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VIDEO: United fans in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s

Great spot from Daniel Harris.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Ronaldo is having quite a season. I see madrid winning el clasico. He has been a great ambassador for the club even though he remains a mercenary to me. Great guy.

  2. Tommy says:


    Hows Ronaldo a fucking mercenary, look up the words mercenary, Ibrohimovich is a mercenary, what you hear from current and ex players is no one puts more effort in on the training ground, hardly the acts of a mercenary, now dragon should rooney join PSG or Chelsea will you be supporting them ?

  3. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    @ tommy for me once you leave utd coz your services are no longer required you are not a merc. If you leave while we still require your services, then for me, you are a merc. As long as you are on the clubs books, then you have my unwavering support. All money issues and contract shenanigans are none of my biz. If it were possible for wazza to squeeze out half a million per week from those miserly glazers I’d have been like good on yer me lad! As I said don’t get too attached , good or bad, to these players. Them all just pieces of meat me man.

  4. Tommy says:


    You dont get too attached well why have you got rooney in your name then? You also claimed RVP was a merc for leaving Arsenal in your words your a merc when the team requires your services, well did everton not require rooneys services but you refuse to except that. Vidic, Evra, Nani, De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Rio, Buttner, , carrick, fellaini etc must all be mercenary then because I am pretty sure they were still required at their club! So stop spouting shite and like I have said previously get your cock out of rooneys arse. SUPPORT THE BADGE ON THE FRONT NOT THE NAME ON THE BACK!

  5. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Talking of the nameon the back. I have wazza in my moniker for the same reason supporters have wazzas name on the backs of their knockoffs. Don’t be immature and start with the swear words. We’ve been having a quite alright chat up till now. Don’t tell me that you don’t know every player wants to compete at the very highest level. As faar as I am concerned any club competing in the cl is in it to win it. Gunners have been very close before. All they needed was to support RvP with some top players ( insert ozil here) and they would have had a good shot as anybody at the holy grail of footie. Clubs outside the cl have come to accept this fact and do give their outstanding players to cl challenging teams with their blessings. After playing the shylock for a ton of cash of course. LOL!

  6. loso says:

    I have never been to England or a United game but comparing the atmosphere from the video and what I see on tv nowadays, I would say Old trafford is like a church or musical theatre where everyone is seated and atmosphere as dead as ever, For all of you who have a chance to cheer the team at OT make it memorable for some of us wish we had the chance.Make it like the 80′s and 70′s ,at least away fans are more vocal than the fans that turn up at OT nowadays

  7. Tonka Norris says:

    @King Cantona 11.23

    Top notch post. Read and appreciated greatly thanks

  8. CTRED says:

    @The Hound 21:43
    A further point on the training… I don’t care how good a player you are, if you are not working on your technique day in and day out you will not be able to maintain or improve your level. Is it any wonder RVP is poor for United and then he goes and spends 3-4 sessions with the Dutch team and bangs in 4 goals? Then comes back to a few Moyes sessions and can’t score a class goal – only one he got was am “effort goal”. It’s no wonder Kagawa can’t get a game – there’s little opportunity to separate himself while he is running up and down hills. The technique I saw from Fulham today was better than any game United has played this season.

    The only players that have benefited are Rooney and Tony V, both players that rely more on power and speed and the fitness work has helped them. But everyone else’s technique is deteriorating.

    It’s an absolute shambles a club of United’s stature could have allowed Moyes to come in and do what he has done to the training staff and training regime. Didn’t Fergie do any due diligence? Didn’t the board? It’s not enough to just say “I advised David to keep the coaching staff”. Fergie was retiring and dealing with all the emotions that come with it. But surely now in the cold light of day he should be able to see what is happening, no?

    There are millions of pounds invested in these players and we need a coaching staff that can maintain and improve their skill. Forget about results, I am worried we are destroying the value of our players. How is Phil Neville going to teach Januzainto become the best player in the world? (rhetorical question – he can’t).

  9. WeAreUnited says:


    Exactly!! That’s the way how we should play, 1 striker only and as a 433 with a diamond.

    @fibes great comment

    &thetruth aka cunt

    Those comments you quoted only proves I support my team what about you? You’re a good troll I admit that along with your mate @john

    Now go support liverpool or whoever you support these day after once being a chelski faan

  10. Jorge Curioso says:

    @Squeaky said “A few level headed United supporters have said its embarrassing to see all this nonsense about Moyes out, because we sound like Chelsea or City.”

    What kind of sh*t logic is this? You’re more worried about supposedly sounding like Chelsea or City (whatever *that* means) than about your club losing its position as a top world club. Seriously, think about what you’ve just said there. It’s moronic.

    @Squeaky said “The truth is, considering Moyes is now here, all real supporters hope he SUCCEEDS in his job, which means all real supporters DO NOT want him to be sacked.”

