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VIDEO: United Goals vs Chelsea

C0-1M by fasthighlights-2013

C1-2M by fasthighlights-2013

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  1. Proverb says:

    After all the shitty results and officiating in the past, we needed this today.
    And luiz is a mug fuck chelsea, decision going our favor at last

  2. WeAreUnited says:


  3. Costas says:

    With wins at City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool this hasn’t been a bad year. 8)

    Chelsea must be sick of the Little Pea.

  4. Hans says:

    Great goals.

    It was nice to see the rent boys getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Somebody needs to call 999 for Craig fucking Burley and Alan Ysb Green. Don’t think they and other ABU media will survive tonight.

    Yesterday Arsenal scored an offside goal and no one. Is bothered about it, but when United get one, it is the end of the World.

    How can they say that Lady boy did not dive? Evans may have touched his shin, if at all, while he was holding his knee. Watch replays carefully.

    I was dissapointed with the way we gave the goals away. Both Rooney and Evans at fault.
    Also when they went down to 9 men we should have gone for the kill. We could have been easily embarrassed at the end!

    Anyway, can’t wait for Saturday now. Bring on Arsenal!

  5. Ted says:

    Chelsea fan…well that didn’t feel great, but we can’t exactly complain after the Reading game this year, and several against your mob over the years (Atkinson come back ;) !). The first 20-30 minutes aside, I felt we were impressive, even with 9 men. Here’s to a close title race and revenge in the League Cup :P

  6. Dela says:

    He scores when he wants… He scores when he WAAAAANNNNTSSS! Two goals in 12 minutes, and how sweet was it that our little pea-shooter slotted in the third?

    Things are looking up! Arsenal now.. won’t be 8-2 but would be extremely surprised not to win it.

  7. Sushi says:

    wtf are Chelsea fans going on about??? all game they booed ferdinand cause his brother was racially abused by that filthy miserable twat terry. Did they also happen to miss torres first challenge on cleverly? he went fucking lunging in with his studs right into clevs chest and arm if clevs had made a big deal of it hed be straight red.

    That is what had a weight on the refs mind he knows torres deserved red for first then saw the ponce dive when he was clear on goal.

    you wanna talk Karma what about the 100 other times we got robbed at bridge for dumb ass refs. from hand ball penalties like the one luiz had.

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    , I think we should be quiet and enjoy this.

    Not try to go games with those cgelskis, I won’t even spell it right, not bothered.

    SO let’s enjoy and be happy.

    CHICHARITO again with a goal


    you should put tha from the other threadt comment also here, if someone complains about the decisions.

  9. Proverb says:

    A liverpool fan on twitter

    @Jack_Hennessy: I’m done with football its shit. Overrated sport. No skill its whoever gets lucky with decisions. We deserve 20+Points this season…

    2nd tweet:
    @Jack_Hennessy: The PL isn’t football anymore its a competition of who robs liverpool the best!!!

    @Jack_Hennessy: So pissed off hope that cunt of a linesman comes home to find his children hung in their rooms!!!

    They are showing their true colours what a moron

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    “was;even after the two red cards we were still the inferior team, that was the most disappointing scene in the whole evening, don’t mention the referee short, from the moral point of view no single united fan should enjoy such game.even if some of you here cried out loud hailing such result I am sure no one is happy internally..”

    1. Yes, because you know what every fan thinks internally, all hail sir ghandi houdini.

    2. Even when playing against a team with deficit of players, it’s never as easy as trying to “rip them into shreds”. united are playing against a top class team, with brilliant individual players, they could easily expose united on the break and we’d be lambasted for it, it’s even more nerve wracking to see out a win. I agree that united can improve on the sloppy passes and cheap free kicks giveaway/several other aspects but to come out of the bridge with 3points is delightful, not won there for a decade and have more than enough shocking decisions against them. If you can’t be happy then that’d be you and a couple who are never satisfied. Most fans would be happy. The performance wasn’t generally brilliant but chelsea are a great team and will at some point start their own dominance in a game, at home or away. You’re rarely ever going to rip chelsea apart. They’re formidable in every sense and one of the favourites for the title. Regardless of all the mayhem during and after the match, 3points is the name of the game. It could end up being crucial.

