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VIDEO: Tevez and Carrick Goals Against Wigan

Carlos Tevez equalises before Michael Carrick nets the winner.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. clj7 says:

    Tevez’s was ace! He seems to be getting that goalscoring instinct back now. And he’s not trying too hard now, he just goes out and enjoy.

  2. Anant says:

    good work scott…posts coming thick n fast…cheers

  3. Ste says:

    i hope we sign him, he is a great player and hard working!!!! if he bangs them in every week like he has been doing then wont be long before he’s a legend!!!!!

  4. Giles Oakley says:

    Tevez has that vital knack of scoring when it really matters, as he showed at West Ham when he saved them from certain relegation in 2007, with goal after goal in the final weeks. He seems to thrive on pressure, which is maybe why Fergie is playing cat & mouse with him.

  5. costas says:

    Giles,our predicting didn’t hurt did it?But we had to work hard for it.

  6. Bud says:

    Good job Scott. You deserve a praise for being so quick to update the site after matches. You’re the Carlos Tevez of webmasters…

    But anyways, great result tonight. I hope Rio will be fit against Arsenal, I didn’t quite fancy the desperation in our defending tonight. The stress level was of course high and the rain didn’t make it any easier for the back four. I also hope to see Fletcher in the starting eleven against Arsenal, we need a player with a high work rate to stop Fabregas in the midfield.

  7. Marq says:

    Yea, well done Tevez. But I do hope they don’t start putting down Berbatov just to praise Tevez, because I feel Berbatov had a great game today, ghosting past defenders at will. Rooney & Ronaldo was disappointing thou, losing the ball very often, albeit in difficult conditions.

  8. Bud says:

    If Rooney had scored from the awesome chance Berbatov created we would all be praising Berba for his magic. I agree with Marq, we need to look at the big picture, we can praise Tevez and Berba in the same sentence, there’s no law against that. But the papers love to line this up as a Berba vs Tevez thing…

  9. costas says:

    This game has proved that Berba can co exist with anyone of the 3.He was doing good link up play with Rooney,Tevez and Ronaldo.His biggest contribution in the 1st half was the fact that he was hoding the ball up.We needed that.

  10. Carrick's Fucking Magic says:

    berba was awesome…i think some of us are being a bit hard on the lad…..he’s never gonna be tevez or rooney
    hes berbatov…a world class striker who plays for Man United
    did anyone see that flick he tried today on the line exactly like what he did agasint west ham when ronnie scored ?…wow i soo wanted it to come off again….by far the best of berbatov party tricks bramble was lucky it just bounced back onto berba for a GK
    on the other hand my USERNAME says it all

  11. jcolas says:

    Tevez’s first touch looked OK on the goal… Sign him up! And I thought berba played awesome to. He dropped back in the midfield when appropriate, I would like to see him play in the hole behind striker because of his great distributions.

  12. ILamb22 says:

    Agreed. I think the best combination is really, all of them together. I never really understood why we couldn’t use that formation for often. Honestly though, I feel that this has shown what Carlos Tevez’s true strength is. He is an incredibly impact player. His best matches have been ones that he’s come off the bench for. If he can live with that, and I hope he can, he will always have a spot. Additionally, I wonder when the last time I saw Berbatov take a shot was… two, three matches?

  13. wazza says:

    Giles: yeah Tevez has that knack of scoring crucial goals.Fletch has had a good rest & he will be starting against the gooners.why didn’t United players change their studds to rainy conditions before the match started.just loved the way Rio hugged Fletch.

  14. Rite$h says:

    Tevez added the much needed pace and movement to our attack, something which is missing when Berbatov plays upfront. Lets get him SAF, he truly deserves to be at OT, forget the likes of Ribery… Valencia also caused us some problems with his neat controls and pace, a good option to replace Nani if i may say so. I want more goals to be scored against the gooners, we have to avenge that defeat in the first half of the season…Hope Tevez start that match and that our defence holds better than last night, where Evans and Vidic played as if it was their 1st time together :(

  15. BrisbaneRed says:

    Just an off topic comment on the game:

    The press are saying Valencia is a £20m footballer. Then that makes Tevez worth £50m. Valencia is a nothing-special sort of footballer. Definitely not worth anywhere near £10m never mind £20m, and most certainly not up to UTD standard. Perhaps Fergie is expressing an interest to push the price up for Liverpool.