    More sh*t-for-brains thinking. How old are you? All real supporters hope that UNITED succeed, not any given individual. And if an individual shows himself incapable of top level performance, then that individual should, indeed, get the sack, whether it’s a player, manager, or whomever.

    The funny thing is that these mental midgets want to police the blog to keep true honest and concerned supporters from raising what any rational person would consider to be very serious concerns about the manager and the staff he brought in.

    You “cunts”, as one drunk loves to incessantly drool, are more concerned about enforcing thought conformity on a flippin’ blog than you are about the actual success of your club. Morons.

    Moyes has managed the team for almost twenty matches, if you include pre-season, cups and the league. And he played United at least twice a year for the past eleven years. And he is, apparently, close to Ferguson, the greatest source of information and judge of quality in the side. Yet, all Moyes has done is taken a side the won the title by eleven points to one that is eight points off the top after just eight matches, with appalling performances from the team and incomprehensible, ppint-losing substitutions. And Fellaini.

    If you’re not actually seriously concerned about that, one has to wonder how you actual have learnt to use a keyboard.

  11. Jorge Curioso says:

    One other thing. Ferguson was a magnet for top world-class talent. He’s the one and only reason poor RVP came to United. Do you think that if Fergie were still at the helm, United would have had the laughing stock of a summer transfer window that we did? Do you think that Fergie, or, say, a Mourinho, would have been more likely to be able to entice an Özil?

    Do you think that perhaps one reason that none of the top names United were pursuing showed any interest at all is because of serious doubts about Moyes’ caliber before the season began? Is perhaps Moyes’ lack of credibility a reason that the only “major” (as in “major waste of money”) purchase United have made since Moyes took over was hapless Fellaini, from Everton? Just a coincidence?

    Now, let me ask another question along these lines. Given how United are performing, how likely do you think that a world-class player like RVP would be to come to United today?

    Moyes’ damage to United starts in the dugout, but it extends well beyond.

  12. Sparkz says:

    Erm, so how comes even with Fergie at the helm we missed out on the likes if Sneijder, Hazard, Ozil, Ronaldinho etc?..

  13. Jorge Curioso says:

    @Jones. Very well said. To add to that, that frenzied atmosphere got more and more toxic, to the point where people were dying in stadia and the FA was compelled to take a safety-first approach. There’s still plenty of atmosphere at OT.

  14. Jorge Curioso says:

    “Erm, so how comes even with Fergie at the helm we missed out on the likes if Sneijder, Hazard, Ozil, Ronaldinho etc?..”

    Get real. You’re not going to sign every single quality player out there, and Ferguson certainly never made an ass of himself chasing players like skirts all over the world, only to end up with a nasty lazy cart horse. Ferguson always got the quality that he wanted. In Fergie’s waning times, you seem to have forgotten, we signed the best player in the German league and the best player in the PL.

  15. Jorge Curioso says:

    And how ironic that you jabber on about not being like City or Chelsea, and then you run off a laundry list of players that Ferguson didn’t sign. Self-aware much?

  16. Jones says:

    I repeat,anyone who talks of plastic fans is an undisputed idiot. People are not saying Manchester United is rubbish or United should be sacked. I and a whole bunch of people are saying Moyes is rubbish and is not good enough. David Moyes is not Manchester United. He is a contracted employee of Manchester United and if he sucks on the job we will call it out. Not doing so is known as delusion and being pathetic. If he exhibits some kind of quality regardless of results we will support him. The problem is he is not,as many of us expected,showing any level of quality or potential for quality. I don’t see the logic behind giving him time or one or two seasons. He is crap at speaking,crap with tactics,crap with team selections,crap with motivation,crap at almost everything. So what should we be waiting for? A miraculous change of personality and quality? We must not be a training institute for Ferguson’s proteges. We need trophies every season. They always promised that they would get the right quality of coach to replace Ferguson. I remember Gill even ruling out young managers and inexperienced ones saying that they wanted an experienced high quality replacement. I couldn’t have agreed more. That means a manager who can hit the ground running. One with deep experience in winning things at a high level. Moyes does not tick any of those boxes. So why hire him in the first place? He is not even concealing just how completely out of depth he is. The minute he opens his mouth we all hide in shame. I have never seen a more incapable speaker than Moyes. Everytime he speaks you are left even more depressed than the last time. I can’t imagine how the players. feel after one of his team talks. I don’t see why we should wait for miracles because that’s what we need for Moyes to come good. Everything about him says “not a Manchester United manager”.

  17. KingLouisXIV says:

    Just a thought…If MrMoyes is too hard-headed to demanding the old backroom staff back and acknowledging that was a mistake of some sort, what’s the guarantee he would be willing to change his Evertonian style of managing and play, to that of United’s win at all cost and all-out attack football? The signs are worrying. Again we are singing and chanting out his name at the grounds but for every game, the belief in the fans reduces and the team is only further gonna get demoralized by it. MrMoyes already has enough troubles. Would be nice to hear Costa’s view on all this. Sensible poster. And someone please put a permanent duct tape on that Wayne retard’s mouth

  18. Marq says:


    What kind of sh*t logic is this? You’re more worried about supposedly sounding like Chelsea or City (whatever *that* means) than about your club losing its position as a top world club. Seriously, think about what you’ve just said there. It’s moronic

    There you go. A plastic fan who only cares about winning and dont mind being classless

    I’d rather have United finish 10th than have a stadium of fans boo-ing their team

  19. Hamster says:

    Manchester United win NOT sack Moyes after 10 games.

