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VIDEO: Tosic Scores Skillful Goal For Serbia

Dimitar Berbatov and Nani weren’t the only players on the International scoresheet last night. Zoran Tosic also scored in Serbia’s 2-1 defeat against Lithuania.

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  1. manucnian soldier says:

    Talk abt speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!

  2. pypkmsrikanth says:

    Neatly taken goal, pity that he seems to be no closer to getting into the first team at United almost a year after joining with a lot of expectations.

  3. hurr says:

    That’s weird. I looked everywhere and the scoreboard said it’s Milan Jovanovic who scored and not Tosic. Who screwed up here?

  4. hurr says:

    Silly reporters. They wrote that Tosic scored but lists Jovanovic instead.

  5. DownunderManc says:

    He deserves a chance given Nani has been less than inspiring – still again always

  6. medici says:

    He’s like a tiny, baby footballer.

  7. venu says:

    Nice finish!!! If we are not going to give this kid a chance, we may as well get rid of. Seems to have pace and skill, needs to bulk up a bit.

  8. Androo (UFFM) says:

    He certainly deserves a chance in the starting XI. We need a natural lefty in our team. Giggs won’t last forever!

  9. Sabien24 says:

    I feel so sorry for Tosic, Fergie knew his size before he bought him, he isn’t going to be able to ‘bulk up’ and why should he the man is doing nothing wrong, he was fantastic in pre-season and a regular in his national team where he is never over rawed, if he is big enough for the national team, he should be big enough for at least a space on the bench, he is the most skilful player Utd has now Ronaldo is gone, our Benayoun, the guy is made for champions league and can’t even get into a squad of 25. Fergie has got this one wrong and Tosic won’t wait around for much longer. PLAY HIM FERGIE.

  10. Gudjohnsen says:

    I’m always waiting for this guy to get the chance. He usually does very well for his national side, surely we must have a place for him when Nani is playing under bar.

  11. Joero says:

    Personally, If he can play well in internationals then he should be at least good enough for a place on the bench. He’s clearly too good for Championship level football and yes, although physically he isn’t the biggest, Technique and ability wise there aren’t many at United better than him. Probably our best set piece taker too.

  12. King Eric says:

    Sabien24 – Disagree mate, I thought he was quite poor in pre season especially against Valencia. Personally I don’t think he will get much chance. I have seen him play for the reserves numerous times and his progress seems to be very slow. Hope I am wrong but I think the rumour that Fergie bought him only as part of the Ljijac deal probably hols some weight.

    Off topic but why are all the papers saying “Rio not done” and ” Rio showed last night that he is good enough for Ingerlund”? Fuck sake the man has had a couple of shaky games but his place in the starting 11 was never under threat in my opinion. STILL the best Central defender they have got. Had to laugh at the hypocrisy of the little Ingerlunders last night. 11 years ago the same cunts that were going gaga over David last night will be the same ones that wanted him hung drawn and quartered. By all accounts though Fat Bitter Stan was FUMING that he got man of the match. Bitter small time cunt.

  13. King Eric says:

    Great finish by the way and good morning.

  14. willierednut says:

    @king eric
    Collymore is a jealous bastard he won nothing in the game becks won everything thats his problem.

  15. EastStandManc says:

    I have to agree with King Eric – I can’t see Tosic getting much time. I wouldn’t say he’s our most skillful player either, sabian24 (that accolade goes to Berba or Ando, maybe even Obertan), but he’s definitely a great set-piecer. Even then, he has to get past the likes of Giggsy (left-peg), Hargreaves (right-peg) and to a lesser extent Rooney, Ando and Nani before he can establish himself as the free-kick specialist.

    I also doubt that he’ll be able to bounce off Premier League defenders and get away with it the way he did off the Lithuanian defender, as tidy as the finish was. Competition for places is always good, but when you’re a peripheral figure even in the Reserves, you’ve got to ask yourself if you’re going to make it at all (let alone to the First Team bench).

  16. pjch says:

    He plays well for his country yet can’t get a place in the first team. The only way we are going to find out if Tosic will make it at Old Trafford is to give him a chance. If he doesn’t make it then at least he would have had his chance and sell him to recoup some of the mony SAF spent on him.
    If and when SAF tries him in the 1st XI I hope hes not part of a team of 7 changes.

  17. ptg says:

    Great goal. Would love to see more first team action from Tosic.

  18. Zalee says:

    I agree on what pjch said. Man Utd need to give chances to every youngster they bought n produce because if they are not then many youngster will believe that transfer to Man Utd are worthless. And soon we have to buy players with higher price n wages. Young player are the future of Man Utd n the veterans are the teacher

  19. cav says:

    Tosic may not be amazing, but given the depressing state of our midfield, I don’t see why he isn’t at least on the bench.

  20. King Eric says:

    cav – “depressing state of our midfield”? Come again mate. Scholes, Ando, Nani, Valencia, Giggs, Orbetan, Carrick, Fletch, Hargreaves. Yeah awful midfield isn’t it.

