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VIDEO: Today IS The Day For Macheda! GOALLLL

Before kick-off today I asked the question was today the day for Federico Macheda? With Dimitar Berbatov injured, Wayne Rooney suspended and Carlos Tevez jet-lagged following his return from South America the evening before yesterday, our options were limited.

Macheda scored a hattrick for the Reserves last week, forcing Sir Alex Ferguson to pay attention. Thank God he did!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Superb goal from the boy great atmosphere the fans were superb, give Ronnie a break he made the differnce with the second that was absolutly vital

  2. suhayl says:

    bit of sense from the old ROM guys…thanks stephen spot on…rons deserved some rebuke and some crap from the fans….but today isnt the time or place….today he was mint. And he doesnt deserve being called a cunt.

    Not seen Denton Davey and Failsworth today….would love to hear their opinions….

  3. alpha_rs says:

    Suhayl the point is you are calling me names from behind a computer screen.
    Just because I have an opinion. That is stupid.
    The rest of your comments I can respect. But time and time again he fails to celebrate with the team and it has been happening for years. And now I couldn’t understand after one of the most tense games at Old Trafford we get the winner and he is nowhere to be seen.
    Nobody is questioning his talent. He is an awesome player. Needs to change his attitude though.

    Devilinho if that is the case I take it all back.Match gallery?

    Thing is there are many players who did nothing in that game but played their hearts out all game. Giggs, Fletcher, Carrick, and Tevez. They never gave up. That is something that needs to be mentioned. Those celebrations at the end. Love it.

  4. Anant says:

    suhayl , also Tom F…ROM legend

  5. suhayl says:

    alpha thats the thing..ron did and was happy…devilinho was right..ok he may not jump to the corner with rest of lads. But he celebrates on his own…or whatever takes his fancy…we cant mind read and know….he may be happy as larry on the inside.

    Anyway i respect your opinion lad. Just thought the word cunt you used for ron was a bit too far and uncalled for.

  6. alpha_rs says:

    And yes CNUT may have been harsh. But just shows my feeling towards him.

  7. suhayl says:

    Aye TOM F…doesnt contribute much these days…but yep….him drew vader..stephen… anant…our annoying friend peejay lol…..all old ROM stalwarts…

    Craig mc…now where did he disappear too

  8. alpha_rs says:

    Take a look at Fergies post match interview.

    And O’Neill looks absolutely pissed!

  9. alpha_rs says:

    O’Neill reckons the winning goal came from a foul on Ashley Young?! Eh?

  10. suhayl says:

    strong feelings i give you that…cut..give him some slack alpha….lads still our player end of the day…

    And i tell you something…….as long he wears our stop out in the middle of the road to save him…and get killed in the process. Thats how much anyone that wears our badge means to me.

    Anyway peace out lad. Glad we got our points clear.

    United WE stand

  11. suhayl says:

    50 50 with evra…nothing doing for me….just a coming together and superior body strength from left back pat. MON bound to feel bitter

  12. alpha_rs says:

    I had my uncle shouting “Was that late enough for ya. Have a bit of your own medicine” when Liverpool scored the winner yesterday.

    It was a sweet being able to say the same thing to him today.

    I felt sick when they scored the winner in stoppage time. I bet they feel even worse right now. And I love it.

    That is what football does to you.

    We’ll Never Die.

  13. costas says:

    Bitter yes suhayl but the foul was at our side of the pitch,20-30 seconds before the goal.As Scott said,why did they stop going forward?That’s the biggest gift they could have given us since we couldn’t put them on the back foot ourselves.I said it elsewhere.Rooney,Vida,Scholes and Park come back for POrto but Ando and Rio won’t make it.

  14. Anant says:

    hehe….honour to be included there suhayl…but credit to all united fans…each one is special !

  15. suhayl says:

    AYE…..ive just had a bout of sparring with some dipper on one of the other ROM threads.

    Flamin dipper…telling us they ve deserved every 8 of those last ditch 90+ min winners this season. Well i gave him a break down of 7 of them…each a last ditch..smash and grab …flukey jammy scabby….daylight deflected v 10 men robbery.

    Fuckin dipper.

    But yep alpha…football….what does it do to us….seriously mate ive nearly come to killing some dips down the years…and as i said spent time inside…man i hate those scouse cunts…

    Now thats where cunt should have been used alpha…ha ha

  16. suhayl says: hoping rio does….there is a slight chance…as for ando and rafeal..c’mon lads we want to see you next lge game…and a note to the medical staff…flamin get wesley sorted an all…..we need all our big guns back.

  17. suhayl says:

    Anant c’mon mate…youve been contributing on ROM for as long as i can remember…..been quite a few years atleast pal

  18. costas says:

    Maybe SAF is bluffing again?He said that he will play Evans and Vidic.Let’s look at it like this.If it’s the groin that’s troubling him,there is a serious threat of reaggravating it.Let’s give him the week and have him ready for Sunderland and the Dragao.We will need him there more.I agree about Wes.I wanted to see Ashley Young try to shake Wes of.

  19. alpha_rs says:

    Suhayl I don’t think deserve comes in to it.
    Goals win games. Liverpool have scored them. We scored them today.

    In the end I wouldn’t care if Liverpool beat us 10-1 that day as long as we win the league. That is the difference. The Scousers celebrate doing the double over us in the League. We celebrate winning the League. That is the difference.

    Beating us 4-1 means NOTHING unless they win the League.

