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VIDEO: United At Harvard

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Ballin... says:


  2. Rai says:

    Ballin – Congrats

    Costas – With the Berbatov contract, have we got the option of extending it even without him signing anything? I’m sure there was a clause where we can extend it..

  3. Red Devil says:


    Good morning mate….

    you’re right on the strikers front….I think Diouf and Berba will be the ones leaving….. permanently and either one of Welbeck and Macheda on loan.

    I’d prefer to keep Macheda tbh…..I think the boy is a classy operator who will be fiercely determined to prove something after the horror show at Sampdoria

    Also, did anyone see Obertan yesterday — the guy looks like he could take on David Haye at kick boxing…..fucking monster of a man…And the kind of skills and step-overs in the build-up to the goal reminded us of a yound You-know-who!

    If he can regain his confidence and sort out his mental side, I think Obertan may yet fulfill his potential at Man United….maybe a season out on loan would really benefit him

  4. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Comeon give diouf a chance, you’re already planning his exit but the manager clearly rates him so why should he leave and a crock owen can stay.

  5. Red Devil says:


    because you need experience in certain situations and an icy cool head….which is why Sir Alex chose Owen ahead of even Berbatov in the Champs League final…who would you rather have in a one-on-one—Owen or Diouf? I know my choice….

    Also Owen can teach the young lads a thing or two about finishing and composure….I doubr Diouf could do that, also I wasn’t enamoured by Diouf’s performances away on loan. he didn’t earn any rave reviews or endorsements like Welbeck or Cleverly….I am not a big fan

  6. Red Devil says:

    Fucking typos….sorry..!

  7. Rai says:

    Samuel – Owen hasn’t been crocked at United. He’s just not been picked.

  8. Costas says:

    In my opinion, once Owen stayed that spelt doom for one of our young strikers. For this season anyway. Or maybe even Berbatov. I like Owen, but I find it really weird that he stayed even though we have 6 other strikers and O’Shea left even though we were short on full backs. ..

    @Red Devil

    Morning mate. Maybe it’s the Villa goal, but I’ve always been a fan of Macheda’s. I like how his body moves inside the box. He is a real centre forward, different to our other strikers. I just want him to carry his pre season form onto the season. It won’t be easy with so many options though.


    That\s what I’ve heard too. Maybe that’s what we will do eventually, but I am suspicious about why we didn’t do it already. The lad has said time and time again he wants to stay and he had his best season for us. It should be a no brainer.

  9. Pavan says:


    I am a long time reader but never post, but felt that this needed to be mentioned
    Sir Alex supposedly made these statements

    I was going to bring Paul Pogba along, to be honest with you, but it would then mean huge numbers, you know, I think when we all meet up, finally, in New York.

    This is in that mirror football link on the Sneijder story. If so, that means Pogba will be playing a lot this season

  10. sandeep1878 says:

    @ Red Devil..

    u make a good point on Obertan..

    hope the lad picks up himself this season, game wise, physically and mentally..

    he is a lovely prospect and all he should concentrate on is consistency and judgement..

    @ Costas,

    i accept your point on the strikers and the possibility of being loaned..

    i m of the opinion that Berbatov wont be sold and may he will be offered a short contract..

    hope we loan Kiko for the first half f the season if SAF decides to keep only 5 or 6 strikers..

    Welbeck should be in the team, he is ready for it.

    Diouf, to be fair to the lad, we havent thrown a lot of opportunities at him and he is still developing a lot.. hope he excels very soon.

    but like you, even i think Diuof has more probaibility of being loaned..

    i hope Berb and Nani stay with us, they played sensational football in the first half of last season that laid foundation for the historical 19th..

    yup good to hear that Tony V is back in Carrigton..:)

  11. bayobuya says:

    I dont know whether its the quality of the oposition but IMO everyone was awesome this morning. I thought Carrick stepped up bautifully though I dont know whether he will venture forward like he did today when the opposition is of different quality.
    Sampdoria must be a rubbish team if they couldnt get any goals from Kiko, havent watched them play but how could the fail to utilise sucha talent, probably means they never get into the opposition’s box coz the lad is awesome in the box! Just wish SAF had brought Cleverly along would have loved to see how he has developed and how he does playing alongside the quality players.
    Lindengaard gave a solid display De Gea wont have it easy but again we have to see how they all do under presure.
    Great game!!!!!!!!! Loved every minute! Funny watching UTD in the early morning hours 100% sober or you doze off! lol!