  21. Chan the Man says:

    Tosic should be given a chance against Barnsley along with the other youngsters.

  22. pjch says:

    Have to comment on what King Eric has said about our midfield. I first saw Utd play in 1966 and I’m sorry to say we have a midfield that doesn’t frighten other teams anymore. It would be interesting to know how many of these players would be taken by the top teams in the Premier League. I’m sorry to say that at the moment our best midfield player( Giggs ) is very close to retirement and so is Scholes. We don’t know if Hargreaves is going to be as good as before and Obertan is an unknown entity. The others blow hot and cold. Yes we are second in the table and unbeaten in the Champions League but its what happens at the end of the season that counts.
    I still maintain that SAF should have bought a playmaker before the season started. I only hope we get someone in January.

  23. Remi Moses' Boots says:

    Have to agree with pjch.

    We’re in desperate need of a silky/creative midfielder. All are midfielders are above average in they’re all round game but none are paticularly exceptional. No real ball winning, hard hitting, holding midfielder. No one to challenge and win every aerial battle. A Keane, Viera, Gattuso, Makelele, Essien or Effenberg kind of player. Who’s are hardest midfielder? Fletcher maybe, but he’s not exactly a heavy weight. Hargreeves hopefully can take this role, and he can play a bit as well which is bonus. He did it for England for long enough.
    In regards to a silky/creative midfielder, no-one really jumps out for me. Giggs is playing out of his skin at the moment and it’s a credit to him, but more often than not over the last few seasons he’s been poor. Carrick can pass, given time, but as they say, ‘he doesn’t like it up ‘em’. Put him under pressure and he flaps. Ando’s promising but it’s gradual rather than immediate. Scholes can control games against the lesser teams like nobody in the premiership. A genuine master but in the big games, you feel he’s always one tackle away from a red card. Gibson’s just breaking through and Possebon in away. No players that can really make a game their own. Compare that with many teams and overall it could well be up there, but who would make a starting XI in any of the top European sides? No one is world class. No-one. No players likes of Xavi, Gerard, Iniesta, Kaka, Lampard, Modric, Diego, Fabregas, Sneijder, Pirlo.

    Wingers? Valencia – best crosser in the league. No doubt. Pace, skill. Not enough penetration just yet, but hopefully that’ll come as i think it’s a belief thing. Nani? – flashes of hope overshadowed by anxiety and subsequently, mediocrity. No good enough. Park – great player to have in any squad. Not a man really known though for his one on ones and ability to get round the back. More a link up man who likes to cut inside and make late runs into the box. Obertan will maybe bring something, but an unknown quantity and Tosic doesn’t seem to be cutting much delph. That’s it folks. That’s the entire midfield of Manchester United.
    I understand Fergie doesn’t want to pay over the odds and respect it. But it’s an area that needs attention. He might have to wait until the summer though. With any luck Ljajic will be as good as i’m hearing but he’s just turned 18.

    Another striker is essential as well. If anything happens to Rooney, we’re in trouble and we know it. He must stay fit. Also Berbtov’s starting to really impress me. His attitude is top notch. He’s undoubtedly the most silky player in the league and he’s starting to get a bit of bite to his game. Knocking them in always helps though. Owen will hopefully come good, but you know I say that more in hope than expectation. The young boys are still pretty much unknow quantities at the highest level. It’s not enough to get through a season. Two world class strikers, another one in Owen (form and fitness permitting) and a couple of young boys coming through.

    So we could do with a holding midfielder of the highest order, but will settle for what we have at the moment(not a priority), a playmaker
    I think he should go for Modric personally. Jovetic seems like a diamond.
    And maybe a David Silva on the wing.

    I’d settle for that right now.

  24. King Eric says:

    pjch – If Fergie thought we NEEDED a playmaker he would have bought one. Who do you suggest? Also disagree about the likes of Fletch and Carrick blowing hot and cold. When was the last time Fletch had a bad game? As for Carrick up until March or April last season he was one of United’s most consistent players. He is finding his form again now. United have plenty of options in midfield and I am sure Orbertan and Ljijac may just provide that magic.

  25. Rax says:

    Consistency is the only problem with the midfield. The way we decimated Spurs is a sign of what happens when we really gel. Ando and Carrick have spurts of class, but are just all over the shop right now. Have no idea whether or not they’ll turn up.

    About Tosic: I agree he’s too lightweight. He did well to stay on his feet and it was a well taken finish, but he almost bounced off that defender. Can’t see him being able to stand strong against PL centre halves. He’s at best a cup player, and even that to me seems like a season away. (That said, he was quality for the reserves a couple of weeks back)

  26. Jesmonta says:

    He is a good player, without a doubt, but seems that he is not in the plans of our boss. I`m afraid that he will not play again for us in the first team . There were chances where he could have played . In the league cup and in the league but the boss opted to play Welbeck as winger instead.

