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VIDEO: Valencia, Gibson and Anderson Goals vs Schalke

szólj hozzá: Manchester Utd 1-0 Schalke

szólj hozzá: Manchester Utd 2-0 Schalke

szólj hozzá: Manchester Utd 3-1 Schalke

szólj hozzá: Manchester Utd 4-1 Schalke

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Did anybody else read Martin “Cunt” Samuel’s piece in the Mail. That was a load of crap. Had it written by anyone else, maybe I would’ve considered it. But he does not believe in what United sell but tries to sell the product anyways. I fucking hate journalists like that. Even ABUs are better than him because they are always against United, at least their mind set is clear. But people like him, they gloat over us one day when they want an English side to win the UCL and the other day, they are all over us because we aren’t good enough. Just Fucking make up your mind already.

    As for our performance, nothing can be said really except it was awesome. But how bad was this Schalke side really. They just fell over us and we duly obliged. Arguably the worst semi-finalists of the past few years. They knew they did not belong here and just wanted to get it over with. Even League Two opposition would’ve put up a better fight. The result would’ve been the same but at least they would’ve demonstrated guts which Schalke clearly lacked.

    As for the Final, I provided a few stats on the previous post for anyone interested enough.

    I will say this a million times before people take me seriously – People should start giving some credit for the defensive steele in this United side as opposed to the cavalier sides of 68 and 99. This year it is all about our defense. If Charlton, Best, Law will be remembered in 68, Sheringham, Ole, Cole, Yorkie etc. will be remembered from 99, Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez from 08. Then it will be Rio, Vidic and Van Der Sar from 2011 if we win the UCL.

    That owes as much to SAF’s change in philosophy in Europe than anything else. The man is a fucking chameleon, he can change color to adapt to any changing style of football. And he can crack Barcelona’s singular style if he wants to.

    As someone mentioned above, Barcelona can only play one way. United can do a lot of different things on our day, but most of all, given the right mindset and tactics from SAF, we can stop Barcelona from scoring. And I am not sure whether Barcelona’s defense can stop us from scoring. And therein lies the rational thought that leads me to believe why United might just get revenge for 2009. We can stop them from scoring, but can they stop us from scoring. And ultimately that is what wins you matches, scoring more and conceding less than the opposition(Essential Watching: 2008 Champions League semi-final)

    First things first, another 3-0 drubbing of Chelsea like 08 please. Would be amazing if that happens, but any win will suffice. Come on Reds!

  2. sandeep1878 says:

    so the date is set…


    this time we gonna rip the catalan cunts apart

    first, they dont deserve to be in final,

    2nd, they arent as great a team as media is putting them, i know they are great, but they arent invincibles,

    3rd, this UTD team is nor RONALDO centric like the Rome,

    4th, tie that Messi, Barca are average again,

    5th, CHICHARITOz moves will split the barca defence which hasnt been tested to the core so far..

    6th, we shudnt be bothered their passing, patience, be it any fucking team, our counter attack will yield a goal..

    7th, we shud play rooney in the deep mid, behind Chicha.. park and tony V on the wings, carick/PS18 and giggs in the middle..

    8th, this season in CL, our MF is performing like a team, slick n silky passing and composure, it takes the barca MF head to head..

    9th, we have the MEANEST DEFENCE in the world, it will be hard for the diving cunts to break us..

    10th, last but not the least, we have VDS, who has been outstanding with the saves so far this season, no matter even if u beat ten men, there is always VDS in your way, the lad is retiring with the CL winner Medal..

    Mark my words..

    our UTD will fuck the UEFALONA IN WEMBERLY…


  3. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Also, people should not forget that we had the best chances for the opening 10 mins of the 2009 final and could’ve gone ahead. We outplayed Barca for those 10 mins. And their goal was completely against the run of play. We just sat back for that one move and allowed them to play their game which ultimately led to an easy goal for them.