  12. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie has already planned for diouf, okay he wasn’t consistent for blackburn but macheda who is supposedly more highly regarded didn’t play well at sampdoria, i say its time to give him a chance and see what he has to offer.

    we all know owen can’t stay fit all season so having all this strikers would be great, we will challenging in four competitions so you need a bigger squad, i say we keep them all and see what they can do at the highest level.

    As for obertan, still have doubts over this guy, will he ever break through?

  13. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – if scneijder signs, I can see wesley and ashley young used has alternatives to play off the striker, has one reason I can see berbatov being sold, and I diouf I do see being moved on has welbeck and macheda fill up the spots

  14. King Eric says:

    samuel – Crock Owen over Diouf all day long. Best finisher at the club, simple as that.

    Red Devil – Hello mate. Yeah our lad Kiko didnt let us down did he?

    A good performance all round.

  15. Red Devil says:

    King Eric

    Yeah, lets talk up our strikers before every match the both us…maybe they’ll get jinxed in a good way and score a couple of goals each time we do! :D

    Kiko did really well, the lad needs to keep his head down. And so does Obertan. Those silky skills if combined with a bit of confidence and mental strength from the manager will make up for the loss of cunts like Alexis Sanchez :mrgreen:

  16. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – I think hernandez I would be tempted to say he is the best finisher, but even hernandez has a habbiit of being a bit erratic in-front of goal

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    To answer a question you asked me earlier on this thread my friend….. I have nothing against wee Wes, in fact he is a terrific player and you are right he would walk into any team. My point is we do NOT need him at United

  18. Utdforever says:

    @ CedarsDevil 12:52

    Totally agree with you mate.. I don’t think we need Sneijder either.

    For me we have the man who I think can boss the middle of the park for the next 10 years in Wayne Rooney. He plays great when he drops deep and with a bit of work can become the player Scholesy was for us.

    So with Ando, Fletch, Carrick, Giggs and possibly Rooney in midfield, I really don’t think we need Sneijder. I can see Fergie signing a CM but maybe not such a high profile target as WS.

    Only time will tell I suppose but like I’ve said before.. Rooney should be given Scholesy’s role with possibly Young & Chicharito or Berbs & Chicharito to cause terror in front of him. We all know he can pick a pass as good as anyone.

  19. Ian says:

    Ji sung park would find korean fans at harvard. :)

  20. denton davey says:

    Utdforever @ 17:333: “For me we have the man who I think can boss the middle of the park for the next 10 years in Wayne Rooney. He plays great when he drops deep and with a bit of work can become the player Scholesy was for us. … So with Ando, Fletch, Carrick, Giggs and possibly Rooney in midfield, I really don’t think we need Sneijder.”

    I totally agree with that assessment. WayneBoy has enormous appetite, energy and skill – his discipline is improving and the challenge of replacing a TRUE LEGEND might really bring out the best in him, again. He’s rarely had a straightforward job-description but has been shuttled around the front four by SAF in order to plug gaps – rather like the DutchBoy with his thumb in the dyke.

    I’m really baffled by those who don’t see this shift as a natural evolution of WayneBoy’s game/career – he was doing the business in this way towards the end of last season and his long passing was outstanding, just like the GingerNinja.

    AND, like you wrote, deploying WayneBoy in this way actually plays to the strengths of the two wide midfielders while providing a role for Ashley Young who has excelled in the role of support striker.

  21. sahil says:

    twins are looking great…


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