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VIDEO: Van Persie and Evra Goals vs Arsenal

m1_0a by ourmatch

Utd2Ars0 @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel

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  1. alfREDo says:

    Like the cream of the crop…
    …we’re back on top!!

  2. Daniel88 says:

    Fergie has been making mistakes recently but today he got it spot on.

    - Acceptable starting line up. ( Nani and Ando for Young and Carrick for me )
    - Taking Cleverley off for Anderson.

    Seeing Wilshere walk was inevitable.

    I would like to see Rooney play closer to Robin and the Ando & Clev dynamic in midfield return but Carrick played alright defensively although he goes through spells where he just cant find a red shirt.

    MOTM : Jonny Evans … he was strong in the air, read the game and his distribution is top class.

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    WHAAAAAAAAT, jus tcame home, and shitty has drawmn YEEEEEEEEEEEES.

    Chelski have drawn YESSSSSSSSSSSS

    Hernandez has scored YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

    wow everything.

    now I can sleep as a happy man!

  4. orez says:

    @Hans It’s good to see that fans on the ground felt the same way. It was good to win, but performance wasn’t great against such a poor team.

    @Den It’s easy to call another one negative without trying to see their point. Today’s performance wasn’t good by any standards. It was slow, lethargic, at times clueless and wasteful against a very poor team. Even after scoring a quick goal even after Arse went 1 man down we didn’t change. To many players including Carrick were average to bad. Any DM who gave a ball away in his half like Carrick did at one point would have been embarrassed by that, but it’s ok with him. After he assisted Yaya on that FA Cup day he has been regularly doing the same thing, it’s just that we haven’t been punished. To counter your statement of people who didn’t think that the performance was good are negative, anyone who thinks that the performance was fine is just clueless. There were people who were saying that Rooney was MOTM lol, Gave away ball countless times, gave away free kicks, got a yellow card, missed a penalty had one shot on target and yes assisted to the second goal, but MOTM? Now you don’t see people going around and calling them clueless right, so stop calling people who didn’t like the performance as negative. The performance wasn’t good and I am being positive.

  5. Wakey says:


    You will notice I did say by his standards rather than a general he was awful. I’m not a Carrick hater Infact he is the 1st Midfielder I would put on the team sheet every week but his key attribute is his passing. If its a short lass or a long pass he does I with quality and rarely wastes possession.

    Today however his passing was all over the shop, a couple of times he played balls directly to an Arsenel player when under no pressure giving Arsenal a real opertunity. And the were a number of cross field balls which were no where near the target and throughballs that were only good balls if we had signed the Invisible man.

    He did work hard getting around the field and I can’t fault him for that but his passing was just off today

  6. Dred says:

    A bit off topic here.. Is anyone else as concerned as I am about the lack of singing at OT? It was embarrassing to hear the Gooners singing song after song to which we had no answer.

  7. tom c says:


    wasn’t us fans who gave Wayne MOTM, was the guys at Sky. if it were me I’d have picked either RvP, Evans or either of our fullbacks.

  8. bbqbod says:

    TOP OF THE LEAGUE BABYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy YEahhhhh!!!

  9. orez says:

    @tom c lol I stand corrected on that. I was watching on ESPN so had no idea. I do agree with your picks though. RVP, our defense, Arse GK and the rest. I still can’t forget Valencia’s miss…well anyway. We won We top, great stuff.

  10. Unitedforeva says:

    Fantastic results this weekend, Chelsea & City drew. Can someone tell Roo not to celebrate by jumping on top of RVP. Rio used to do that too. Wouldn’t want an accidental injury.

  11. Daniel88 says:

    ” There were people who were saying that Rooney was MOTM lol, Gave away ball countless times, gave away free kicks, got a yellow card, missed a penalty had one shot on target and yes assisted to the second goal, but MOTM? ”

    … pwned

  12. Esteban says:

    There seems to be no uproar in the press about the west ham goal taken away today by a mistaken offside call (on a much more obvious error than last week’s chicha league goal against chelsea). I wonder why?

