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VIDEO: Tevez vs Venezuela

Carlitos scored the second of four goals as Argentina crushed Venezuela.

LAST DAY to win an OFFICIAL Manchester United jersey

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  1. Giles Oakley says:

    Hope he shows good composure like that against Villa.

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    such a great player

    crisp clean shot

    i hope he stays

    ya just dont know what’d happen

    but if he stays?

    if united could hosestly get 100+ for ronaldo id think thats tevez + 70 million to replace ronaldo

  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    not that i want rid of ronaldo

    id just like tevez to stay

  4. TonyBee says:

    He’s a tryer ….chases everything ….. busts a gut for us sign him asap

  5. costas says:

    gotta hate tiny tears i like your way of thinking.That’s also my wish if we had to lose one of the 2.By the way,looks like Maradona is inspiring these players.

  6. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    if tevez is learning how to further improve then inspire away mr. maradona

    costa ,as i said the second message i’d love both
    but for attitude towards the game if ya gotta lose one then its gotta be ronny

  7. Tony Starks says:

    yeah sure get rid of Ronnie and get Kun Aguero as well as Carlitos.. deadly duo.. play with 3 up front, roate Rooney, Carlitos, Aguero and Berba… if only…

  8. mancaroon says:

    fergie fergie sign him up
    fergie, sign him up

    his interplay with Messi all game was excellent, the lads a little demon!

  9. costas says:

    “yeah sure get rid of Ronnie and get Kun Aguero as well as Carlitos.. deadly duo.. play with 3 up front, roate Rooney, Carlitos, Aguero and Berba… if only…”

    Well,at least we have Championship Manager to do this Tony Starks.

  10. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    sure while we’re at it

    sign messi up as well

  11. Maik says:

    Put up the first one as well! Carlitos pass was excellent.

  12. Eshaan says:

    The pass by tevez to messi for the first goal was brilliant. One touch play. Aguero and Tevez in the same team for United WOULD be brilliant for sure. Not that it’s going to happen. But we better sign up Tevez. I rather we lose berbatov this summer than to lose carlitoss!

  13. costas says:

    Nice of Dunga to drag Ando along and not even have him on the bench.I hope there hasn’t been an injury.

  14. Marq says:

    Haha, I wouldnt mind getting 100M for Ronaldo and throw that money at Barca for Messi

    Not that it will happen thou

  15. anderson8 says:

    if only messi could have a massive falling out with barca and we could swap him for ronaldo!!! but unfortunately he seems to have genuine affection for the club that has nurtured his talents and turned him into a superstar and surely 2009′s world’s player of the year. now if only all players showed that affection…..

  16. denton davey says:

    ” I rather we lose berbatov this summer than to lose carlitoss!”

    Can’t disagree with that; I’d also swap Berbatov for Aguero in a heart-beat.

    I also like the pure-fantasy idea of swapping Ronaldo for Messi. Even though CR brings more to the game – heading/free kicks (sometimes !)/ability to take a beating and stay relatively injury free – it’s hard to deny the individual brilliance of LittleLionel.

    He is, in terms of on-the-ball-skills, clearly head-and-shoulders better than anyone else playing right now. He also seems to have less baggage than CR – but that’s a bit hard to judge since if Leo came to Ingerland then the chauvinistic twats who write for the rags would go ballistic about his “diving”, too.

  17. King Eric says:

    How can anyone say they would rather get rid of Ronnie for Messi. How do we know he would even cut it in England? Sick and tired of everyone bangin on about what a “god” Messi is. Spits at players and too lightweight! lol

  18. denton davey says:

    “Spits at players and too lightweight! lol”

    That’s as may be – his on-the-ball skills are simply breath-taking AND he is more direct than CR. He might not cut it in the hurly-burly of the EPL but he did stand up to a real serial kicking against Real Madrid so I don’t think his courage can be questioned. But, it will NEVER happen so it’s just a topic for discussion.


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