  11. #07 says:

    Look at Chico’s swivel for the turn? Moves like Jagger. Michael Jackson didn’t spin like that when performing Billie Jean. The lad’s immense. IMMENSE. Second top scorer this season and in only a handful of appearances. Hysterical. I’m not even gonna get into a debate about whether it should’ve stood it was more onside than Drogba’s in 2010 at Old Trafford and that effectively won Chelsea the title.

    Chelsea fans are a bunch aren’t they? A steward knocked out in font of the Chelsea end, non stop booing and abuse for Ferdinand for the sole crime of being the brother of the man their captain used racially based insults against and now moaning about the decisions when Torres Muay Thai push kicked Clev at the end of the 1st half and shouldn’t have even been on the pitch for the ‘controversial’ sending off. They’ve got a lot of front.

  12. Marq says:


    Liverpool could argue they were robbed, rightly so, but Suarez was not even suppose to be on the pitch to score that goal, should have been red carded earlier.

    Would be good for Scott to show how we were robbed agsinst Chelsea the year they won, so that their fans would just shutup. The only wrong decision was Hernandez’s goal. Torres deserved to go, earlier or for the lame fall. How many decisions in series did Chelsea got against us that time?

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The razor sharp robin van persie, as good a left foot as you’ll find in world football. He’s a true world class player, the 24mill will hopefully end up being cheap change due to his contributions. As for hernandez, Sir poacher extraordinaire, a predator upon preys, he only has senses for goals. All these goals will boost his confidence.

  14. Peteborota says:

    Congrats United. One own goal, two sending offs and an offside winner. Reality for all the bravado Chelsea tore you a new ringer. Rejoice and enjoy but with Falcao fuck me they will be a team

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Marq – bang on. The thing is, a.b.u’s only see the decisions for united, not the countless against the club. Chelsea have had loads favourable for them against united. I couldn’t care less.

  16. Sushi says:

    I’m not the type to bitch or whine but after hearing from a bunch of my mates who are chelsea chavs i put them in their place by pointing out this pic. Don’t be to worried lads we gonna beat them in the next game too!!

  17. Peteborota says:

    Erm for the uneducated that’s quite a lot of you. The steward ripped his knee ligaments. Nothing to do with violence. Enjoy your fortune. With 9 men for 30 minutes Chelsea enjoyed superiority. Enjoy this victory the realty is Chelsea have a far better team

  18. Sushi says:

    doesn’t matter peteborota keep running your mouth. Whats your answer for ur scum fans booing Ferdinand?? if u were half decent club your owner would have tossed terry out. We’ll wipe the floor with you in a few days again no worries.

  19. Peteborota says:

    Lol ok. Thanks for your educated response

  20. chelsea are crap says:

    rascist club of clones…like man city but with different mafia owners haha. all the money in the world and you are still a classless club with a crap history

  21. Peteborota says:

    Ferdinand is an attention seeker. A man who skipped a drug test, serial adulterer, and racist. Apart from that he’s a upstanding official of the game.

  22. Peteborota says:

    Ferdinand is an attention seeker. A man who skipped a drug test, serial adulterer, and Hes a man who calls a black man a choc iceApart from that he’s a upstanding official of the game.

  23. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    speaking of attention seekers. You left your club’s blog you somehow found your way to a United blog just to vent your frustrations and you call us uneducated? I’m pretty sure that if you were educated you would know where your club’s website is. unfortunately YOU AREN’T so I’m not surprised you are on here. 3-2. 3 points. You don’t like it? fuck yourself.

  24. Peteborota says:

    Dannysoya thanks for professing a homosexual love for another man. This is a web site that tries to discuss. If all you can think about is gay sex then you should not be posting. Love you lots not in a homo way xx

  25. Peteborota says:

    Are you really that uneducated

  26. Peteborota says:

    Oh offside friend.

  27. Adam says:

    @Hans – Both Rooney and Evans at fault.
    How was Evans at fault?