  20. Jesper Olsen says:

    @ jones why do you think Sir Alex recommended Moyes as his successor? Is it because . He is crap at speaking, crap with tactics, crap with team selections, crap with motivation, crap at almost everything?? By the way you do realise that we’ve played 8 games…..Yes 8 games, with 30 more to play……..

  21. parryheid says:

    Jesper Olsen

    I wouldn’t mind betting you and a number of like minded fans have been on this site howling for the heads of Gill/Woodward/Phelan/the medical staff and coaches for in your eyes not doing their jobs to your satisfaction.Yet find no contradiction in complaining about other fans who have clear problems backing Moyes the mug as manager.Oh let’s hear it I wasn’t one of those so you’ve lost your bet.

  22. parryheid says:

    Jesper Olssen

    Oh and you definitely wouldn’t like my view on why Fergie recommended and pushed for a managerial nonentity to succeed him.

  23. Sparkz says:

    Jorge Curioso says:
    And how ironic that you jabber on about not being like City or Chelsea, and then you run off a laundry list of players that Ferguson didn’t sign. Self-aware much?

    Erm, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of your earlier statement. You claim world class players won’t come because of Moyes, but there were times under Fergie where we missed out on them as well. As you said yourself – you’re not always going to get the big players.

    “Ferguson always got the quality that he wanted” – but surely the list of players I just gave you proves otherwise?: Heck, the transfer window of 2009 was just as bad as this one in terms of the lack of quality we brought in (Obertan, Owen and Valencia anyone?)

    I do agree that Moyes and the club looked embarrassing as fuck with the Fabregas saga, but generally, as long as we’re competing for trophies (and we will be) – top players will still want to come to Manchester United.

  24. Rukky says:

    Jorge Curioso 06:49 you took that straight off my mind. Some are really unbelievable

  25. Rukky says:

    Hamster no serious person wants moyes sacked after 10games. But you cant just act easy and call fan who ask the right questions plastic. If result are not question(rightly so at this stage) his negative approach which stands against what we stand for and the ability of his coaching staff at the highest level should be. From what i see people are more concerned about not acting like city or chelsea supporters reality of whats happen at our club.

  26. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    DM is a taskmaster. For a long time people have been wondering how clubs such as barca, bayern, Dortmund, Spain and the like are able to maintain their high tempo game for so long while playing top notch footie. Well, utd fans wait no longer for moyes has come to bring the lads fitness levels up a few notches higher. Yeah yeah we all don’t want them burnt out by season’s end yet I can assure you that we will reap the benefits by squeaky bum time when most other teams who will then be lacking stamina fall away. Little wonder Everton always seemed stronger later in the season. The boys will come good. Don’t worry about them losing on the ball skills. DM is no mug.

  27. Tommy says:


    Yea lets go 20 points behind at xmas like Everton always were, we will have a good end to the season and may scrape a Europa spot. At least youll be happy.

    In other news Fergies new books even more controversial than I imagined, I did find the Roy Keane thought he was peter pan comment funny!

  28. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    You cannot compare the quality of the Everton team under moyes with that of utd under moyes. Not at all. Before xmas I see utd in the top three. As SAF always said it’s important to be there or thereabouts by the turn of the year. I repeat, we will win the league once arsenal bottle it. Support unreservedly.

  29. Tommy says:


    Just as I said it was given the all clear by the club, so your point of the timing of the book coming out is irrelevant

  30. 20-and-beyond says:

    There has been a lot of moaning since the start of the season but its nice to actually look back and appreciate what we have achieved over these last 20-30 years. I wasn’t even born when Sir Alex took over but lived through arguably the best period of this clubs existence. So much history made, legendary players and teams, unforgettable games and goals. The hyper-sensational media bangs on about crisis and panic, this club has gone through much harder times than now and came out on top. Like Fergie said, if there is one team that knows how to come back from a setback, its manchester united. I never like when United lose or come off a bad result but some fans are just too spoiled and selfish. I am happy to accept a few years without trophies if it means overall growth of the club and a successful rebuilding of the team for the future.

  31. Tommy says:

    Some people that comment on these threads are fucking hypocrites like @thetruith. He is very critical of keano blasting a couple of players who weren’t pulling their weight at that time yet the truth continually does exactly the same after every game. Imagine if 75,000 people shared an armchair fan like his views and decided to express them against Fellani and others, his performance would hardly improve would they. NOW DONT BE A FUCKING HYPICRITE THE TRUTH!


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