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VIDEO: The Difference Between United and City Fans

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  1. FailsworthDevil says:

    Cheers Boogey mate, its good to get some spare time to get back on here…

    We all know that Suhayl is a geezer mate… love reading what he has gotta say… inc yourself, Tiny, Tony, King Eric, and all the other regs pal..

    I think there will be an atmosphere 2moz that will be nothing what we aint heard at OT for years mate… its gonna be electric… i cant wait.. and our players are gonna feed off that mate…


  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    hello to you

  3. Stemac says:

    Well they cant sing about winning the league can they?
    The bitter sick twats.

  4. timbo says:

    Well, to add my two bob’s worth, I can’t understand a single damn word, so I ‘dips me lid’ to anyone with the ability to be able do decipher what’s being said in the chant. All I hear is a collective ‘oh ea oh a eh a oh, ah!, oh a eh a oh a weh!”

    I’m assuming that those who know what’s being said are privy to the actual lyrics? If so, set them out here so that the rest of us can get a grip on just how insulting these idiots are.

    And for what it’s worth, I don’t really believe that this kind of aberrant behaviour is truly reflective of all City fans, just the typically loud and sub-mental element that exist within most clubs. Most Liverpool supporters were disgusted at the on-stage Munich rant that got so much negative publicity late last season, and I’m sure most City fans would be equally appalled to hear Munich chants being sung by some of the team’s supporters. Some people just need to get a life, as it seems that the state of their day to day existence is so bereft of any real meaning or value that their sporting passion become so all-consuming and tribal to the point of being psychotic. Any human being who can indulge in this kind of behaviour and not see it for being deeply disturbing, insulting, and hurtful needs serious therapy.

  5. Scott the Red says:

    “Who’s that dying on the runway? Who’s that dying in the snow? It’s Matt Busby and his boys, making all the fucking noise, cos they can’t get their aeroplane to go.”

  6. Coogie says:

    Who the fook is that singing? A bird or a pre pubecent teen. Either way, both deserve a fucking uppercut!

  7. malta manc says:

    I hope they all fucking die

  8. malta manc says:

    women, kids, millionaires, players, the whole fuckin lot

  9. NoLyfLykARedLyf says:

    this is fukin appaling. Hope we show the bitters on sunday, let our players do the talking.

  10. says:


  11. Dakota says:

    absolutely disgusting!! what a shameful excercise!!

  12. Tufty says:

    Bit pathtic putting this on here.
    There are enough Youtube clips of Utd fans singing songs about others tragedies.

  13. ldyinred says:

    appalling, the youngsters chanting this… make me ill.


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