  16. Toptopplayer says:

    Anyone else notice Evra doing the thing with his hands that FSW does? Waving them across by his sides as if saying its over! He does it when Rooney and Carrick are on the ground! Love it!

  17. doncobaino says:

    praise for berb!
    I was all ready to come on here and fight his corner.
    he was involved in three moves that should have led to a goal
    1. he ghosts past a defender and superbly crosses onto rooneys head, rooney hits corner flag
    2. through ball to ronaldo who lays it on to carrick who hits it over
    3. part of the build up that led to rooney blasting over

    my only problem with the count is that he doesn’t shoot enough, he didnt have a single shot. i don’t know why he doesn’t seem to shoot??!?

  18. AlphaRS says:

    I think United are a better team without Berbatov in it.

    Last season we played 4-3-3 with more fluency and fluidity.

    We also scored more goals!

  19. rooney_thebestest says:

    @BrisbaneRed..I’ve been flummoxed ever since this bit of news started coming in….Seen him play many a time and although he looks pacey he doesnt seem to be able to beat men…didnt look penetrative to me although his link up play was good..I’d take Nani over him any day…Plus the way Tosic has been progressing it wont be long before he’s knocking the first team door…just needs to add some bulk on him.

  20. Davef27 says:


  21. Bud says:

    Rooney_thebestest, have you seen much of Tosic? I don’t have MUTV anymore so I can’t follow much of the reserve matches except online. Is the lad doing ok?

  22. King Eric says:

    Bud – Yeah Tosic is built up a bit more now and playing very well for Ole.

    Wazza – Yeah that shot of Rio and Fletch celebrating was quailty.

    Fletch will absolutely start against the gooners. Anderson was poor last night but that is by the by. Despite the slatings of JOS this season, once again he has proven he is vital to United.

    And why still the criticism of Berbatov? Unbefuckinlievable!

    Ain’t seen many Scousers on here since March!!!

  23. swissred says:

    we should definately sign him up!
    i think he offers something to our game no other player (except maybe berba) really offers. and that’s playing in the box, scoring from close range / rebounds / ricochets / etc. stuff that ruud used to do. i mean, no offense, the likes of rooney, ronaldo and the midfield maestros are prolific goalscorers, but they do rarely get the ugly goals, but these are just as important (especially when an opponent parks the bus).
    that brings me to another point. in the game yesterday, i was a bit disappointed at some times. the ball was nicely struck into the box from the flanks several times, but there was actually no one there to get a header. i know that tevez probably is too small to play that role, but i think we really lack a player like that. ronaldo is doing it sometimes, but he also plays a lot on the flanks, so he isn’t there to get a header. maybe berbatov he’s certainly tall enough, but i can’t remember him scoring a header…
    what do you guys think? am i wrong? did i miss something here?

  24. Gman says:

    Teves playes for the team, and scores when he has to.. How often has he scored goals like that.

    My heart is speaking when i say

    SIGN HIM UP!!!

  25. wazza says:

    @King Eric : the United players are rubbing it in the dippers wounds.first it was Kiko re-enacting Stevie Me camera kiss celebration & yesterday it was Evra doing the Benitez’s cross hands signal (game over sign) when Carrick scored, lol

  26. cool-carlos-tevez says:

    the man united match was awsome yesterday i sport them 100% they rock my fav footballer is carlos tevez he so friggin awsome!!!! =D i dont want him to leave man united his agent is tellin him to do that just so he can get 30mil

  27. corea says:

    Again. Berba plays what Fergie wants him to play. Is it that difficult ?

    I liked Carlos yesterday. Like a breath of fresh air when he came on and no one will argue with this. He is not a genius but he is useful.

  28. rooney_thebestest says:

    @ Bud…sorry for the late response but I’ve got bloody college exams on my head..Well Tosic is doing well ….cant say he’s been very special all the time but there are occasions when he’s got the ball when he can beat alomost 3 defenders at a time can can be a real handful…plus he’s definitely got a great shot on him…but he does tends to drift out of games for some periods and he should improve his right foot ability…pace wise he is no Ronnie but he can be pretty useful…does hold the ball well and is measured in possesion…I’d have liked a bit more spark from him though…still needs to do some work….plus i’ve yet to see him score consistently from set pieces like he did for Partizan…He’ll never be a player who can get you 20 goals but he can certainly become a very useful squad player…Heres hoping.


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