    But after that, I’ve never seen a United team capitulate or just wither down like we did on that fateful day. Once Etoo scored, the game was over. At least, that’s how it looked when I saw all the players. There was no fight and we had almost conceded defeat after that very moment. It was not a contest once that goal went in. But had we scored from one of our earlier chances, it might’ve been different.

    Oh well, hindsight is an amazing thing, but people should not forget what happened during the last final before they start making comments on how this one will transpire.

  4. sandeep1878 says:

    @ balaji..

    yeah i totally agree with you,

    we just dint show up that day, a very unlike UTD charecter,

    but this team is different, perhaps the best example of never say die team, after all the media shit against us and the games where we were down by coupla goals..

    we have the determination and spirit..

    bring on UEFALONA…

  5. shubhangmanred says:

    @mattbw7 i get what you mean, but every club has had its ups and downs. All i am saying is that the constant claims by the pundits and media alike, that this team is not good enough are futile, because well, we are in the finals. Hopefully when we win the league and the CL, they might take their heads out of their asses.
    Re: tactics. Yes i’ve always agreed with the fact that Barca are unidimensional. They’ll play the same type of football even if they are 5-0 up or 1-0 down. No plan B. When they fail to break the deadlock, you’ll find them wailing on the floor, clutching their faces.
    Also slowly, a hint of arrogance has crept into their side. They have grown over confident.
    All this will lead to their downfall.
    Plus, they have no natural width. Alves’ forward runs can be thwarted by Park. And we have a certain Wayne Rooney in defence attack and midfield.

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    jellybean – your post at 0:48 is top notch, loved reading it…….

    Morning / Afternoon all true REDS

    What a nice feeling hey fellas? Prior to the match every pundit questioned the line up, some saying we were disrespectful to the opposition…. What do you think now you hateful cunts? Not to mention some so called fans coming on here and bashing Gibbo and Evans before a ball was kicked… Have you now learnt you ignorant twats?

    Finally to my friend FletchTheMan, in no way was I trying to undermine you in the comment on the other thread, what was said was in the heat of the moment and I apologize if you felt offended buddy…

  7. Giles Oakley says:

    Hi Jellybean,

    Hope you got some sleep eventually. I woke up still on a high, an odd sort, not like the ecstacy of, say beating Barca in the 2008 semis, just a sort of warm glow of pride and satisfaction. I was so pleased for the kids like Smalling, Anderson and Gibbo etc.

    It’s great your Dad introduced you to football. I love going with Kat. She’s in fine form, always plenty of laughs when she’s around.

    If your bloke reads RoM I think he should post something. I’m sure he’ll get a fair hearing from all these well-behaved polite young folks here, all nicely raised by their parents.

    As for my health, all OK at present (at least till my next blood test in June). Treatment is pretty knackering but does seem to be working (fingers crossed). Things always feel better after a good United win! Thanks for remembering and asking. Much appreciated.

  8. CedarsDevil says:

    Hi Giles

    Always nice to see you posting here my friend, all the best to you…. Great advice to jellybean re her bloke, I am sure we would be more than ‘nice’ to him should he come on here! LOL

  9. BerbaGod says:

    Afternoon my fellow reds,

    Indeed CedarsDevil what a nice warm feeling it was waking up this morning know we are going to Wembley! Que sera sera!

    Have to agree with all those haters on Jonny Evans and Gibbo, you got SERVED!

    Ando was good, just shows the type of player he can be, guess thats why we get so frustrated with him at times, we can all see his potential, lets hope he fulfils it!

    Thought Berba played quite well, some of his tricks and touches were out of this world and thought his link-up play was really good, not at least when he squared the ball to Ando to get his second when he could’ve gone for goal himself. The man just oozes class.

    Was great to see Fletch back too, I think he’s going to play a MAJOR part in this run-in, especially against Barca in the final as Sir Alex has said, he’ll plug the gaps.

    On another note, great to see Hargo back with the boys y’day. Got a really good feeling bout him next season!

  10. KingOfStretfordEnd says:


    Lol! It was sort of a wasted trip for Pep i think!


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