  28. GC says:

    That the ref didn’t have his best game I think is a given, but he was equally poor all around. The Ivanovic decision was bang on while the Torres one was slightly more dubious and Chicharito was just offside for the winner, but you know what? Just as the “unfair” decision to send Torres off affected the game, so did the Luiz handball which was not given as a penalty at 1-2 (which would have made it 1-3 if we had scored it). Also, a yellow for kicking Cleverley in the chest? Torres was lucky he wasn’t sent off sooner. Still, dodgy decisions did have a major impact on the result, but after past decisions like the offside Drogba goal and the foul that never for Terry’s goal (in the 2010 fixtures), along with other little presents Chelsea have been awarded like the penalty Carrick once gave away in the dying minutes for a handball not unlike Luiz’s (which wasn’t penalized in this game) I think it’s a little less poetic justice and more Karma taking a big motherfucking bite out of Chelski for the luck they’ve enjoyed against us in the recent past. Credit for them for playing well, but after all the money they’ve chucked at that team this summer, anything but would be outrageous.
    BTW, Peteborota, the fact that after losing one game your solution is to pay 60 million € for one player really says it all about your team, doesn’t it? Also, if you choose to defend Terry by attacking Rio, try not to do it based on him being and adulterer, what with Pot, Kettle, Black, and so forth.

  29. meatnpotato says:

    peteborota, couldn’t give a flying monkeys elbow how we won it, all sides get luck. United will get their fair share of bad luck mark my words. As far as im concerned the only bit of luck we got was with the 3rd goal being called onside when it was clearly offside. Apart from that the first sending off was a 100% sending off, the second was not a yellow card but torrs should have recieved a straight red in the first half for kicking tom c. Chelsea only have themselves to blame for being so reckless

  30. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Was in Paris, near Gare de Lyon. Running between trains I chanced by a cafe and the game was 2-2 at 58min. Knew we were going to win. Just got home. What a great result. Won’t say more until I watch the game. But 3 > 2 at the Bridge?! Fortress Chelsky CRUSHED!!!!!

    Onward you reds!!!!! Get in!!!

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Well now I’ve seen the match and must say the 2-2 flattered the chaves, but credit to the.

    Really impressed with the managers 1st half tactics playing 4 in the middle which really took the opposition full backs out of the game. Could have been 3 or 4 up at half time.

    As to the red cards Ivanovic had to go. Might have been a bit harsh on Tores.
    As to the Cheslea goals, what was Rooney thinking… Mata too good to miss from there and the blues got a mountain of believe.

    Bit lucky on the Chicharitos goal/offsidess…. Bit hard to tell since I din’t see the linemans view. Why were all the replays all from the midfield camera. Watched it again on MOTD2 and only showed the midfield view. I think you have to say that is unfair.

    All in all, good win and a bit sick Rooneys silly foul gave them the opening to come back.

    But you don’t go begging when you get a win at the Bridge. First time since 02 I think??

    Great result. Take it any day!

    Get in reds!

  32. tom c says:

    I genuinely hope not all Chelsea fans are like you peteborota because if they were your club’s support is in shambles. it’s like you lack the mental capacity to read the simplest of things, case in point your response to dannysoya.

    as said earlier, go fuck yourself.

    ontopic: GET IN. fuck chelsea.

  33. Unitedforeva says:

    Peteborota is a piece of shxt, don’t think he/she is a Chelsea fan. Let’s now kick them out of the Capital Cup.

  34. nostraightlines says:

    all the talk about the referee… utd cheating… bla bla bla. who’s chelsea gonna blame for utd’s first 2 goals then? doesnt matter after 10 or 20 years winning there. we got the 3 points. onwards and upwards. city is next on the chopping board. time for revenge.

  35. chicha chicha says:

    Any bookies offering bets for another offside Chicharito winner in the League Cup against Chelski??

  36. brisbanefan says:

    Funny isn’t it that all the comments about UTD being ‘lucky’ never mention the luck Chelsea had a few years ago at SB when they were given a dubious freekick after an alleged foul by UTD and when the ball came into the penalty box, Drogba held down Wes Brown to let Chelsea’s racist captain score with his head.
    The incident not only cost UTD the game but also the Title.

    Chelsea and their fans have NOWT to complain about.

  37. Doghouse says:

    Not bothered about the luck, or the performance. This is the third most important away game in the league, after City and Liverpool and it’s a huge three points. Whatever frailties we’ve had, whatever problems at the back, we’re a point off the lead and beaten the current leaders at their home. We are in a very good position. If we’d lost today the title would have looked pretty far away, now it’s looking likely.

  38. denton davey says:

    Doghouse @ 06:36: “We are in a very good position. If we’d lost today the title would have looked pretty far away, now it’s looking likely.”

    Spot on.

  39. calebkzh says:

    Actually, watching the GIF above, Hernandez may very well be marginally onside. There was a Chelsea player (can’t tell who from the grainy GIF) who came back in late and ran too deep, who might have played him on.

    Then again, marginally on or off, hard to tell.


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