    Beat Porto, and Villareal/Arsenal, and give me Liverpool anyday.
    I want the world to see what we do to them in that final.
    It would be my dream to beat the Dippers 5-0 in the final and watch Gary Neville lift the European Cup while Stevie Me is on his knees head in hands crying his eyes out.

    Fuckin Get in There!

  20. Anant says:

    thanks mate . definitely spent many joyous hours posting here and today has just been added to that list .

    wonderful day! fantastic result !

  21. suhayl says:

    im just hoping we get some of these players off the injury table soon costas mate. If SAf said that then thats that. But before the game….rumours inside the ground were it was a safe decision to not play him as his groin was sore…and he would be ok possibly for tuesday…which means its 50 50….so yep you’re right…sunderland game most likely….hope its not longer than that…we know with rio…these things do drag eg his back.

    Right im off to enjoy me pudding and cake…and watch the heroic highlights……man i feel a lot better than i did at this time last night….

    football bloody ell

  22. suhayl says:

    That would be perfect in an ideal world alpha…would be the most amazing feeling ever!!!!!.

    However my ticker and nerves wouldnt be able to take it……thats why i want those dippers to suffer…suffer pain on and off the pitch with and to whom ever…and as soon as poss. I couldnt take the nerves come last day of the season…i know the feelings are unrivalled…but id rather duck it and have the title won by 10 points in march. I cant stand their fuckin smug looks and there recent good news and self belief and confidence rushes etc etc etc etc etc etc …

    I only like it…as MR T would say…when theyre IN PAIN!!!!!

    Anyway off to enjoy my cake and desert and watch chicos and rons goals over and over again..
    Take care Anant, Costas, Alpha


  23. costas says:

    Take care Suhayl.One love.One United.

  24. Anant says:

    aite suhayl . i’d suggest you watch the goals after dessert . would be extremely hard to do both simultaneously

  25. diva says:

    think i can watch that clip over and over again, without getting bored and with a smile on my face. it’s nearly up there w/ the last min agst Bayern, terry’s slip in moscow, o’shea’s last min goal at livershit… macheda you beauty

  26. alpha_rs says:

    There is usually one result that defines the season in the run in.

    I think that was it.

  27. Haakon says:

    Alex is God? Well he is. But not for the team selection as of today.

    He should have more faith in the youth players. Players with the hunger and the desire. He should use them more and give them the chance.

    He brought on Macheda at the right time. But we were all screaming for it. Welbeck came on far too late.

    See how both he and Macheda created chances by just moving. Tevez (obviously tired), Giggs (too old, but still a legend), Nani and Ronaldo were not up for it.

    Macheda and Welbeck came on with a never say die attitude the other players lacked, except for Fletcher who worked his socks off.

    Keep playing the youths. Please. And rest Ronaldo. World class player, but he cant play every single game.

    Neville vs. Carew in the air. There would only be one outcome. Why not stick O’Shea in the middle and young Eckersley on the right?

  28. Anant says:

    haakon …its easy to say so in hindsight . imagine if he had done what you said and we got thumped 3 or 4 nil ! at this stage of the season do you think we can afford that ?
    to trust in youth is one thing , but to be delusional about the ability of untried youth is another . sir alex did the right thing by making kiko and welbeck available to be called upon . he also got the timing of the substitutions spot on!
    just think , had welbeck/kiko started upfront alongside tevez , with giggs on the bench , and had a torrid game , who would get the stick ? – yep , sir alex! not the kids , because nobody really expects too much of them .
    this was the perfect game to test their strength of character and sir alex did just that .

    there arent many managers who would put such faith in youngsters . hell , even the commentators on espn were surprised by the substitution . but , he took a gamble and it paid off . that is what makes him the best manager in the world! FSW couldnt have dreamed of bringing on nemeth for babel/riera at that stage of the game . thats where sir alex scores head and shoulders over everyone else .

    Alex is God!

  29. Its in my blood says:

    Kiko brilliant today, what a way to announce yourself to the OT faithful! Fletcher excellent, worked his do-dahs off! Had a quick look at the M.E.N. ratings earlier, what a joke. Games are gonna come thick’n'fast now, to get the win today in that manner is surely the perfect launchpad for the run in. Dippers devo’ed!

  30. NicoQB says:

    I just have to vent a big rant of frustration. People here have been calling Tevez great and so too Fletcher?
    Wake up guys!
    Fletcher got eaten alive by Barry for 70 minutes and Tevez for all his running and tackling did fuck all in terms of attacking play. The fact that Welbeck had a goal scoring opportunity denied and Macheda scored weighs more than all the tackling and courageous stuff he can do.
    I’m not dissing the man – his commitment and attitude towards us is admirable but some of you guys have to wake up and smell the coffee.

  31. Marq says:

    Actually, I think Tevez looked tired, lost the ball in good positions a few times today. And the fact that he tried to block a clearance with a diving header kinda says it all, the heart was at it, but the body was jus a little short

  32. King Eric says:

    NicoQB – Did you even watch the game? Fletch was immense today, he covered every blade of grass and broke up play. Barry? YSB!

  33. Drew Vader says:

    Well said King Eric… I thought Fletch was immense. Eaten alive by Barry…. that confuses me

  34. Markus Revolver says:

    alpha, he was clearly at the travel agent booking his flights for madrid

  35. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    a new chant for our new red

    i hope it can be sung tomorrow


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