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VIDEO: United ad in Kuwait

This ad featuring United for a Kuwaiti mobile telecom company, Viva, uses their national team of 1982, their Golden Generation, who qualified for the World Cup and were in the same group as England, Czechoslovakia and France. They lost two and drew one, including a 3-1 defeat against England, with Bryan Robson scoring two goals.

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  1. Jay Dee says:

    First. Come on Ed sign someone already

  2. c-n-t-o-n-a says:

    i hope they come to kuwait so i can get some pics and singed shirts :p

    i spent too much money already going to manchester 3 or 4 time a year really my money is gone and i am broke hahaha

    but what can i say ( love is so hard )

  3. Canada says:

    Rooney + Cash for Bale.

    Posted before, posted again.
    I should work for one of those papers.

    Although the “Mata is available” reply to Maureen going after Rooney seems to be picking up steam.

    Well played Utd, well played.

  4. OJM says:

    Yeah, even A. Almayouf from Team Kuwait would do. Just sign anyone Ed!!!

  5. wayne says:

    Canada won’t happen in a million years mate,1 Spurs wouldn’t pay 250k a week wages and Rooney won’t move to a club that has little chance of winning fuck all,Spurs are a tier 2 club

  6. lordvardev says:

    Notice how the referee looks like howard web!

  7. Sushi says:

    what a cringe worthy ad its hard to believe they actually film shit like this….fuck me what a depressing state of affairs.

  8. Dan-young says:

    sushi .. get a fucking sense of humour. idiot

  9. Sushi says:

    so just because I don’t find it funny I’m an idiot?? nice logic moron

  10. lawman10 says:

    so very bored of this rooney drama.

  11. bbqbod says:

    I was working in Kuwait last March. They love football. Matches on umpteen channels from all over the world. Good place to sell shirts and get investment. I wouldn’t wish going there on my worst enemy though. It’s a wretched place on so many levels.

  12. Canada says:

    @ Wayne

    Wishful thinking. But it would tick a lot of boxes don’t ya think?

    Spurs get the striker they’re desperate for. Makes them look like they’re stepping up a level to land talent. Save face on losing Bale.

    Utd get rid of Rooney. Pick up a marquee signing.

    Rooney gets his move to London.

    But yeah, I agree, more wishful thinking than reality.

  13. sas75sas says:

    Correction Kuwait lost 1-0 to England in 1982…. goal scorer T. Francis. Kuwait missed soooooo many chances! Plus it was ramadan, they were fasting! LOL!

  14. phildo79 says:

    Utter shite. Who the fuck thought that would be a good advert for a telephone. I nearly pissed myself though at the bit with Giggs and Van Persie. Quality acting!


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