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VIDEO: Valencia Scores Against Portugal

Gol de Valencia vs Portugal by Veabiri

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  1. godfrey says:

    very good valencia

  2. lawson says:

    super !

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    All our players getting on form, valencia 1 goal, Kagawa 2assists, rooney 1goal and 1 assist and nani with 1 assist.

    + I watched the second half of france-germany game, and captain Evra was playing very very good, also I watched RVP playing for holland the first half and he was RVP, what more can you say about him.

    great great stuff from our lads, and I also heard cleverley had a good game and welbs also.


  4. medumtum says:

    Yup all the lads putting in a shift. Just hope they arent knackered especially with the current state of the Old trafford pitch. Hope that it has firmed up a bit too. Big week coming up.

  5. Red4ever says:

    Cool this should give him some confidence ,,,, great to see all the lads doing good great confidence build up for madrid games ,,

  6. Hollarmide Ezra says:

    great games for d reds

  7. markynorbs says:

    Hopefully that will get Tony V’s confidance up.
    Back post header when making run from opposite side of the pitch.
    Text book wing play. The kid has had a very poor season compared to last.
    But I would personally have him and Rafael on the right against Ronny?

  8. Costas says:

    That’s fantastic for him. Hopefully it will help boost his confidence and he will score for us soon. Haven’t seen a goal from our number 7 shirt since Owen last scored a year and a half ago…


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