  13. Doghouse says:

    I totally called it. Chelsea having run themselves ragged would not have the beans to chase Swansea’s passing game. And they didn’t. City have no excuse, they’ve just been bollocks but really only the Europeans have felt like punishing them.

  14. tom c says:


    when I saw RvP get clear and TonyV in the middle I thought it was ours.. then again I also thought Rooney would score from the spot..

    “Football. Bloody hell.”

  15. Ash says:


    It is because the decision didn’t favour United. If it was manchester united insted of city media would have been going mad. But I feel matches are not played by the refs yeah they play an important but it ultimately depends on the players to perform and win. Blaming the refs always is a joke and only losers do. How many times have we complained about the refs? Hardly. Chelsea one loss and they are going mad over refs. If they were so great they should have beaten us. You conceded 2 goals in 15 mins. That was not refs fault. I still say only losers cry over referee. I still remember when we screwed against newcastle at home last season. No one talked about that after one week. Chelsea fans are still crying. Every fan will always talk rubbish about the best thing. Manchester united are the best so rival fans talk rubbish and say we get support from refs. This shows how afraid they are and how insecure they are.

    I am pretty happy we are in top of the league. May it remain the same in MAY :)

  16. Ash says:

    It pains in my ears whenever I hear Commentators refer city as champions. Yeha they are champions but to refer them champions 4 or 5 times in a match is a joke. They are making a joke to the word CHAMPION by playing pathetically. They are in the bottom place in their champions league group and thats not what champions of england do. We also got eliminated last time but commentators rightly so never referred us as champions. If City are poor admit it city are poor. They have been very lucky. IF I was a west brom fan I would have been ashamed of their players the way they lost against city. They literally gave up. Same way QPR did against them in the stoppage time which made them so called champions. Last night while I was watching City – Hammers match I was shocked when the commentators said City are the only team who have 4 quality striker. Hey what about United. We have 4 quality striker who are currently performing better than City’s 4 egoistical strikers. I am waiting for december 8th when we will get an opportunity to silence those city fans and their hype. I am very confident we will do that and beat them .

  17. Zulu-Utd-Malta says:

    Let us continue being petrified by City &Chelsea & in the mean time we continue enjoying ourselves ON TOP OF THE PERCH………….Well wait a bit………I thought this was their year………NOOOO, it can;t be !!!!!
    Good morning mates and G.G.M.U. :)

  18. Marq says:


    I’m still alright with commentators calling City Champions, they deserved it. What irks me is people calling Chelsea European Champions. A team who had problems with our reserve team, our youth team in fact. The fact that they touched the trophy de-values it already

  19. Ash says:


    Everyone knows city are champions whether they deserved it or not. What frustrates me is when pundits say they have been playing like champions because they have been getting 3 points. They have been playing piss poor football. Why so gaga about them. They have spend millions and millions and yet not able to play a great football. How can champions of england perform so miserably in Europe. Last season we got eliminated because of our defence. Honestly apart from the basle game where we lost we weren’t that bad attack wise. But city are playing a joke of a football.

    And as far as chelsea goes even they know they didn’t deserve to be called as champion of europe. We have to bring back the respect of both the trophies. So let us win them and bring back the respect to european championship and Premier league champions

  20. Redbilly says:

    Glad to see RVP show his old club due respect after he scored. Rightly so and shows the mans class.

  21. denton davey says:

    Ash @ 06:15: “It pains in my ears whenever I hear Commentators refer city as champions.”

    I feel your pain BUT I expect that it won’t last much longer.

    Between now and the early December clash, UTD have a much easier time than Shitty: Villa/Norwich/QPR/WestHam/Reading as opposed to Spurs/Villa/Chelsea/Wigan/Everton.

    UTD have no top-half opposition whereas Shitty have to contend with three of the better sides.


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