  27. Datnana says:

    To really assess the quality of these youngsters, they need to be played alongside at least 9 of the usual starters. If they fail, then …

  28. I wish Fletcher was Irish says:

    I knew that wasn’t Tosic, it doesn’t look anything like him

  29. King Eric says:

    I wish Fletcher was Irish – Of course it’s Tosic. Not the number 14 though that the camera first pans to after the goal. Tosic scored the goal.

  30. King Eric says:

    Remi Moses’s Boots – Some good points but hopefully if Hargreaves get back to anything like he was we have the best holding midfielder in the league and I think that is probably what SAF is waiting and hoping for. Fletcher does a great job anyway. As early as it is to say I am confident Orbetan has the ability and potential to become a great player at United, I really like the look of him. He has a certain swagger to his game from what I have seen of him. Fantastic touch and great tricks up his sleeve. LIGHTNING QUICK. Then there’s the Serbian “wonderkid” Ljijac’s arrival to look forward to arrive in January. Exciting times for United.

  31. Remi Moses' Boots says:

    King Eric, we don’t have a goal scoring midfielder. Not in the centre or not on the wing. Not one!!!! Why not? This should have been addressed. If Rooney’s injured, we’re in trouble. Fergie needs back up in Jan or I honestly think we’ll struggle.

  32. King Eric says:

    Remi Moses’s Boots – Don’t worry about it, they are all chipping in with goals and we have about 12 more than at this juncture last season. I realise not prolifically but Fletch has weighed in with a couple, as has Carrick and hopefully Anderson will start banging them in now. Reckon the lad is going to have a much better third season.

  33. King Eric says:

    Lampards only scored one so far. Gerrard a couple.

  34. 20Solskjaer says:

    A small player but quick, im sure he can make it in the premiership like messi has in spain. Give him a chance in the first team he surely can’t be worse than nani can he?!

  35. cav says:

    King Eric:
    Scholes- Old. Good, but old.
    Ando- Inconsistant
    Nani- Inconsistant
    Valencia- Impressed in the preseason but hasn’t really wowed us yet
    Giggs- Old. Still brilliant, but what does it say about the team when we’re depending so heavily on a 35-year-old?
    Obertan- Hasn’t played for us yet
    Carrick- Useless lately imo
    Fletch- Quality
    Hargreaves- Surgery on both knees. There’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be back to 100% and even if he does play, there’s no guarantee that he’s still as good as he was.

    They’re not completely shit, but I don’t think we can compete with the big teams with a midfield like that. During the Arsenal match, we were outplayed for 90 minutes. Yes, we got the result, but the match itself was far from encouraging. Imo, Cris’ presence covered up an otherwise mediocre midfield last season, which is why Barca ran the game for 80 minutes. Our strikers and back line are just as good as theirs, but their midfield is full of extraordinary talents and ours didn’t compare. Now that Ronaldo’s gone, we don’t stand a chance against teams like that.

  36. ash says:

    cant understand y fergie is avoiding tosic.he is a great talent and fergie should play him.

  37. vishnu says:
    amazingly, one of the world’s most reliable soccer news networks got the name of the goals scorer, and his resulting stats, wrong.
    I hope to see Z.T and G.O on the wings in the first team.

    “If they’re good enough their old enough”

  38. King Eric says:

    cav – It has nothing to do with the way Barca ran it, don’t buy into that . We had no Fletch or Hargreaves and Carrick and Ando were both injured.

  39. Berba for the win! says:

    looking at the way he just bounced of the defender before scoring, i think tosic’s gonna be a pinball(literally) in the premier league =(

  40. Zalee says:

    I wonder if Ljajic arrived in January would he get into the 1st XI straight away or be just like Tosic? How many players in the reserve team & the academy will make it through to the 1st XI this season?

  41. cav says:

    King Eric- We did have an off day but it’s not fair to take away the credit Barca deserve. They won everything else too, so it’s not like the CL win was a fluke. Our midfield was good enough to compete until we came up against a side with as good strikers and back line as us, the difference was the quality in midfield. Iniesta was injured too, btw, and he still got them to the final and played well for 92 minutes, then had to take almost 3 months to heal.

  42. gnuh says:

    Tosic is technically very good, but I’m just afraid he’s too small for Premier League defender. It seems like he’s a little fragile in front of big defenders.

  43. pjch says:

    I have to admire you King Eric defending the team as you do. We are all Utd supporters and want the best for the team and for us to win number 19 at least. Unfortunately I like many others think our midfield is not as good as it was or should be. Also the midfield were totally outclassed against Barca and I don’t think Fletch would have made a difference. Just read that we will be without Rooney against Bolton. Also Berba is a doubt too. I wonder who will be up front to score the goals this weekend with Owen not quite ready. Will be interesting to see the team sheet (especially with the CL on Wednesday) and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite the team when we have £80m sitting there.


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