Bring on Sunday.
    Rooney > Hughes.

  41. KevCos says:

    It’s fantastic when he reacts like that.
    He’s played on his own up front in one of the most difficult stadiums in the world. Those fans are nutters, and the atmosphere is incredibly intimidating.
    As always he worked his bollocks off.
    And he’s on a goal a game.
    Wouldn’t you be pissed off when you try your best for the team, and you get yanked. Even if it was to protect him for Sunday.
    The guy is all heart, and he has a bit of skill too:)

  42. Gandalf says:

    Bit of over reaction I thought. There was no need to do that, surely he is experienced enough with Fergie to understand and respect. But then again, footballers brain thinks differently [or doesn't think at all].

    Off topic – I absolutely hate FSW saying ‘clearly’… and he does use it a loooootttttttt. I have started hating that word, haven’t used it for sometime!!

  43. Datnana says:

    What can i say?

  44. Datnana says:

    What can i say? Fergie’s got to watch his timing.

  45. King Eric says:

    Gandalf – If that bugs you mate, as I said last night listen to the way he says fucking “Quality”. That REALLY annoys me. Another one someone pointed out is “Squad”. Torres speaks the same! (Could be the Spanish thing)!

  46. dre says:

    there should be a third option to your poll… that wazza was honestly just upset with himself for his unusually quiet display.. which i believe to be the reason by the way.

  47. Em-man-U-el says:

    roon is got to get rid of such act as it shows no respect for SAF. i believe SAF got him off as right


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