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VIDEO: United’s Goals Against Bolton

Manchester United took the lead after a Michael Owen header deflected off Zat Knight in to the back of the net, before Antonio Valencia scored his first United goal to give us a 2-0 lead. Matt Taylor pulled one back for the visitors, leading to a nervous last ten minutes after squandering plenty of chances up until that point, but it ended with three points for United and us going back on top.

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  1. Corea says:

    Very strange beginning. Mute crowd (as i saw it on TV), effortlessly creating chances and not taking them. I knew if we don’t kill the opposition there is still a chance of the nerve-wracking few minutes.
    But there was hope for me that this would be 3-0 sooner rather than later like we did during 06-07 season. The team game is there but there is still work that needs to be done.

  2. enviousnv says:

    Neviller running down the flanks today and especially the one for the goal was treat to the eyes.. Those marauding runs just rolled back the years.. Way to go Captain !!!

  3. Macheda is GOD says:

    from my angle it looked like it was a tackle to neville back to valencia but it was a beautiful pass really
    oh yeah im sure you’ve heard lads but
    watch the video too it shows the hero throwing the ball

  4. enviousnv says:

    Proves that what a Scouser lacks is not just brains but luck also :D

  5. thedevil85 says:

    back 0n top, heyhey.

  6. Fze123 says:

    Good goal by valencia. Would’ve like berba and owen to be on the scoresheet.

  7. cordines says:

    The team looked quite nervy after the Bolton goal. We should have been 5-0 up and Bolton almost took the plaudits! Frankly, there is work that needs to be done in defence. No team can win a title with bad defending. We need to defend well and finish off opposition.

  8. shabadu84 says:

    Haha, actually, in the video the little scouse kid hits the balloon BACK onto the pitch after it was removed following Bent’s goal – which is even funnier imo

  9. King Eric says:

    Drew I have to agree with Corea about the points total come May. We have only dropped 5 so far and have considerably more than this stage last season. Lets all not forget we are now unbeaten in 10 or 11 games.

    Anyway it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a rant but its that fucking Stan Collybore cunt again. First off he has been baiting Steve Bruce saying he has bottled it about talking to Stan face to face. What a twat. But check this out. He said “Man Utd fans are gloating at Liverpool but if I was them I wouldn’t be just yet”. Fair enough you may think. Well he goes on to say that Berba is a “lame duck just like N’Gog and Kuyt”. Is he taking the piss? Comparing Berbs to fucking N’gog. Then he said that Valencia is never a replacement for Ronaldo . He is “just a big lump with no technical ability”. How bitter is this cunt? He has just had a cracking game and scored. What does he want. Lets not forget we had no Wazza, Fletch or Vida. Hargreaves will be back soon, then there is Orbertan and Ljijac to look forward to. Still says that the Rentboys will piss the league. How does he work that out? 2 defeats in 3 and January ANC to come. Ancelotti looked fucking clueless today. All that remains is who will go first FSW or Ancelotti? Really do hope we win 19 as this to me will be the sweetest of the lot. Him and others just cannot accept that they thought United would struggle. Well how fucking wrong they were. Top of league and unbeaten in 10 or 11 games. Bring the dippers on.

  10. King Eric says:

    Shit wrong topic. Sorry.

  11. Alpha_RS says:

    Makes you wonder how long we can keep performing like this.
    I know playing badly but still winning is the sign of champions but once in a while it’d be nice for things to go better. I mean we don’t wanna be found wanting when it matters.

  12. King Eric says:

    Alpha – We didn’t play badly mate, not at all. Just lost concentration in the last 15 and made it hard for ourselves. Up until then we had seventy odd percent possession and should have been six up.

  13. Doghouse says:

    I love the fact that Reina looks like he’s trying to save the red ball. :)

  14. Fze123 says:

    King Eric

    Let him talk. How can a ‘big lump with no technical ability’ play brilliantly and double our lead, valencia has pace, tracks back and puts in great crosses and beats 2 defenders at once. How is that not technical ability. I suggest he gets his eyes checked, berbatov is anything but lame, was he watching the match today or was I watching something else. There really is nothing you can do to shut this cunt up. Except winning the league. Which will hopefully happen if chelsea and liverpool continue to fuck up.

  15. King Eric says:

    Fze123 – No mate he cannot have possibly watched the match he was commentating up at the Stadium of Light. It is a fucking insult of the highest order to compare Berbatov who is one of the most technically gifted players about and N gog who is just utter fucking shite.


    great goal by valencia. i feel victi if owen wants to go to next years’ world cup he needs to finish off sitters. he could of got a hat trick tbh. over all great game we battered them today, just that we lost focus and let them in with a chance. hope we work out our defence before the dippers game. berba was world class with his excellent vision and technique and sir ryan was outstanding as usual.roll on the dippers. we are UNITED!!:-)

  17. kel says:

    What we been missing this season is the right wing that needs more attacking.
    Valencia will definitely become good in a seasons. He is new to the club and still pressures to perform well. Neville did really well to come on attacking. O shea seldom attacks the flank. Giggs and Neville turn back the clock. During the match, i was wondering whether i had gone back to the past with their performances. I’m not sure whether its my support for them that leads to me feeling this way. But i really sense it and it is amazing.

