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VIDEO: United Welcome Family On To Tour Bus

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Green Red says:

    5 o’clock in the morning. Bushed

    Gonna hit the sack…..then go to bed

  2. Gyan Riggs says:

    If the players have the same calm and calculated finishes when the games that matter comes, we have a good season ahead of us :)

  3. WHAT ??? says:

    Balaji – easy mate yeah him and Nani looked promising, they free up space for each other. Nani Last time I saw Nani given a 100% free reign like that was Bayern, he should be attacking the final third more often, and with Young creating space. Very pleasing.

    Rooney looking sharp, Diouf looks like he’s got goals in him. I remember Obertan needed to put on weight but he’s looking the business in the first team. Kiko looked confident. 7 goals. Lovely, that was worth waking up early for, friendly or not. Easy.

  4. WHAT ??? says:

    Lol that just about made sense^ Laters Reds.

  5. Ruudboy says:

    Thanks guys for ur updates. I wasn’t opportuned to watch d match over here in Nigeria, but i’ve up all nite glued to dis site for d updates. not a wasted nite afterall. Go ROONEY

  6. Ruudboy says:

    I mean I was up all nite. I will like to see kiko loan to bolton dis season to get more playing time bolton seems a good place for loanees.

  7. Zibbie says:

    This Rooney lad looks to be a player. Man Utd should sign him.

  8. Dr. Mico says:

    Evra was pissed off about something. He said to Obertan: “Gab, il a mis le T-Shirt sur le truc!”
    Which translates to “Gab, he has put the T-Shirt on the thing/stuff/whatever it was that he was holding!”
    They all did not seem too pleased that the bus had stopped for that family. Most of them didnt even care to reply to these fans. Sad!!

  9. Dr. Mico says:

    Someone was saying something about the players needing to learn the art of conversation instead of spending so much time with DS and headphones. Last time they had a conversation on the bus, Big Bad Wesley Brown infamously said what he said to SAF. Hence the DS, smartphones, headphones and whatever…i think :-)

  10. Giggsy's Lawyer says:

    All the goals in HD on YouTube –

  11. Giggsy's Lawyer says:

    BTW, what the fuck is a ‘sounder’? LOL

    I swear, these MLS teams have the worst names ever. It’s hilarious!

  12. Costas says:

    Good warm up for the lads. Can’t wait for the real action to begin.

  13. Jeet says:

    Lovely goals, but boy, the opposition sucked! Which makes me wonder why USA still does better than England in the world cup!

    On other news, Moratti’s comments are tell-tale:

    “Should he stay? I ask myself that too. But I hope he will stay. (United rumours) are what you read in the papers, but for the moment I don’t think there will be news at the club. It’s just what is written. You read about many players that seem to have already signed for Real Madrid, for example, and then it turns out it’s not true.

    So it seems to me that there are many rumours but scarce money.”

    Translated, it means – “everybody wants the deal, but we are haggling”. I don’t think it gets clearer than that. We might still not sign the fucker but for now its crystal clear that negotiations are on.

  14. Passmaster16 says:

    One united.. on to the next one!!

  15. dre says:

    i think its adorable how the twins are always together. inseparable! :)

  16. Dan_utd says:

    @ Giggsy’s Lawyer Seattle is based along the puget Sound which is where the name comes from it was the one used by the old NASL team. The names in the MLS are not the most creative names, for example the team closest to me is called the Timbers b/c Oregon has a lot of trees.

  17. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Didnt fergie say no player will be sent out on loan, so what you talking about?

    And anyone think obertan will finally start performing this season? has the attributes to be a quality player but mentally questionable. and how about mame diouf? i would like him giving a chance.

    Overall good performance, keeping fit is the priority.

  18. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Hopefully it’s nothing serious with morrison, this guy needs to grow up big time because he’d regret throwing his career away, potentially could be a great player but talent is not enough, professionalism and mental strength plays a part too, i think he along with at least 2 or 3 will break through this season or next if he can knuckle down.

  19. Devil310 says:

    7-0 Ha!
    Papii called that shit on the last post with Rooney scoring a Hatick! – awesome!

    Off subject – very upset about Venezuela not reaching the final. They deserved to be there. Paraguay should be ashamed of themselves. Play the worse football I’ve seen in years, haven’t won 1 game (5 ties + 2 penalty shootouts) in the whole tournament, and they’re in the final. Cruel, just cruel!

  20. jellybean says:

    this was hilarious! noone looked pleased at all but nemanja was rather affably smiling haha. love the twins, anyone see the pics of them at the fish store? i died laughing

    i was hoping RoM would have the highlights for the game. I went to sleep and had my alarm on for the game, but couldnt wake up :’(

  21. Red Devil says:


    “Lovely goals, but boy, the opposition sucked! Which makes me wonder why USA still does better than England in the world cup!”

    A couple of points there Jeet….the opposition did NOT suck….do not be fooled by the scoreline. If you did indeed see the game live, you should have realised that had they been a better finishing team, we could have conceded 3 or 4 goals…Lindegaard and Amos made at least 5 top class saves..Sir Alex himself said that the scorelines flattered United.

    Secondly, the reason why USA does better England its quite simple really —–
    United > England
    it’s because all England have is a bunch of over-rated, self styled primma donnas….

  22. Jeet says:

    @Red Devil: Really? I did not see the entire match, just the highlights. Based on which I felt that their defending was absolutely dreadful, and they ran out of steam trying to cope with Evra Nani, Obertan – leave alone 3lung…of course, I could be wrong.

  23. Warwick says:

    Thought we could have lost judging by the first 15mins. Our finishing and goalies made the difference. Did the Sounders not know Rooney was a forward – they never seemed to be marking him.

  24. willierednut says:

    Jeet – I agree about the opposition. I never pay much attention to pre season games. It’s just the prelude, to the main event. Fans get excited, when they see some of the fringe players doing well. If you check old threads, of the last few tours, you’ll see the same reactions. We all hope they get some game time, but in the end, they’ll stay fringe players. I still hope Cleverley and Welbeck will get their chance to shine. The likes of Obertan, Diouf and Kiko, I’m not so sure they’ll get enough time, to show us their best.

  25. Red Devil says:


    yeah mate….they played well and created lots of chances so 7-0 flattered us. I’d agree with you though, that they didn’t defend particularly well and left lots of spaces for our attackers

  26. Louis says:

    id be pissed off if that happened to me. Its one thing if its a scheduled meeting in a calm setting. But another thing to be gawked at as if youre in the coliseum. Have a little respect for peoples privacy.

  27. TonyBee says:

    YAWN…… have we bought any one yet…..

  28. max says:

    the players never looked happy at all

  29. peposhi says:

    The people who actually entered the bus are Bulgarian, ha-ha :)

  30. exon_fr says:

    PAT says in french : “look, he made me loose ! he put his T-Shirt on my game !”


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