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VIDEO: The Latest From MUST

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. redAlert says:

    0:31 holy crap for a second there i thought john terry made a cameo appearance..

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    75p from every pound??

    i taught it was 55p

    or 62p

    can anyone tell me the truth

  3. redseven says:

    who knows the truth apart from debt=slavery

    sad thing is people who to take over from the glazers will borrow money to buy.

    will be the same old shit am afraid to say.

  4. Cantona is back says:

    @ red alert
    ur comment made me curious but he’s not even close to terry :P

  5. Eight08 says:

    Love United Hate Glazer.

  6. bruce thomas says:

    Here’s to a wonderful treble: the PL, the CL and the GO.

  7. wayne says:

    @ghtt i’m with you thats all i want is the truth i thought the same thing 75p thats not right.watching that everyone saying give us back utd what does that mean? i don’t understand what the end plan is to all this and its pissing me off,i’m beginning to think its because the glaziers are american more than anything.theres a big chance whoever buys the club will be in debt and guess what everyone utd is a buisness and fucking big buisness it isn’t community owned will someone please tell me were all this is going because its driving me mental

  8. redseven says:


    totally agree mate, where is this all going, like we’ve both said whoever takes over will be in debt and thats a fact, who’s to say if we boycott united and financially damage the club that a miracle will happen and it’ll all be alright..
    i hate the fact that we are in debt and don’t thank the glazers one bit for that, fuck they could have paid up in cash right from the get go, but thats not how business is done in ANY industry.
    so yeah where the fuck is this going and whats the plan apart from get the glazers out. are we gonna get together enough money to pay them out and the debt? the red knights arent from what i’ve read, they want to borrow to buy as well. you ask me its all politics and propaganda to turn all reds against the glazers so someone else can come in and do the same thing, thats milk the cash cow that is united. either we find someone to come in and pay cash for the club and pay off the debt, or we put up and shut up.
    for fucks sake the banks have borrowed billions from the treasury and the tax payer and now where all feelin the boot there, but nobody gives a shit that the countrys going down the pan financially, and thats where the rot starts, with the fuckin banks and big business robbing and raping the lot of us
    feel free to protest, and try and get them to change what there doin, but think about the end game and not the short term gain.
    and again where the fuck is this going and what is the plan, short of swapping one debt for another.

  9. Franco Mizzi says:

    Wayne you are spot on. Its mainly because they are yanks. The only way a buyer could buy the Glazers out is by borrowing bucket loads of money and the only reason no Arab Sheikh is interested is that the Capital needed to buy is huge. They buy clubs like City splash a few hundred million to buy star players and then wait for their investment to grow. Same with Roman at Chelsea really bought them out for 70 odd million and the rest is History. Basically the investment required is very small especially when compared to what is needed to buy the Glazers out. For United to remain within the reach of fans is buy us not being successful for a 10 year period. The Glazers would then go away licking their wounds but hey where does that leave the United we got used to winning trophy after trophy year in year out. MUST should really be careful as in my opinion their actions worked against the team last season.

  10. ji says:


    UNITED above all.

  11. pondave says:

    the 75p out of every pound takes into acount all the interest repayments, rearrangement fees, management fees, loans to the glazer family etc. So you spend £1 on a united product, and only 25p goes to the club, the rest goes to glazers/banks

  12. wayne says:

    scott just a idea why don’t you interview a top must guy so he can explain what exactly is going on and what they hope to achieve apart from getting rid of the glaziers because this issue is dividing fans and having a very negative effect on the club

  13. the former john ferry says:

    Really a touching video…My uncle married a gal from Manchester, so I’ve been a supporter for many a year. Damn the Glazers are making some of us from across the pond look bad.

  14. willierednut says:

    Lets all attack MUST and imusa, they put the club in to debt and not the Glazers, eh. I’m not anti Glazer, and it’s certainly not about them being Americans, not from my point of veiw any way, but i would like to see them come out and engage with the fans, and that would include MUST and imusa.

  15. bchilds says:

    I love this video, sends shivers down my spine.

    Love United, Hate Glazer – keep the fight!

  16. dauis says:

    @the former john ferry

    Unfortunately for us Man U fans from across the pond, it seems that most people in that video believe that a “yank” should never be allowed to own the club. That is truly unfortunate that MUST chose so many of those types of statements to be shown in that video, unless that is what the organization truly believes. I hope not, because all the negative “yank” statements could truly alienate many of us American Man U fans.

    I’m not a fan of the Glazers by any means, but really do not like the way that video showed a lot of comments that were anti-Glazer at least in part just because they are American.

  17. brisbanefan says:

    “Lets all attack MUST and imusa, they put the club in to debt and not the Glazers,”
    As we all know the person who said the above is a well known Glazer fan who has no concept of what all this means to the future of the club.
    The fact is that the Glazers havea failing property market business in the US and they are using money from UTD – that is the fans – to prop it up.
    Now if you don’t find that immoral then there’s something wrong with you.
    BTW, the anti-Glazer movement is NOT about the family being Americans or Jewish. Not at all.
    But the pro-Glazer fans are so bereft of a positive argument that they have to resort to lies such as this.
    That says a lot about them.

  18. willierednut says:

    brisbanefan – I was being sarcastic, when i said lets all attack MUST and imusa. The bit were i said MUST and imusa have to be included in any discussions must have been a clue fella, and I’m most certainly not a Glazer fan, nor I’m i anti Glazer, but i refute the suggestion that i have no concept of what the debt means.

  19. kumlaham says:

    scott i don’t know why u bother with all these anti glazer people?do u really believe MUST and
    all those other anti Glazer groups actually have the interest of our club at heart?i like this blog
    and some of ur articles are extraordinary but u sometimes make me feel as if u are being clever ly
    manipulated to foster the interest of these greedy,self interested groups.I could be wrong but u
    never can tell.IF Sir Alex says the Glazers are okay who are we to say no?If he says the Glazers are
    fantastic,why should we doubt him?why should we continue to protest?I LOVE this club and
    if Sir ALEX says there is no problem, i believe there is no problem.And i totally ignore any fool who tells me otherwise.i am not saying u are a mercenary but all i am saying is that we should ignore all things
    and all people who go against the words of our great coach.i just think u shouldn’t grace this blog with
    articles about some greedy businessmen


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