    As for VDS, well done and you can sense the presence of him being there. I take it for granted that i missed and seldom notice him. But we do need him there.

    Nice day for us!

  18. NBI Red Onion says:

    Collymore knows the only way he can get attention is by being contraversial and slagging off United, that is his strategy as he actually has nothing intelligent to say. Best response to him is an American style — whatever…IGNORE THE MUPPET, RED ALTERT, IGNORE THE MUPPET.

  19. Fze123 says:

    King Eric, even if he had watched it or was even bloody commentating at old trafford he still would’ve talked shit about our players, the shithead he is. Knows fuckall about football, no wonder he was a shit footballer himself.

  20. Ron says:

    please, tell me, who is FSW?

  21. Rio merks 'em says:

    Right you are Red Onion! Collymore exposes the ABU media and even drives idiots like Adrian Durham to say ‘hang on, you’re wrong….’
    Berbatov to N’gog??? That’s laughable even to the average dumb echo-reader!
    King Eric – I too see Ancelotti & FsW having ‘problems’ this season. We are slowly improving to a peak at the right time! We created bags of chances today with key players missing and Chelski couldn’t. Their manager will be out of his depth come chilly January… This ain’t sunny Milan! Welcome to hell! The home of the RED DEVILS!! & random Red balloons!

  22. Rio merks 'em says:

    Some players need to work on finishing. Not too worried about todays defence as they were strong even though not near 100% & first choice. Chelsea got merked and Liverlol were beautifully unfortunate (tbh)!
    They couldn’t operate without 2 first teamers & chelsea have no excuses!
    We proved to be effective without Rooney amoung others (our 1 star player if you believe ABU media & the likes of manchump2008! <–haha)
    I wish the haters could come out & say SOMETHING today! ..oh, wait! Collycunt beat me to it!! the muppet! mwaahahahahaha!

    ps, I have changed my ringtone to 99 Red Balloons for monday @ work.. sad I know but fucking worth it!…. …. mwahahahaha!!

  23. Laos Red says:

    United till I dieee!!!!!!!

  24. Laos Red says:

    We were utter shit today!!!! Berbaflop couldnt hang on to the ball for his life. Owen is a crocked. Valencia was average at best, giggs is way past it and he needs to retire, and bring neville with him. We desperately need rooney back from injury or we are doomed. and anderson was useless. carrick is obviously falling out with SAF. ferdinand is clueless at the back. Fergie is clueless for not buying world class stars at any price. Glaziers are behind it all!!!!!!

    – How’s that for an impression Rio’s Merk em???

  25. Zainab MUFC 10 says:

    8TH IN THE LEAGUE : Thanks to balloon !1

  26. Alpha_RS says:

    @King Eric

    Play badly probably wasn’t the right term to use but creatign so many chances and not burying Bolton was a abit worrying. I hindsight we won so it was ok but I always think one day it might come and bite us on the ass!

  27. Jish Inc. says:

    @ Ron, FSW is fat spanish waiter or mr facts if you please. We played really well. Berba was superb. Owen looked clueless. Where is Macheda? Didn’t miss Rooney today. We are not as commanding at the back without Vida. The team looks good but we need to finish off teams or we will pay

  28. manutd4eve says:

    laos which game u were watching? and tell us which best player u want to bring in to our team? spending money or buying a super star isnt going to bring success mate. if u following manutd for long time u wouldnt talk shit like u siad on the comment. please get some knowledge about the team u support b4 u comment. manutd neve fancied a world class player but we did buy and we will buy as we needs and where they gonna suit and manutd neve spend or SAF not a fool to spend millions like real or pathetic manchester 2nd class club. he will bring some class addition in the summer as our scout out there to find some versatile players still we have to wait and see how our present team performing. its too early to comment on the team just 10 match gone. dont be a glory hunter by spending money. we need some patience in the team and SAF knows what he is doing. we lost one drew 1 when u compare with other EPL teams our team fat better than others without spending hell of a money b4 the season starts. yes some games we were shaky but dont undermine the league every team has good players all we want is win. if i said anything wrong please appologise. i cant take when u critisise the team coz they deserve some sort of respect as they try to prove they r worth. we havent got any money grabbing clowns in our team the players at OT loved to play for us so give some respect where it is due.

  29. Laos Red says:


    you missed my point mate…… i was takin the piss and that was my impersonation of a strange poster who goes by the sc name of manutdchampion2008 who ALWAYS slaggs united…….

    plus what logic would tell you that i would post


    and than totally slagg off united like at prostitute in the very next post in the same blog?????


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